The Wall VIP experience
  • SteveTmak July 2012
    What do you get for $375 or $550 for a VIP package to see The Wall? It's all discussed in our new article at Our hardcore reviewer loved it.
  • 506am506am July 2012
    I did the VIP thing in 2010 for the second San Jose show and landed a second row, dead center seat. My VIP package was higher than the 2012 packages, but it was worth it. Great food before the show and the stuff they send you... I got a poster that they only made 2,500 of, each individually numbered. Mine was number 1979... the year The Wall was released!!!
  • I did it for Yankee stadium and was good thing I did or didn't know how else to get really closer. The ball park vipnation 600.00 package includes a seat in rows 4-10 in one of three center sections a5-a3. I got fourth row at end on aisle in a3, which was good enough to maneuver next to nice but drunk older man/couple in front tow. Met a nice chick named Kay and we hit it off instantly and both smoked so she took me by my hand and dragged me across other side of stadium to find one smoking section in whole stadium only, but if we weren't holding hands we would have lost each other. The food buffet was nice enough but limited selection. If you didn't like roast beef, chicken or some veggie pasta mix, you were screwed I guess. Wine beer and sodas included, I had glass and a half of red wine but it didn't really get me drunk and I'm easy to get drunk usually. They process you into the stadium like an assembly line so for me was very impersonal, like they got our money already and now just get us all in and no escort to find your seat as was advertised. Next time if I do a VIP it will have to be one that includes front wow center especially at much bigger venues. Merchandise typical stuff, t-shirt, tour program, poster, commemorative ticket and some thing that says "no backstage access" to hang around your neck which to be honest I thought was a little lame, so I didn't wear it. I can't complain though overall at least it wasn't a total scam. Xxx and I saw my rw closer again, which is surreal. Xxx
  • Ps: also for dessert there were little cheese cakes, I had one with chocolate swirl on top (off my diet was ok didn't kill it). And I like both chicken roast beef so I was fine with that although the dinner rolls should have been fresher (I used to waitress so I'm pickier now) lol. I'd never serve up some almost stake cold dinner rolls even at a diner let alone the Audi club at Yankee stadium. Also, nice and cool inside and got a birds eye view of the pf pig backstage and took a few good shots of it thru the glass windows overlooking the whole ballpark, the view was very nice. Overall I'm satisfied enough I guess but obviously would have preferred the fourth row in a4 which is the real "dead center". Must of gotten my order in too early in this case and that's where their computer stuck me so I don't take it personal in any way. Xxxxx
  • Oh yeah they put the stuff as you go down "assembly line" into a nice black little tote bag that says "tear down the wall" on it, which I liked cause can be used in place of carrying shopping bag around which is what I had to do for that one anyway xxxx Bolton's
  • And lots of complimentary vipnation guitar picks I like to keep those anyway so I "stole" a bunch, nobody else really wanted them..
  • "Here we are now, entertain us"???? I think Kurt Cobain had some disdain also for certain aspects of music industry and fans too xxxx

    I'm signing off this topic now, I used to dance to this song at one place when it first came out, was best song on their jukebox xxxx played it over and over too
  • jcare July 2012
    I was brainwashed with Nirvana,  my daughter is a major fan.. Nirvana and Green Day...Kurt seemed to have disdain for his own success and in his own words for being a sell out..I think he was just so damn sad and in the end despised himself...
  • The saddest one xxx
  • jcare July 2012

    Whenever they have Nirvanas unplugged performance on I am just glued to the tv, especially when he plays Where did you sleep last night..I am moved to tears..

    I head that the VIP thing was bullshit, this coming from a family member who was given a free VIP pass for services provided to someone in Rogers inner circle..he ended up sitting behind me at Yankee Stadium..granted it was a few days prior to the show..
  • Hmmm, that's why it's almost straight up embarrassing for me to even have to go under guise "VIP", its practically insulting how its so not personalized really in any way that's all that special for the ball park show, and that poster they gave out has no date or place on it, just "Roger Waters the Wall", I'll never know by looking at it which show its from!! Lol :D (I can tell my pix apart for each show, by one or two pix of me in what I wore to in each one), aha! Tiger print dress was at Yankee July 6, etc, xxxx
  • jcare July 2012
    I can tell mine apart from the quality of the photos, first concert in NY 2010 I have my little crappy camera, CT show better camera, up close but mostly without the flash so some of the photos look shaky, Yankee show mostly a smoky haze from the prolific toking going on around
  • Lol, I hated smelling it and not partaking. I don't think it a total waste however since I got close to rw by stage which during second half was really nice and right at end upon his beautiful little "exits" :D and I feel I fulfilled my whole real purpose and that was just, for him, to be able to be a true supporter and not just in words on internet, far outweighed the bad for my one time VIP. If I ever did it again, its only for rw and a better one with front center guaranteed cxxx
  • Is only my die hard fav I go to greater lengths for, anyone else I don't care where id sit so much xxxx
  • jcare July 2012
    My CT show was my absolute favorite show..that as you know was my up close show and I wouldn't have done this for any other artist or group.. with possibly the exception of U2...but Rog is my fav member of my favorite case you didn't already know..:o)
  • Basically, Roger saves the day, a true knight, saves the VIP ppl ass from being a total joke this time anyway, almost, and that chick Kay made it sweeter xxx omg its on news fatal shooting in theatre during "Dark Knight Rises" showing, 12 dead 50 injured, so far..
  • Oh yeah, didn't see your last post jcare, how can Roger not be in all our hearts and I'm so thankful also for my real good best one, for me, at Albany show, I barely remember about the towed car by now!
  • jcare July 2012
    Some sick shit going on in this world of hearts go out to those poor victims and their families, senseless violence.

