Happiness is......
  • BethR June 2012
    ....finding a red dollar sign and a red crescent moon in your purse, 3 days after your last show...  :) --Beth R.
  • jcare June 2012
    Trying to find the right words to express how I feel about the upcoming show and realizing that I can stop searching ...there aren't any!  :o)

    12 more days....
  • If you all keep  typing  here how the hell am I going pack lol
  • jcare June 2012
    Made you look..haha  sorry I just had to ...
  • YellowRoseYellowRose June 2012
    Making earrings out of the red dollar sign and crescent moon paper I took home from Atlanta!
  • BethR June 2012
    Nice yellow rose! :)

  • YellowRoseYellowRose June 2012
    Yeah, I stuffed my purse full at the Nashville show last night. Their easy to make if anyone else wants to try. Just use some deco-podge and apply the thin red paper to some chipboard. Cut another piece of chipboard that fits on the reverse and do the same thing, then glue the two pieces of chipboard together. Punch a hole and wire some earring hooks on.
  • 4 shows in 11 days....or doing it all again..LOL
  • Hey Kelly= Happiness is hitting NYC on 7-6-12 and 7-7-12! Change your plans? Red Rocks isnt going anywhere! Happiness is all of US and THEM meeting in Red Rocks for the Animals Tour?
  • jcare June 2012
    Love Niagara Falls! When I was there some years ago they had some kind of Pink Floyd show (Canadian side) never got the chance to go because it was the day we were leaving..Have fun Cymb..OMG it's finally here!  8 more days for me!!
  • BethR June 2012
    Just found another happiness to add..... Someone yesterday had a candle and asked me to make a wish to blow it out. I sat there, thinking of all of my Wall shows, meeting Roger 5 times, getting smiles and nods from the man himself while being in the front row.... and I actually said, "You know what? I'm good." Thanks Roger! :)
  • Oneofthesedays, I wish I could but that would not make my wife very happy and if it were not for her patience I would not have been able to do the seven I have attended in the past two years...."You have to know which side your bread is buttered on" and who is doing the buttering LOL..You all have fun I sure have...
  • happiness is sitting here reading and feeling the feeling you all have been feeling about  this tour............. i think on my ride to the show it will have to be amused too death cd ...ok @ oneofthesesdays no worries we can give that person a call if he would answer that be great from dinner or during the intermission sound good what you think oneofthesesdays

  • YellowRoseYellowRose June 2012
    I agree BethR, we should consider ourselves among the very lucky to have had multiple opportunities to meet the man, although, I will say if I could wish...I wish I could talk to him for more than 20 seconds. 2-10 minutes, a drink or two, and a down to earth chat would be superb. I envy the few who have had that kind of chance!

    Reg_waters_...I listened to Amused to Death on the way to both shows, then The Final Cut on the way home after. The items I have gotten him to sign thus far are: The What God Wants part I single on vinyl, and a photo of himself from his Amused to Death press kit. It is nice to meet people who have the depth of character to appreciate his work to that level.
  • jcare June 2012
    That's the best happiness of all!!
  • butterflybutterfly June 2012
    . . yes , one  of  the  most  beautiful  happiness  is  sympathize  and  rejoice  with  those , who  are  already  doing  . . . 
  • jcare June 2012
    Butterfly I agree..so many of our friends are finally getting to see the show after all this waiting! It is so nice to hear them talk about it and share their experiences..it makes me look forward to it even more.
  • jcare June 2012
    I think that happiness resides somewhere between the extremes of
    personal, religious, and political. I think happiness resides where we
    understand someone else's point of view and needs. Happiness resides
    where we are not lost in the solitary dream.
    - Roger Waters - November 2005

    Kelly- You def have to keep the wife Happy! Enjoy Red Rocks


  • Tulipa June 2012
    Nice! I think Cage's words thoroughly apply here:

    "I am frankly embarrassed that most of my musical life has been spent in the search for new materials. The significance of new materials is that they represent, I believe, the incessant desire in our culture to explore the unknown. Before we know the unknown, it inflames our hearts. When we know it, the flame dies down, only to burst forth again at the thought of a new unknown. This desire has found expression in our culture in new materials, because our culture has its faith not in the peaceful center of the spirit but in an ever-hopeful projection onto things of our own desire for completion."

  • butterflybutterfly July 2013
    . . .  B U M P . . . 
  • Freshly ironed pants after a nice cool shower. ooh duff.
  • winning a backstage pass for Roger's concert

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