The Roger Waters Collection
  • Bibi_Uncle June 2011

    Hi everyone !

    Roger Waters's new collection box is out here in Canada since May 31st. What is your opinion about it ?

    Personnally, I'm still thinking about it. I already has Radio KAOS and Amused to Death. Ça Ira is an album that I will absolutly buy someday, In the Flesh looks good on YouTube and The Pros + Cons of Hitch Hiking is probably as good as Radio KAOS and Amused. It would have be great to have

    However, I'm a bit confused about the price. At Roger Water's official store, it is $44.99 (in canadian dollars of course), but it is pre-order (I don't know why...). At Archambeault, a CD store in Québec, it is $73.99 (at HMV, $72.99). They always overprice a bit (they must earn money !) but now there is a huge difference. Any explanations ?

  • Maybe it's the privilege of being able to pre-order, or the incentive to get the sales faster that way. It'll be this much cheaper, if you pre-order, and buy it now, verses the other ways,and later. I tried that link last night when I happened across it looking at discography, it didn't work for me, and now, when I go to the link, nothing's coming up, is it just my pc?

    PS: I tried it again, but I can't figure out how to check out, (I know, I know, I'm dense, I don't usually buy anything online) AND, I have to wait until at least July 1st (probably won't still be available as a pre-order, obviously by then anyway, but I do wish I could just do that right now xxxx

  • i'd love to hear Amused To Death on 180 gram vinyl


  • AlgieAlgie June 2011
    i have alredy all, but i buy it.

  • there are at least two, maybe three cd's in that collection I didn't already have. xxxx it's worth it xxxx
  • kaskas June 2011

    I've also got them all but I'll still buy the boxset just for the  box lol


  • norwaypf June 2011

    Have of course all the albums including Body and When The Wind blows on cd x 2 (and LP`s) and of course the 3 Japan mini lp cd albums. But I wanted the box since I`m a collector. Got it one week ago but I`m must admit I`m a little bit dissapointed about the quality of it. First of all they are not True mini lp replicas, since they don`t look like the original lp`s cover wise. Also there is no inlay in each cd and there is not even a protection plastic bag to put the cd`s in before you put it into each sleeve. Which in time will make marks and unplayable cds :-( 

    Mabye I`m abit demanding because I have those japan mini lp cds (3 x Waters and 18 x Floyd) which are the best you could ever get when it comes to this format. They are just amazing, 100% true to the original lp artwork with all the inlays that came with the original lp, they even use the same type of paper and ink as the original lp`s, that just saying how much time and quality the japanese put into there products. And of course they are remastered with a soundquality just the japanese can make :-)

  • does it come with full lyrics for everything??? xxxxx
  • weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope March 2012
    please stop
  • *places spoicy jox o' plenty on the chin of skyblue*
  • cdburnercdburner November 2012
    I'm like kaskas, have them all previously, [on proper VINYL] !! but bought it "just for the box" lol

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