    Roger reminds me of a person born in the wrong era, a gentleman if ever there was least that's the way he seems..
  • I love his deepness and I think he knows women all too well!! Lol xxx
  • jcare July 2012
    I think he has a deep understanding of human nature at least this is what comes across to me in his music..not necessarily the things we want to hear but things that we need to be reminded of, things that take us back to our humanness..
  • I was/am sooo in lust/love with rw by end of Philly show I posted my hotel room number on my fb wall publicly, never really thinking he could just show up there, and to no avail of course I was at the totally wrong place, lol ! Xxxx and the wrong time too, I got my second period in that three week run of wall shows for me, right snack as I was on bus on way to Philly, and in white shorts with white panties underneath, that I wasn't even expecting obviously xxxx
  • Ps: thankfully it wasn't what I planned to wear to concert. I had fun with Anita on fb and tried three different dresses/outfits and she and a couple others I think got to "vote" on which one they liked best, to then wear in real time, at the show which was fast approaching by then xxxx
  • That was fun since she's most closest to my overall personal progression, and I trust her advice and shes always keeping it honest, I think xxxx
  • I for one will never use Live Nation VIP again and will not yet get into why and not till im done with them and hear them say were sorry for what happened
  • what happened? you already said this much, maybe you'll feel better if you get it off your chest here too ??? :)
  • nope would not be  proper and if I were to vent it has to be in private as this is not something to air in open and after Im done with them then perhaps I shall if its ok with someone else I shall post here but not till then called respect
  • oh yeah? then stop dropping hints and names all over the place like you got so much over anybody else, if you're going to talk about it talk about it but all this "pm" me all over the place makes this forum lose it's special meaning, and that is a community of fans sharing their experiences, and when we do, we are NOT "disrespecting" just my opinion cause you do that all the time too, even before the shows, like conspiring and picking favorites, and if I'm not it, I'm left out in the cold, and to be honest, I resent you and even downright hate ppl for that...

  • you still, ignorantly, don't know the first thing about me cause you had to be busy trying to run around like mr popular scoring brownie points by ignioring the ex stripper, hmmmph, its your loss and a shame you'll never know how much....or, maybe you will someday, I hope you do....
  • never said pm here and is not all about sky  i said something and you read into it as sky w/e will dont read my post or reply to them then pretty simple you run off to much and tmi like your period who need to hear this have a great day as I will and dont you is so true and staying that way and is by how you think this place and all here is all about sky w/e your name is this week why not make another fake admiin account

    and about my loss is more like my gain but w/e some you cannot reason with Peace all Reg Waters 7569
  • you're the one with issues Reg, and I know, people can see through all of your senseless babbling resentment of what, i don't know, anything you want to twist entirely out of context, and you display yourself as a spiteful, retaliatory, jealous, vindictive, downright catty person, a clear "dlv" (demonstration of lower value) to make yourself feel bigger at some other person's defense, irregardless of any past issues on this forum regarding fake accounts, NONE OF WHICH WERE PERPRETATED by me, so, your anger, is misguided, clearly misdirected, and a little sad and pathetic at this point that you refuse to admit, that maybe, you were just wrong...
  • ps: and apparently, VIPNation probably agrees with me :)))
  • Tomcrac July 2012
    This "VIP" experience bullsh*t is getting out of control. I was looking for tickets for The Who. .... Let's see, if you would like to sit anywheres in the first 30-40 rows anywheres on the perimeter of the stage (maybe a SLIGHT exaggeration, for now), you have so many excellent options now.

    "offer # 1..... The "Signature VIP experience"
    "offer # 2 .....The "Ultimate VIP experience"
    "offer # 3 .....The "Diamond VIP experience"
    "offer # 4 .....The "Emerald VIP experience"
    "offer # 5 .....The "Saphire VIP experience"

    Also "Official Platinum seats"

    Amex member presale.
    Chase member presale.
    Fan club (paid) member presale.

    Anyone of the offers can be had for just $250.00 - $750.00+ per ticket.

    The braintrust at Live nation and Ticketmaster couldn't (don't want to) figure out a way to keep scalping down so they have justified BECOMING the scalpers.

    The hits just keep coming and coming.

