"Darkside of the Moon tour 2007"
  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd September 2012










    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • the_final_cutterthe_final_cutter September 2012
    Cheers Pretty Boy!
    I've mentioned elsewhere about other stuff too that if you're any good at downloading with a decent bit-torrent client you'll be able to find several films of this tour........
  • oneofthesedays September 2012

    Hey PBF= Hope all is well? Thanks for the link! I got a chance to see DSOTM 5 times. The best night was outdoors at Jones Beach with the lightning flashing behind RW! Out over the ocean. What a light show to go along with THE BEST album to ever be written and performed!

    While I loved The Wall and all its theatrics and special effects, I would rather have RW and Co. out there on stage! I want to see them play the instuments and sing the songs!

    A P&C,TFC and ATD Tour

    IDK about everyone else but thats what I would rather see. Smaller arenas with less special effects and just to see emily play! I mean everyone play!

  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd September 2012

    Couldnt agree more oneofthesedays.

    Cheers mate Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • reg_waters_7569 September 2012
    agreed so glad seen the first show in 99 seems  after that venues got larger and larger milwaukee was only a 4000 seat venue. Always said I wanted a ATD  tour is one MY personal fav of Rogs solo Just one thing only a ATD  tour has to have Jeff Beck or  Doyle is my opinion and Andy 
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