• If i say to you whats your last 3 wishes if it were your last day before death maybe someone were and your wishes was his \her games and can make true your wishes. What do you want from me . . .
  • Something in the air and we dont know what is this so someone true in the window and you just can to miss.
  • bmock78bmock78 June 2012

    I wish I was at a charity gig for oil rigs and anthrax or US Global military psuedo Empire supremacy.

  • I see unluky fucker cause its a 3 wishes try ;-{D
  • I see unluky fucker cause its a 3 wishes try ;-{D
  • bmock78bmock78 June 2012
    Are you talking to me sir?
  • Sir is yourself and .
  • bmock78bmock78 June 2012

    Do you speak English?

  • You first must speak with other friends in forum when you learn my speaking maybe you can understand whats in my mean.
  • YellowRoseYellowRose June 2012
    1. I would like a time travel machine (that way I can go back to May 1967 and see the Pink Floyd Games for May show in London - along with a ton of other places/times I would go to help change history to make the world a better place...stop the Kennedy, John Lennon, & MLK assassanations, wow I could write about 20 paragraphs of what to use the time machine for!)

    2. I would like aliens to come to Earth and reveal themselves and tell everyone that we humans need to whip ourselves into shape (use our technology to solve world hunger, stop all wars, and abandon organized religion) or they will destroy us (sadly, this may be our only hope for the survival of the human species). Then when all the religious fundamentalists say, "oh, don't believe these aliens, they are Satan in disguise" (because that is what they would say), the aliens will just create the "Rapture" that these freaks have been waiting for and take them away to some other planet where they can live out their closed minded, god fearing, existence to their little hearts content.

    3. An original Bosch painting.

    4. Genie says I'm sorry.  You used up your last wish.
  • 1. World Peace. Isnt that what everyone wishes for?

    2. That all the people that I love be forever happy.

    3. And since I am going to die I WISH there was a HEAVEN! And all the people I loved and lost were already there and had the party started! And all the people I love and left on Earth will eventually join ( of course...when their time was done ) us at the party!!!

    I feel all warm and fuzzy!!!

  • jcare June 2012

    My first wish would be for 3 more wishes..

    I need to have another cup of coffee and really think about this..

  • When you drink your cup of coffi hear to one more cup of coffi from bob dylan .and think about what is all of your need in one choice . Every part . All of your need with out thinking about what was your last wish . In 3 try maybe your wishes make a new flow in your life until you found your lost needs for walking in better roads of humanities. Now cheers.
  • butterflybutterfly July 2013
    . . .  B U M P . . . 

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