Who of today´s rockstars has the stature of john lennon?
  • waveprojectwaveproject August 2012
    1. www.youtube.com
      compuesto por un extracto del corto animado "I Met the Walrus", basado
      en la entrevista realizada a John Lennon por el canadiense de 14 años
      Jerry Levi...

  • kellycampbell August 2012
    Bono and his fans seem to want to elevate everything he does to that level, but not I I agree the musicians today (younger Generation) have a lot of work to do to get to that level.
  • Lennon did apologize for his "bigger than Jesus" remark.
  • YellowRoseYellowRose August 2012
    As far as any modern musicians being as politically or socially outspoken and influential as John Lennon...I'm not sure there are any on that level. There are a few but they are not as well known as Lennon. Ballboy (out of Scottland), is very critical of society at large. Billly Bragg comes to mind. But still, no one comes to the level John Lennon did. The most recent "younger generation" of artists who had somewhat near the level of strong convictions Lennon did would've been during the punk era. Bands like The Clash, The Sex Pistols, or Crass.

    If you want to believe John Lennon's apology for the Jesus comment was sincere in that he did not mean to be critical of religion, I think not. Just listen to songs like "Working Class Hero" and "God".

    Lennon sort of apologized, if you want to call it that. But I always took the quote from the interview to basically mean that he was sorry it was taken the wrong way. Then he caved and said if it will make you happy then I'm sorry (copied and pasted from the interview transcript):

    "Well, originally I pointed out that fact in reference to
    England. That we meant more to kids than Jesus did, or religion at that
    time. I wasn't knocking it or putting it down. I was just saying it as a
    fact and it's true more for England than here. I'm not saying that
    we're better or greater, or comparing us with Jesus Christ as a person
    or God as a thing or whatever it is. I just said what I said and it was
    wrong. Or it was taken wrong. And now it's all this.
    I apologize if that will make you happy. I still don't know quite
    what I've done. I've tried to tell you what I did do but if you want me
    to apologize, if that will make you happy, then OK, I'm sorry."

  • I never said I thought Lennon's apology was sincere...I just said it happened, and my comment was in response to Cymbeline's post that stated: " he had the courage of his convictions, and after the 'we're more popular than Jesus' debacle, he never once backed down, or tried to apologize for what he had said."


  • jcare August 2012
    I am struck with the thought that if you're that famous how the hell can you remain with your feet firmly planted on the ground? It must be difficult to deal with fame on so many levels and not lose yourself to the images that other people constantly project onto you....but I think you nailed it when you mentioned him being and staying true to himself, flaws and all..despite the fame and the constant attention and glare of the media..With the exception of a few it is very rare for people in general, namely well known musicians who have endured that level of fame for that long..he was such an original and unique person..I never cared for The Beatles (ducking and running) but I always loved John Lennon and George Harrison..doesn't mean that I don't appreciate their talent I just never got into them..I think another musician who I admire along these same lines is Neil Young..he never compromised or allowed his music to be exploited ..Bob  Marley, Dylan..I know there are more I am forgetting.. I know that these are the musicians that roger admires as well, but god as my witness they are the same ones that I have long admired..there is a realness to them, their very thoughts are like poetry..something sets these artists apart from the rest..I think it's their genuine passion for their art, their ability to inspire so many people and their uncompromising belief that there is always reason to hope.

    Thanks to YR now Billy Bragg is stuck in my head!..I don't want to change the world I'm not looking for new england...just looking for another girl....
  • YellowRoseYellowRose August 2012
    Sorry Patrick, I didn't mean you as in you...I had a few too many gin & tonics last night! I meant for anyone who thinks he was sincerely apologetic about insulting religion...anyway....

    Jcare, yes you've got it right about Lennon and others not allowing their work to be compromised. I am not a big Beatles fan of their early work. After they discovered psychedelics and their style changed though I think they were brilliant. Of course much of their best was by George/John in my opinion (Tomorrow Never Knows, I'm Only Sleeping, Blue Jay Way, Love You Too, etc..).

    I thought about this discussion a little more this morning. I think a big part of the reason that there are no new bands coming out with strong political convictions or messages in their music is that none of them have achieved the fame that people like John Lennon or Roger Waters have achieved. Once that level of fame is achieved it gives the artist leverage over he record companies to produce what they want to produce. In a way they earn the right to do what they want in their work. Now, record companies probably don't want to touch anything like that. All they care about is producing what will sell, and the sad fact is the younger generations now don't care about political messages as much as they did in 60's or 70's. It's the culture we live in and people like Roger Waters, Bob Dylan, Neil Young are a dying breed. I think once they're gone we will certainly lose something in the art of music never to be regained. I'm not saying there is no good new stuff out there, (I find many great bands coming out of the UK like The Twilight Sad & The Joy Formidable) just that they don't have a drive to be politically outspoken.
  • jcare August 2012
    I think that many of their particular generation were comfortable with the idea of revolution, experimentation, absolute freedom, and change, power to the people etc..the 60's saw so many major changes on all fronts..I was born on the cusp of those changes and although I consider myself a child of the late 70's early 80's there was still some fading chatter about the things that troubled society via my hippy family members..anywho..yes they have earned the independence and the right to cover the issues that are near and dear to them,  imo Roger has always spoken his mind after taking over the songwriting.. never cowing down to what was demanded of him either by the industry or of what society's notions of popularity dictated at the time...he always comes in at a different angle then most..and goes where others fear to tread..sometimes the things he says just blow my mind....I agree that they are a dying breed but I know that if we expose our children to the things that really matter, they will find a genre of music that reflects this and hopefully develop some depth, empathy, and perspective..and with this they will discover that good music is timeless..just as we have discovered it..
  • It's all good YR, and for the record I agree Lennon's "apology" was more of an attempt to put his comment in to proper context then it was to seek forgiveness. I remember when that whole thing happened, and it was absurd how blown out of proportion the whole mess became.

    Things have changed so dramatically in the music business over the past 50 years, it has affected everything from the musical content right down to the delivery system of the music. I remember the days of buying a new album, listening to the entire thing, reading the lyrics, and studying the artwork on the album cover. These days the sale of CDs is on the brink of extinction. How can the message that an artist is trying to express reach people that only download select songs?

  • waveprojectwaveproject August 2012
    dear friends,

    thank you very much for your comments, i did not expect such an inspiring discussion.

    regarding this as the first round about this theme which moves me really deeply, i would like to open the second one today.

    have a great day,


  • jcare August 2012
    How can the message that an artist is trying to express reach people that only download select songs?

    Well if they listen to, like and download a particular song maybe that may raise some curiosity and they will look into more songs by that particular artist..but that is not going to guarantee anything but you're right it has changed so much.  Today songs are at our fingertips and that is adding to an already very fickle market .my daughter recently interviewed with a former record label vp who has been in the music business for over 30 years (because of my daughter's age I was present for the interview) and she was explaining the business to us and she pretty much confirmed that in today's market they have to utilize every way possible to promote an artist..much different game today..I wont go into detail about what else she said but very big clients..you would definitely know them.. that particular aspect of the industry is hurting it seems.

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