Top 3 Psychedelic Albums of all time
  • YellowRoseYellowRose September 2012
    What albums do you think are the top 3 psychedelic albums ever created? Here's mine:

    1. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn - Pink Floyd

    2. Ogden's Nut Gone Flake - The Small Faces

    3. a tie between Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles and
                            In Search Of The Lost Chord - The Moody Blues
  • PatrickinHoustonPatrickinHouston September 2012

    This is gonna take some thought YR. There's so much to choose from, and a lot of what may be gray areas.

    I what to say The Beatle's Yellow Submarine, but I'm thinking more so the movie than the album (I know, that makes no sense).

    I'm also thinking Frank Zappa's Apostrophe or Overnight Sensation, but I don't know if Zappa is officially part ot this genre.

    This could also be looked at from the angle of 'best soundtrack for tripping'. In which case banging pots and pans together in my kitchen could make my top three.

    I'm going to have to think this through and report back later...

  • oneofthesedays September 2012

    YR- This is tough but if I have to pick the Bands.... Its PF, The Dead, Cream , The Doors and Jefferson Airplane.

    I actually would throw Black Sabbath in there but that was leaning more towards Heavy Metal? Hey it still did it for me back then!


  • jcare September 2012
    Pink Floyd - Just because they are..
    The Doors - Jim was not from this world
    Jimi Hendrix - those otherworldly guitar solos, lord have mercy!

    I can't name specific songs there are too many! Sorry YR...oh wait you said albums...sorry ADD is kicking in again..will have to think on that..
  • oneofthesedays September 2012

    Hey Cym= Back in the day or evening.... I would stack up 3 albums on my Panasonic stereo. I would twist up a J... Put on my Headphones that was like a phone cord. I think I could even make it from my bedroom to the bathroom without removing them....

    Remember when you could stack the albums. My stereo would only handle 3 albums.

    I would start with Sabbath (a lil heavy) then they arm would swing and drop PF( a lil more mellow) then it would drop a Dead album! And by that time I was either asleep or late for HS school again.

    Oh  yeah before that I already had my blacklight turned on and the incense burning. LOL

  • the_final_cutterthe_final_cutter September 2012
    ......hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, good question YR........

    1. Pink Floyd - Obscured by Clouds
    2. The Prodigy - The Fat of The Land
    3. Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs

    Also the 'The Wall' movie is a trippy experience if you're not familiar with it and I'd replace no.3 with that if we're including films of albums.......
  • WatchingTvWatchingTv September 2012

    Umagumma should be up there just because several species is on it

    Amused to death is a great one too! I tripped to that albumn years ago and I was the monkey standing on the rock with the broken bone in my hand.

    And of course DSOTM

  • kellycampbell September 2012
    I will throw out a couple that are not mentioned , just something to think about possibly.

    The  American metaphysical circus by Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies......This one is serious tripping music.

    Tales of topographic oceans - Yes

    Paranoid - Black Sabath 

    Maybe not top three but something different for the discussion.....Joe Byrd album is really wild there is one song and it happens to be one of the more  organized/structured on the album, it as called  "You can never come down"
  • the_final_cutterthe_final_cutter September 2012
    I thought about Paranoid by Black Sabbath too and let's not forget RW's / Ron Geesin own 'Music From the Body' - seriously - what's THAT all about lol! too many spliffs..........
  • the_final_cutterthe_final_cutter September 2012
    ...oh yes and of course TDSOTM!
  • jcare September 2012
    Ummagumma has some of the trippiest music ever made!  Roger should just finally give in and make that sound effects album he always wanted to's in him!
  • jcare September 2012
    Animal noises, wind, scary echoing type sounds, various accents..fooling around with that machine used for DSOTM, sound effects for many of the albums, a very good mimic I suppose too..yeah he needs to do a film soundtrack or a sound efffects record..
  • YellowRoseYellowRose September 2012
    Patrick Yellow Submarine! Wow I just watched this a couple weeks ago for the first time in years...need to start an animation thread!

    Oneof, how could I forget Jefferson Airplane! After Bathing At Baxter's is my favorite album of theirs.

    And KellyC, I will have to check out the album you mentioned called The American Metaphysical Circus, I haven't heard that.

    Everyone else on Floyd/Barrett....yes, yes, and yes!!
  • reg_waters_7569 September 2012
    what about american prayer?????????

  • cdburnercdburner November 2012

    Silver Machine is my fave by Hawkwind...... tho not a great fan....

    1. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

    2. Roger Waters - The Pro's & Cons

    3. Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2012
    pf is the most "psychedelic" to me xxxx
  • debaser November 2012
    At least half of the albums mentioned here are not psychedelic in the remotest lol To try to break it down to three albums is nigh on impossible, but I'll try...

