Pre-Show Music Vancouver Show
  • nominingi June 2012
    Someone put me out of my misery PLEASE!! There I was caught up in the pre-show anticipation in Vancouver last weekend when I caught a snatch of a tune I used to know many moons ago....until I heard said snatch, I'd forgotten about the tune for decades. Since then, I have wracked my brains (or deliberately emptied my brain in an as-yet futile attempt to recall a distant memory) with no luck.

    I'm pretty sure the song was by a British band from the 60's (British Beat era) and I thought it may even have been The Amen Corner or The Grass Roots but it's not.

    The snippet I heard goes something like 'Tell me how I supposed to live without you'.
  • Javier_88 June 2012
    I think im looking for the same song, please help!! the pre show list its the same in every concert by the way.
  • nominingi June 2012
    Hi Javier, I'm not sure what you mean in your last sentence. I have not found the preshow list anywhere. Let's hope someone sees these postings!
  • jcare June 2012
    Love Billie Holiday!
  • Tulipa June 2012
    If you like Holiday's Strange Fruit, you'll also like Toni Morrison's Beloved. Tough stuff yet plainly factual. One of the best books I ever read. 

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