• Hope everyone is well? I have been going through withdrawals since the last show. As much as I love The Wall! I would much rather see RW in concert. So.... Here it is.... If interested...Put some thought into this?

    What would be your IDEAL RW SHOW?  What would be your IDEAL SET LIST? You get to pick 12 songs for the 1st and 2nd set and then 4 encores????

    This is mine:

    1. In The Flesh

    2. Time


    4. Shine on You Crazy Diamond 1-8

    5.Hey You

    6.Every Strangers Eyes


    8.Three Wishes

    9.Southhampton Dock

    10.The Final Cut


    12. One of These Days


    1.Sexual Revolution

    2.Nobody Home


    4.Who Needs Information

    5.Empty Spaces

    6.The Gunners Dream

    7.What GOD Wants 1,2.3

    8.Amused to Death

    9.Not Now John

    10.Knockin on Heavens Door

    11.Perfect Sense 1,2




    1. Each Small Candle

    2. Brain Damage

    3. Eclipse

    4. Comfortably Numb



  • Tulipa July 2012
    Hi, one, interesting game ;)
    Still, I think that there might be several technical problems to get it out from the ideal. Perhaps a professional musician could put it clearly enough to help us understand.
    Besides, I'd rather keep the common thread between songs, I mean, I'd rather keep all the pieces of the puzzle - i.e. album - together.
    However, I must admit that when I first read your question, I suddenly found myself singing Remember A Day, one of the first PF's songs I ever heard as a child. :)
  • Hey Tul

    This would be from a professional FANS point of view?

    I like the common thread too, but this would basically be a Tour of YOUR favorites! I racked my brain(damaged) thinking of how to mix it up. I am sure I need tweaking or  I might add or take away songs based on your guys opinions.

    I LOVED the DSOTM TOUR because it was a mix. IT WAS THE BEST ALBUM EVER MADE "DSOTM" then all of RW other GENIUS!

     Some could be songs you have heard live or want to again or some you have NEVER heard live but would LOVE too!

    When I saw In The Flesh that was mixed up? Think about it? What would be YOUR PERFECT RW SHOW?

    What shall we do know :( I am already looking for cover bands...

    Think Tul and give me YOUR IDEAL SHOW!

  • That would be quite the show oneofthesedays. By my calculations your set list would run at least 3 1/2 hours. Might as well throw in Echos and make it an even 4 hours. I'm not complaining, I'd be glad to see it.
  • Tulipa July 2012
    One, I'm happy with my whole PF experience... I'm tempted to think of a list, but as you said, it's a brain-racking business. 

    Patrick, yes, 4 hours would be inhuman for the artists!



  • Hey PHouston= I hear ya. It would be Amazing! Sadly, I actually left out Echoes... BUT I didnt want to!!! This would be your WISH LIST set!  And I have seen a few G. Dead shows that lasted over 4 hours? AND if the Dead can put out 4 hours RW could beat that!

    I think RW did at least 192 shows during this WALL tour? So cut down the number of shows and add the content? Lets just call it OUR BUCKET LIST TOUR?

    Tul= I was just watching RW on YouTube and started thinking of MY IDEAL RW concert. So I am putting it out there. You can do it.

    I am sure I left out Set the Controls.....which I know would be on so many of our forum friends list!




  • One, funny you should mention the GD's marathon shows, I was just thinking the same thing.

     I remember the first time I saw PF (1975), they played Echos for their was amazing. I've always wanted to see that again.

  • Hey PH=  I would have loved to see Echoes live.... or PF ALL TOGETHER in their full glory! I envy  you and all the fans that saw PF prior to their split.

    I did see PF minus RW and RW with Nick.... But sadly never ALL together. That must have been one AMAZING show! In 75' Was that the WYWH tour? Do you remember that set list? 

    Now think about it and give me your RW BUCKET LIST SET!

    I did get to see GD minus Pigpen.

  • One, the show I saw in 1975 was: first half a mixture of songs from their early years (I don't remember the list), second half was Dark Side of the Moon, encore was Echos. The show I saw in 1977 was Animals and Wish You were here. Then there was the Wall in 1980, and so on, and so forth...haven't missed a PF and/or RW tour for the past 37 years.