    The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn is an absolute masterpiece of psychedelic deliciousness, Syd was truely in a league of his own and it was my first experience of music that changed whilst under the influence.

    The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses
    Swirling jangly birds-esque guitars aided by the incredible production of John Leckie (who learned his trade at Abbey Road engineering the likes of Floyd and The Beatles) What really sets this album apart is how good the songs are regardless of their psychedelic overtones, making trippy music is pretty easy, making really good music thats also trippy is another thing altogether!

    Primal Scream - Screamadelica
    I remember playing a couple of tracks to my brother one night, just as we were coming down - the rush back upwards was incredible, very subtle effects, wah wah guitars really low down in the mix that all of a sudden jumped out creating all the colours of the rainbow. Beautiful!

    The Velvet Underground
    The Velvet Underground and Nico
    Intense stomach holding ear shattering psychedlicness, quite different to Piper (probably as the Velvets drug of choice was not lsd) but incredible all the same - the relief when a song ended being like getting to the end of a rollercoaster ride, a brief respite and then you're off again.

    As for Sgt Peppers - It was the high street expectation of Psychedelic more than the real thing, any album with When I'm 64 on it cant be totally Psychedelic, Paul McCartney could probably have bought Syd back down to earth with that shite! A collection of John and George songs (with Helter Skelter chucked in) would make a great Trippy Beatles compilation though!

    Honourable mentions should also go to Achtung Baby -U2, Six - Mansun, Anything by Hendrix and to be honest there are hundreds of others...

  • PatrickinHoustonPatrickinHouston November 2012

    Love Uriah heep!

  • PatrickinHoustonPatrickinHouston November 2012
    I have Rick Wakeman's album "Rhapsodies", not psychedelic but always a good listen.
  • PatrickinHoustonPatrickinHouston November 2012
    I'll have to try and find that one.
  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd November 2012

    "Several species of small furry animals gathered together.In a cave and grooving with a pict"






    "Close to me"

                                                                                   The Cure





    "Black sabbath"

                                                                              Black Sabbath





    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • jcare November 2012
    Cym my best friends brother was a musical prodigy on the guitar, started playing at 6 or 7 years of age (and I mean playing good) ..and he always played Yes..After hearing him jam throughout most of my childhood I have very strong feelings about Yes..They were just an amazing group..all fantastic musicians  imo..I am mesmerized not only listening to Steve Howe play but also just watching him. My regret is never seeing them is my best friends father back in the day, he used to play with the Dorsey Brothers was pretty well known back in the day on the Jazz circuit..and would also join Dick Parry  on the Sax when we had Us and Them blasting.he was like my second father..RIP Paddy.. I am pretty sure that is me in the photo behind his shoulder in front of the blonde..

    imageimg src="http://">image
  • jcare November 2012
    I love this video of Steve Howe, watch it all the time!  Thanks..

    I loved growing up in that environment, Friday night was band rehearsal night..those were the best, my friends brothers all had their own bands as well as her parents plus the loft that they rented to local bands..some nights they hosted battle of the bands!  lol great memories..
  • reg_waters_7569 November 2012
    American Prayer
  • jcare November 2012
    Jim Morrison...wonder what he would have become had he lived..besides a drunken offense I absolutely adore him.
  • YellowRoseYellowRose November 2012
    Good point debaser, and yes Velvet Underground and Nico for sure! If anyone ever wondered what heroin is like, just trip out and listen to Velvet Underground and you'll get the jist. I wasn't able to read all of the posts as I'm on a mobile connection at the moment. I see your point about Paul McCartney, but I will say that I would re-state my Beatles psychedllia classification as having more to do with John and George during that period. A Day In The Life, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite, and Within You Without You, might be some of the most psychedelic songs ever recorded.
  • cdburnercdburner December 2012
    For info;    Rick Wakeman's "Journey To The Centre of The Earth" has been repackaged as a fan pack in "Prog" mag with all kinds of goodies as extra's
  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd December 2012


    The Cure

    Was Psychedelic Punk.

    Was actually a Guy not a Lady lol.I put up a mixture of psychedelic.





    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd December 2012


    Music can be like politics sometimes.

    We dont always agree on certain types.

    The Cure

    Has done well year after years.It might not be your Cup of T.But i dont mind the taste.Your an older generation Fart than me.Hawkwind,Calvert,Tim Allen.Where are they now?Robert Miles dunno on that one.Hes name is Robert Smith lead vocalist.Dont always judge a hairstyle like a book cover lol albert.They are a trippy psychedelic punk band.Syd and Floyd will always be the number 1 Psychedelic band in my eyes.