  • jcare July 2012
     I was looking for Who tickets as well and came across the exact thing..what Bullshit..I got so confused I didn't purchase anything..I just wanted two fairly decent seats at a fairly decent price..I have seen them so many times but my daughter really wants to go..Remember when concerts were affordable?
  • 506am506am July 2012
    @ jcare... I remember seeing The Stones in 1981 and tickets were $17.50... and people thought THOSE were high priced! LOL As far as The Who... not to offend anyone, but it's only Daltrey/ Townshend... thus, it's NOT The Who... perhaps it's just me, but why would anyone pay to see The Who when only half the original band is there??? And aren't there like five people filling in the extra two spots???

  • jcare July 2012
    I remember those prices 506, when ever I look at my old ticket stubs I have a good is ridiculous how much they are raping us with those prices..but I am biased because I didn't bat an eye when I paid to see Roger, but his show was special and in my opinion so worth it..I won't pay those prices to see as you mentioned 1/2 The Who..will keep trying though.would also love to see Peter Gabriel, Bruce, and Bob Dylan/Mark Knopfler, Rush is also touring..

    I agree Cymbeline I think The Stones will do something as well, but I heard from so many people that they suck live..don't shoot me I'm a Stones's just what I heard from more then 1 person..
  • forget the VIP and big shows this was the best one ever and I was lucky enough to get my real and "official" front row seat for it, Albany, June 28th 2012 (one week after my three year coce free date)

  • Tomcrac July 2012
    As far as "The Two" are concerned... More or less Pete and Roger have predominately been the voice and the brains behind The Who. It's not like they kicked Keith or John out of the band. I don't know if Zak Starkey will be sitting behind the skins for this tour but I can only hope that he is. He is a phenomenal drummer, been working with The Who for decades and you couldn't have found a better replacement.

    Technically, Pink Floyd wasn't, after Sid then.

    Long live rock.
  • jcare July 2012
     I hear what you're saying Tom but I have seen The Who so many times it just won't be the same in my mind without John. Not to close myself off to another excellent drummer but I cannot see myself paying those outrageous prices..If I go it will be to bring my daughter...Yes. I know that PF wasn't technically whole either I knew that someone would mention that after I posted but I will take 1/4 of PF because they are my favorite band..

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2012

    check out  it used to be a movie theatre but i'm surprised by all the class acts they seem to keep booking, and I think most expensive seats in first ten rows are like 100.00 only. kd lang, the B 52's there this month, just to name a few. I waited too long and can't get front center so since it's so small, I'm thinking just go and sit way in the back this way I can get one for each, lol xxxx anyway...:))) but if you're not adverse to an occasional ride across the George Washington Bridge into Bergen County nj, it's about a ten minute drive to Englewood, where the art center it now is conveniently located.....

    It's either that or I was going to cheer myself up by buying clearance sale bikini(s) and I need red high heels and white ones too (did all the boots now I'm trying to catch up with the heels). I'm lucky I found some nice casual wear on clearance with an additional 10.00 off on top of that at local store. Eight items, including, skirt, shorts, tank tops, (one with "love" on it, I loved that), only 26.00 total after all the discounts.

    Now is the time for the bargains and it's a tight month for me still, so i'm kind of hesitant on going to see anyone at all for awhile. Would be nice to check this venue out and the website offers a calendar of who else is coming up. Hall and Oates, not too long ago, that would've been cool....

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2012
    ps: Wrestlemania is coming to Izod right here also even closer to my house, this coming spring, or next spring...IF I go, I will have seen one of my top three fav pro wrestlers, a total of 7 times, beating the number of times I have now been to see just Roger, 6 times. This is a travesty!!! I have to see you Roger at least, two more times now, so you can have the one up over my personal favs record!! :))) 8 times beats 7 times. if none of my fav wrestlers are NOT going to be there I don't need to see a Wrestlemania that bad xxx
  • Rock 'N' Blues Fest looks like a good show, but no date for Houston.Frown
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2012
    Hi, and good night already (just about to sign off). I opted out of going to see kd or the B 52s this month, and placed an order for stuff at amiclubwear instead, for what that's worth, lol xxxx BUT: the small venue is a good future alternative choice and I wish someday soon Roger would do one small humbler show there too....I'll bet the acoustics are great or something, at "PAC" for Bergen Performing Arts Center....ttyl xx :)) I saw a decent line up of all kinds of things, Skid Row, Morris Day, kd, b 52s, and I keep hearing from old gf people of interest in past doing this venue and they keep booking more and more decent ppl there xxx
  • Tomcrac August 2012
    +2 On Bergen PAC ... Great place to catch all sorts of goodness. The place might be a little too fragile if Roger showed up :) Kind of like a smaller Beacon Theater. Great place.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2012
    Perfect place to test the waters for new material though... :D xxxx :))) luv you Roger!! muah!!
  • cdburnercdburner November 2012
    Were there a box set of badges with the VIP stuff ??? Or have I been ripped off buying from ebay ???

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