    I have already spent several hours working on my bucket list set, but I can't nail it down. There is so much to choose from. I might have a five hour show before I'm done. It is good withdrawal therapy.

  • Matt_FloydMatt_Floyd July 2012
    This is so unrealistic but whatever...


    Pigs on the Wing pt. 1


    Another Brick in the Wall pt. 1 

    The Happiest Days of Our Lives 

    Another Brick in the Wall pt. 2

    Shine on You Crazy Diamond pts. 1-9

    Welcome to the Machine


    The Great Gig in the Sky

    Nobody Home

    Pigs (Three Different Ones)


    One of These Days

    4:33 AM (Running Shoes)

    Hey You

    The Gunners Dream

    4:50 AM (Go Fishing)

    Have a Cigar

    Us and Them

    5:06 AM (Every Stranger’s Eyes)

    Southampton Dock

    The Final Cut

    Brain Damage


    ENCORE 1

    Run Like Hell

    Comfortably Numb

    Two Suns in the Sunset

    ENCORE 2


    Pigs on the Wing pt. 2

  • Open and close with Pigs on the Wing, nice touch.
  • jcare July 2012
    I like the Pigs on the Wing idea...I would love an extended version of it though..
  • Set 1

    1. Obscured by Clouds

    2. Welcome to the Machine

    3. Shine on You Crazy Diamond 1-5

    4. Shine on You Crazy Diamond 6-9

    5. Sheep

    6. Pigs

    7. Your Possible Pasts

    8. Southhampton Dock

    9. Not Now John

    10. It's a Miracle

    11. What God Wants

    12. One of These Days


    Set 2

    1. In the Flesh

    2. Another Brick in the Wall I

    3. Empty Spaces

    4. Mother

    5. Comforably Numb

    6. Who Needs Imformation

    7. Breathe

    8. Money

    9. Time

    10. Us and Them

    11. Wish You Were Here

    12. Every Strangers Eyes








  • Hey Cym= In the Flesh does help with my delerium tremens,,, 

    PHouston= I so envy you. Being able to see all those PF shows! Damn Bro you are one lucky ........ also I totally forgot Obscured!

    MattF= I like that set

    Jc= Hope all is well? Where is yours Bucket List Set? And We need to see The Machine this fall??? 


  • jcare July 2012
    Sorry One..I was on last night then received a call that my daughter and niece were involved in a minor (thankfully) car accident heading home from the Warped Tour concert..all is well and YES I want to see The Machine, most definitely..I will have to get back to you with my set for bucket list I already satisfied bucket list item #2..meeting Roger and getting his autograph..heading out to SI today catch you later..:O)
  • 506am506am July 2012
    It's funny, I saw this thread and it hit me that I have seen Roger 8 times - in 1987 on the Radio KAOS tour at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, at Kemper Arena in Kansas City in 1999 where he played the world premiere of Each Small Candle - and then KC and San Jose two nights in a row in 2010, and St. Paul, Indianapolis and Philadelphia in 2012 on The Wall - Live tour and all I can say is this... my ideal Roger concert... I've already seen it. 8 times!!!
  • That was a sweet answer by 506
  • Matt_FloydMatt_Floyd July 2012
    Nice answer, 506! I've also seen Roger 8 times - 3 on the DSOTM tour between 2006-2007 and 5 Wall shows. My ideal concert period is seeing the man himself which I have been fortunate to do on multiple occasions. 
  • sorry 5 06 you are wrong about each small candle was first played in Atlanta im now going to find a review of the Atlanta show so you know its true im sure if Si reads this he will know for sure
  • According to wikipedia..

