john lennon's killer to get seventh parole hearing this week
  • waveprojectwaveproject August 2012
     NEW YORK (Reuters) - Mark David Chapman, who shot and killed former
    Beatle John Lennon 32 years ago, will have his seventh parole hearing
    this week, New York state's Department of Corrections said on Saturday.

    A decision on whether to release him will likely be made public by the
    end of the week, said department spokeswoman Linda Foglia.

    Chapman's interviews with the parole board will take place at Wende
    Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison in Alden, New York,
    where he is being held, she said.

    Chapman, 57, is serving a prison sentence of 20 years to life for
    shooting Lennon four times in the back outside the musician's New York
    City apartment building on December 8, 1980. He pleaded guilty to
    second-degree murder.

    He has come up for parole every two years since 2000 and has been turned
    down each time.

    After his last hearing in 2010, the three-member parole board cited in
    written comments to Chapman, the "disregard you displayed for the norms
    of our society and the sanctity of human life."

    Ahead of that hearing, the parole division received dozens of letters
    arguing against Chapman's release, including one from Lennon's widow
    Yoko Ono, who said she believed Chapman posed a risk to her, Lennon's
    two sons, the public and himself.

    Chapman was transferred in May to Wende from Attica Correctional
    Facility, where he had been held for 31 years.

    A corrections spokesman said at the time that Chapman was placed in
    protective custody at Wende but the reason was not made public. Wende is
    located in western New York state, east of Buffalo.
  • kellycampbell August 2012
    I think that there is no way he gets out yet, I think as long as yoko is alive he will not, personally I hope he never gets out.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2012
    He won't get it....too many fans will be trying to mess him up if he does, not the other way around anymore xxxx and it was only a few years ago he was denied again, for sixth time
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2012
    PS: he's in PC for that very reason, btw
  • WatchingTvWatchingTv August 2012

    "Jump" said Yoko Ono " im scared and too good looking" I cried "Why prolong the agony all men must die"

    If this murderer gets out of prison someone will assasinate him I am sure of it. i think he is safer in jail

  • jcare August 2012
    That piece of shit isn't going anywhere...
  • jcare August 2012
    Oh I do I wish harm on people who wish to harm..on another note..Hiya Cymb!!
  • jcare August 2012
    F'in exhausting...but we had a really good was your time off?
  • YellowRoseYellowRose August 2012
    Chapman will likely never get out. There are some theories that he may have actually been part of the U.S. mind control experimentation during Project Artichoke (also Sirhan Sirhan is postulated as having been programmed). There is an interesting documentary I'm sure some of you have seen called the U.S. vs John Lennon:

  • jcare August 2012
    It is known that the FBI/J. Edgar Hoover had a file on Lennon..also the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane the FBI's desire was to steer young people away from the protest bands that were popping up at the time.
  • waveprojectwaveproject August 2012
    i agree with your supposition, cymbeline. about one year ago, i have watched a tv documentary about the question of a connection between john´s political actions and the cia. last week, a film was shown on tv which dealed with the two lines of ilfe of john and his killer- putting both stories together, in my view, it is not too crazy to add john´s fate to the ones of ghandi or martin luther king.

    free thinking visionaires are dangerous for the foundation of governments.

  • YellowRoseYellowRose August 2012
    Exactly correct Cymbeline and Waveproject.
  • kellycampbell August 2012
    Great news...That son of a bitch stays put...LOL
  • jcare August 2012
    One more time..That piece of shit isn't going anywhere...

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