  • reg_waters_7569 December 2012
    the cure rocks
  • reg_waters_7569 December 2012
    PBF I agree with you but to me putting hawkwind with Floyd and Genesis is not proper either.. The Doors are a tripping band ........  next albert will eminem is not rap cause he is white lmao but hey us yanks just go on n on n on n on and albert your post about gays n bishops is what I called whacked one more person I can just ignore and not read your rubbish end of story............ you fit Ron Whites anaolgy like a golf ball on a tee
  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd December 2012

    1st you say abert you dont like the Cure.Now you say you do?lol.

    And i aint a Yank mate im an Aussie.My life is Pinkfloyd and it always will be.And i dont av to be high to reply to you lol.Your only a Pome Prisoner of mother england.I wouldnt be so proud of your culture?If i was you history speaks for itself.Theres no such thing as Royals in my eyes.All born with a silver spoon up there arses.End of story you blinded old fart.

    Im Tattooed and proud like you Reg.Long live the Floyd




    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd /\

  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd December 2012

    "Oh come on.Wondered what kind of trip.The young lady was on"

    Pop music?

    uncle albert i aint bagged your music k but you obviously are full of shiat.That condradicts himself.Wtf would i want to go to the Uk av you got something to offer?The only piss water your talking about is warm cats piss how the Poms like it lol.Why dont you put your pretty face up for the world to see.Like i did you.A  weggie-wedgie over here.Is someone with there jocks pulled so far up there arse like a Gstring lol.Are you Gay albert or something kinky?And as for my dick lol.Cmon man lmfao

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd /\

  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd December 2012

    Lol albert

    Run rabbit run.

    Your a fucking coward.


  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd December 2012

    Your fucked lol.

    Tripping on being who ya are?

    Your obviously a pencil neck and a bag of bones lol.And yes im a 1% True Floyd fan.I would give you a Pome kiss neday or bear hugg albert lol.And if you still standing i teach you's  poms how to drink seroius piss lol.Shutupp or put up old man.I catch you quicker than what you think.You would most prob piss ya pants.Keep dribbling on with ya high old fool.My respiratory system will be.When im above you spitting in ya face :)

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd December 2012

    Absolute rubbish Laddy

    Poems every one

    Money gets back.Im alright Jack keep ya hands of my stack.

    An acre is an area of a rectangle.

    Lol albert you make me laugh.

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • jcare December 2012
    Not sure wtf is going on with you two, but you are both cracking me up..never going to get between an Aussie and a Brit when they are having a battle of the wits..but just had to let you know..:o)
  • jcare December 2012
    Holy crap, I know they're speaking English but I can't frickin understand some of it..Pass the popcorn Cym..
  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd December 2012

    Lol Jcare and Cym

    You's are both Angels lol.

    albert the gereatric old fart really gets me going lol.

    Its all good.

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)


  • jcare December 2012
    Hmm makes you think now doesn't it..not sure if Al is insulting us or not..what do you think Cym? Al? Did I offend you in some way?

  • jcare December 2012
    PBF that is the second time you called me an angel..I just want to remind you that I have horns too..but I hide them well..:o)
  • jcare December 2012
    Okay who is going to be Bosley?
  • jcare December 2012
    Charlie's Angels..
  • jcare December 2012
    He's the under appreciated slightly balding, rotund man in the background that keeps it all together..
  • jcare December 2012
    . being American is like being a mixed breed (to many) frankly my dear you have no F'in clue as to what nationality I am..but have fun at dinner and enjoy your wenches matey! Ciao Albert.
  • jcare December 2012
    Cym..what is a ramrod?
  • jcare December 2012
    I think he called one of us a one has ever called me that before..
  • jcare December 2012
    A ramrod is a metal device used with early firearms to push the projectile up against the propellant (mainly gunpowder). It is also commonly referred to as a "scouring stick". The ramrod was used with muzzle-loading weapons such as muskets and cannons, and was usually held in a notch underneath the barrel.

    according to the diagram it is all maybe it is slang for being a wanker? What is a wanker again?
  • jcare December 2012
    OMG!! It is a filthy and vile term..I simply must incorporate this somehow into my vocabulary! 
     wank·er  (wimagengimagekimager)
    n. Chiefly British Vulgar Slang
    1. A person who masturbates.
    2. A detestable person.
  • jcare December 2012
    Please to make your aquaintance Mr care, but i aint convinced you give a shit.

    That's Mrs. Care and I don't..not if you come at me like that, sensing a lack of sincerity on your part..but thanks for clearing up the ramrod dilemma, much appreciated..
  • reg_waters_7569 December 2012
    as far as I am concerned alberta can go give his bf a rim job i WISH HE WOULD UNDERSTAND IF NOT FOR THE GOOD OLE USA  Hitler would still own the brits asses but your detestable and theses comments dont belong here but when you speak ill of my freinds I will speak up

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