    28 August 1999

    Kansas City, Missouri  

    Kemper Arena
    New song 'Each Small Candle' played for 1st time


  • YellowRoseYellowRose July 2012
    1. Welcome to the Machine
    2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1-5
    3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 6-9
    4. Pigs
    5. Sheep
    6. In the Flesh
    7. Run Like Hell
    8. Time
    9. Us and Them
    10. Possible Pasts
    11. The Hero's Return
    12. The Fletcher Memorial


    1. Perfect Sense
    2. Bravery of Being Out of Range
    3. What God Wants part II
    4. Watching T.V.
    5. It's A Miracle
    6. Amused to Death
    7. Every Stranger's Eyes
    8. Each Small Candle
    9. If I Were a Drone (his newest piece, not sure if that's the title but I heard him rehearsing it during soundcheck in Quebec)
    10.Free Four
    11. If
    12. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

    1. Arnold Layne
    2. See Emily Play
    3. Wish You Were Here
    4. Careful With the Axe Eugene
  • sorry wiki  is wrong will find a review cause there is a story behind why it was played in atlanta
  • is only reason I went to KC as well 

  • Matt_FloydMatt_Floyd July 2012
    Ah, YellowRose! I knew I forgot something in mine...Careful with That Axe Eugene! Love that as a closer. Nice set. 
  • 506am506am July 2012
    @ reg_waters_7569 {sorry 5 06 you are wrong about each small candle was first played in
    Atlanta im now going to find a review of the Atlanta show so you know
    its true im sure if Si reads this he will know for sure}

    I was obviously at the KC show and heard Roger tell the story and at one point he was getting a bit, shall we say, frustrated because a group of idiots wouldn't shut up. He then went on to explain that "we're going to do something different since this is the last night of the tour" and he talked about an Italian journalist who contacted him and provided him w/ some lyrics that moved Roger and how he was inspired to finish the song when he read a story about a Serbian soldier who helped an Albanian woman and went to help her out and how the "rest of the song is about that."

    But he clearly stated that this was the first time they were playing the song. I had seen a website years later that mentioned the band played the song during sound-check at shows prior to KC, but KC was the first time it was played live in front of an audience.

    So if you can find something that proves differently, I would be interested in seeing it. I do know that he played several shows between Atlanta and KC and he didn't play it at those shows.
  • From


    The history of the song goes back to July 22 1999 when Roger Waters was heard to
    play a new acoustic song during tour-rehearsals in Milwaukee (WI). The song was
    finally performed on the last gig of the tour in Kemper Arena, Kansas, August 28
    1999. It has been played all through the second leg of Roger Waters' US-tour in
    2000 and appears on the live album< and DVD. On the 2002 world tour the last
    encore is either Each Small Candle or Flickering Flame. Each Small Candle can
    also be heard on the recent release from Roger Waters: Flickering Flame - The
    Solo Years vol.1

  • 506am506am July 2012
    The only thing wrong in that quote is that Kemper Arena is in Missouri... not Kansas! LOL
  • I didn't write it, I just copied it. It does say it was performed at the last gig of the tour...Kansas City.
  • 506am506am July 2012
    Yeah, I knew you copied it, wasn't blaming you. Many people confuse Kansas City, Kansas for Kansas City, Missouri. Kemper is only about 2 miles from the Kansas side... so... I guess I can see how it can be confusing for people not from here.
  • Yeah, I've never been to KC, but I always wanted to visit. I hear good things about KC BBQ. I shouldn't say this for fear the Texas BBQ commmission will hunt me down and force feed me smoked gristle, but Texas BBQ sucks.





  • seen my show I always wanted front row opening show in milwaukee and Roger had his mom there this Wall show is as close to that as anything can be plus too add Doyle didnt throw and pics he motioned me to come to the stage as he was right in front of us and handed me the pic he used all night having Doyle and PP AND kATIE what a sight and so close bet some still talk about my group at the show we all stood the entire show
  • was a night to never forget shared with my brother and 4 very good friends and we still talk about it like it was last night and more so since my best friend has almost died  a few times in the last monthes
  • jcare July 2012
    I'm sorry about your friend Roger..the music is so stirring and thought provoking in itself and then add to the fact that I used to enjoy listening to PF with some very dear friends who are no longer here and it can be very emotional..I know what you mean. My list is below and I didn't add specifics but I am trying to type before the storm rolls in and what a storm it is!

