"Roger Waters Interview with Howard Stern"
  • Roger Waters - Interview on Howard Stern
    This is most probably the best interview ever.Of ever seen on Roger.The man is so cool.
    Luv ya mate.

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)
  • Good interview - shame about the host / interviewer though - only heard of him before watching and therefore don't know his popularity status in the U.S. but don't like him that much. RW's great though - true to form! I do like his candidness these last few tears.....
  • jcare August 2012
    Howard Stern is extremely crude, obnoxious, and perverted..and at times I find him extremely funny..behind the crudeness is a very quick mind.. he is obsessed with lesbians and penis size which often come up during the course of his conversations and interviews..lol..can't help it he makes me laugh..he is unable to obey any rules or respect any boundaries set for him and he succeeded in racking up a multitude of FCC fines until eventually he got out of format radio and headed over to satellite. His take on a Match Word game show on the radio station WNBC is a classic, he of course found a way around being able to mention all of the dirty words that you cannot say on the radio..
  • Thanks for the explanation jcare.......I get him / it now - we've one or two (well lots actually!) of his calibre in the U.K. who just can't resist pushing buttons and boundaries..... which I too find hilarious when it's done at the most inappropriate times - I'll listen again with that in mind!
  • jcare August 2012
    You're welcome..I think it is an accurate description of him..feel free to disagree anyone..there is no one else on this great green earth that could get Roger to talk about his privates other then Howard Stern..lol...
  • jcare August 2012
    Thanks for posting the Howard Stern interview PBF, I don't think that I have watched the entire interview in one sitting..enjoying it immensely..It took Howard a 1/2 hour before he asked a remotely sexual question the banging a famous person question, gee he must really like Roger.. ..At 54.25 regarding The Wall:  Roger - "It's an essential part of every young person's education."  it should be mandatory..;o)
  • you recall Howard as fart man on MTV  AWARDS SHOW LMAO YES IM POSTING LATE  im sure one will again accuse me of being drunk funny I donrtt drink and have not in many years just calling the kettle black Howard cracks me up
  • jcare August 2012
    Of course I remember fartman! Hero of the stupid!!  lol.with his cheekless pants..OMG..do you remember the Kielbasa queen?
  • lmao now
  • jcare August 2012
    Howiewood Squares..lmao!! What a hot mess of contestants that was..Okay I have to admit I freakin love Howard Stern. he cracks me up..so crude sometimes..
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