sean lennon and yoko ono : artists against fracking
  • YellowRoseYellowRose September 2012
    Cool. I can certainly see why anyone living in New York in particular would be against fracking. There has been an ongoing battle there about the matter and they do not want to take any chances with their water supply. From what we have seen in other states such as PA with water contamination this should be a matter which is much higher up on people's priorities than it is.
  • paisleygirl55paisleygirl55 September 2012
    Just a reminder for people who live in the states..... the Democratic National Convention will be stating up soon. I'm anxious to see if they hit on any enviroment topics. The Republican Convention ended last week and of course I did not hear it mentioned the few times I tuned in.  How sad that no one seems to give a shit anymore.

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