    Opening with Pigs on the Wing
    Pigs (Three Different Ones)
    Set the Controls
    Celestial Voices
    One of these Days
    Careful w/that Axe
    Us and Them
    Brain Damage
    Hey You
    Comfortably Numb
    The entire WYWH album (lol)
    Some Piper
    and The Final Cut while he's at it!  lol
    Damn it just pay everything and we can have a 2-3 day concert..
  • loop July 2012
    Patrickinhouston>....ah,another ol' timer.....thanks for the comment on the 1975 tour and the Echoes encore.I was so moved by the show(Hamilton,Ont.) as an 18yr.old in that I was nearly overcome with emotion when it ended.I so wanted them to play on.Thank God for YouTube and whoever posted that concert that I can relive the fading memories of that night show.Trying to decide a setlist of the ultimate Pink Floyd show ?This could take a week to put together!
  • Thanks Loop, that 1975 show was my first ever concert, and to tell the truth I had no idea who Pink Floyd was. A friend of my just insisted we go...i'm glad I did. We bought our tickets the day of the show for $8.50. I think that's what I paid for a diet pepsi at the Houston show a few months ago.

    When you saw them do Echoes, did it snow in the middle part?

  • Any show that roger shows up to.  I have seen the two I could hope for DSOTM and The Wall...what more can I ask for?
  • Tulipa July 2012
    I'd love to hear more from you long-time fans about those 1975 The Wall shows!  =)
  • YellowRoseYellowRose July 2012
    I like your idea of a 2 or 3 day concert Jcare! Bravo! Why don't you contact Roger's people about that?!
  • that would be 1980, the wall was released in late 1979 I believe.  I saw PF in LA do the Wall in Feb 1980.
  • Yeah, 1975 was Dark Side Of The Moon. Kelly, which night did you go?
  • loop July 2012
    Patrickinhouston>LOL.....It might I mentioned earlier,thanks to youtube I can relive the audible expereince.Visually?....I was 18 and fresh out of high school.I think you get the picture!  ;)  
  • Ah yes, I get your drift. One of the members of our party got hypnotized by the gold watches during "Time", and did a face plant on the floor.
  • Hi Patrick, I beleive it was feb 12th the second to last night, I am also a little foggy on the exact date but it seems I remember thinking if I wanted to do another show I only had the one opportunity to do so.  I too had a chemically enhanced time I was 20 years old.  I think it was the 12th but not a hundred percent since I lost all my earlier ticket stubs, which makes me sick.
  • Tulipa July 2012
    What's a "chemically enhanced time"? Sorry for being dumb oo
  • I (we) were there Sat. Feb. 9th. Total bummer about losing your ticket stubs.
  • Tulipa, "chemically enhanced"=psychoactive substances.
  • loop July 2012
    you did mean "psychoactive substances",right?      ;)     :)
  • Isn't that what I typed? (edit cheat)
  • Tulipa July 2012
    Aw, I see.. I edit ALL the time because, besides my not being a native speaker, I suffer from essential tremor. Luckily it only affects my hands and doctor said it has nothing to do with the Parkinson disease. Bad idea to try drugs under my condition. The only thing I can do -as told by a neurologist- is to take a daily glass of spirits. =)

    And those days you said sth like "let's get high for the wall" or something of the sort? I mean, how did you make the drug-taking arrangements? Musicians did it too?
  • Yes, you are correct in your assesment of what I meant by "Chemically enhanced"  The drugs were secured through friends, I paid for the tickets and they supplied the recreational drugs.  There was times, because this show was so ground breaking that I had to ask the person next to me if I was seeing what I thought I was seeing or if it was a hallucination.   Things like the airplane and teacher and mother.  I remember I decided to go the day before based off listening to KMET (still my all time favorite radio station) reporting on the previous shows, Now all the shows were sold out so I had to go through a broker and drive into LA I lived about 40 miles away to buy the tickets the day before.  I was astonished since the face value of my ticket was $15.00 and I had to pay $30.00 an unheard of amount for those times.  My seats were in the rafters of the LA Sports Arena.  Loved the show. I was trying to figure out how to go the next night but sadly could not arrange it. 
  • Yes, it was (and still is) very intense. During Another Brick In The Wall part 1, when the school teacher was stuffing kids into the grinder, I looked over at my brother. He had his hand up to the side of his face. I ask him what was the matter? He replied I can't look anymore.

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