"Go to the show and see"
  • "Go to the show and see"

    "The Hosepipe of hes Trouser Dick"

    "He lives in Fear Megyle?"

    "Roll up your Eyes and show the Membership Card"

    "Be Happy and be Hipp"

    "Dont knock the good ship Rock and Roll"

    Welcome back Roger to Melbourne Australia in feb 2012 to come "Woohoo"

    Its suppose to be the end of the World in 2012 going by the Myan calender lmao.Atleast i get to see you again before i go lol.

    Luvya mate.

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • Im smiling all the way cos Roger is coming to town.:)








    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • Rock July 2011
    Nice link Like a lulaby isnt it?


  • This story of the world ending is pure bullshit xD.

    Starting by that round calendar. That's aztec, not mayan.

    Good video.

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope August 2011
    bumping up :)
  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd February 2012

    5 Days to Joy & pure Happyness:What God wants - what God gets.This will surely be our last time together Roger.Of always been the biggest & loyal fan.Of Pinkfloyd & especially you on your own behalf.Pinkfloyd mid 80's without without you unfortunately.Dave & Nick & Richard Rip were brilliant.You on the 2007 World Tour of the the Darkside of the Moon Tour.And now again 2012 The Wall Tour.Doesnt get any fucking betterer lol.Unlike some i will be snapping a photo.Truely hope you enjoy Australia again.We all welcome you Roger with open Arms.And wish you total happyness & enjoy in life always.If i die before you?or you me vice versa.If there is a Heaven.Would just like to shake your hand & give you a Bear hug.Thanking you soso much for the beautiful; Music over the years My life would never be the same without Floyd & especially you".You are God to me"












    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd February 2012

    10 hrs to go "Woohoo"

    A drooling Prettyboyfloyd lmfao :)

  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd February 2012
    2u sweet Cymbeline :)
  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd February 2012

    Just got back from the Wall concert @ Rod Laver Arena wed night.

    Had platinum tickets right up the front.Its everything its made out to be.Absolutely brilliant & something i will never forget ever.The special effects on the bricks was spectacular from one side to the other.The puppets & fireworks incredible.The best of the show of course was especially Roger & the band.In some songs the music actually vibrated through the floor up my legs.Rogers voice just keeps on getting better like a bottle of mature wine.Mother & Bring the boys back home & i need a Dirty woman was the highlight for me.He also sang Waltzing Matilda which I think was pretty cool with respect to fellow Aussies.As we all luv & addore him.The Wall isnt my favourite album by him.Amused to death is by far.The Wall concert was real theatre.Its in a differ league.Than the Darkside of the moon tour.I tend to lean more in favour of the Darkside being abit better.But in all honesty it depends on each individual.As everyone has differ tastes in there music.For those who havent seen the Wall concert as yet?."Its a must see"

    Truly fucking brilliant:

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • jcare February 2012
    Hey PBF how are you?  So glad you had an amazing time, every time I read about another concert experience it just makes me more excited then I already am..which means I will be bouncing off of the freakin walls by the time June rolls around. So up close is good? I love that feeling when the music goes through you..
  • Rock February 2012
    So glad you loved it PBF. That feeling of it being loud & it vibrating through your body is incredible. There were a lot of parts like that. Some songs were so emotional especially when they showed crying faces on the wall. It shows the personal anguish people suffer during wars. It really touched me. Up front is awesome. The sound was crisp, clear, loud & there was no echo at all.
  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd February 2012

    Gday jcare

    So up close is good?Up close was bloody brilliant lol.I was in about the 1st quarter of entire bottom floor.Had an isle seat right through the centre isle directly in front of stage.Hope june comes quick for you.Words cannot desribe how good it was.Im still blowing away.


    The Merchandise was over rated on price.No way was i paying $50 for a Tshirt or $90 for a fucking Hoody.I tried to bye a key ring.But they all sold out.So ended up with a Stubbie holder.I got way better than merchandise.Ended up taking 28 photos.Out of the 28 ended up with about 8 good pics.I took photos without flash.Which made the pic quality abit dark x blurred on some.My best pic i have is the one of him holding the machine gun.I will actually enlarge and get it framed.I too got covered in paper rose peddle cymbals.I picked up a few also as a souvenir.Will put in photo frame with pic.Wasnt it beautiful when the kids come out.Singing with Roger.Hey teacher leave them kids alone.I think we were all winning punters on the night lol.

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • Rock February 2012
    I'm still on a high from Tuesday! PBF I know what you mean about the merchandise prices. They're cheaper on this site have a look. I bought a Tshirt anyway 'cause I wanted one with Melbourne written large amongst the tour dates for Australia. Lucky my purchased things were in a bag. Someone spilt their drink on the floor where my bag was & it was all sticky on the outside only. That's a good idea for what to do with the cymbals. I got heaps. They kept falling on me for the whole song which was really cool. My photos turned out fine without a flash. It would've been good to take more but I didn't want to be distracted by trying to take agood shot. I'm happy with the few I did take. Going to choose one to enlarge & like you I'll put my cymals in the frame with it
  • Rock February 2012
    Something else that was awesome about sitting up the front; with the wall being so large, when the whole image on the wall moves I felt like I was moving with it! Did you have a look through the cymbals? They were the same cybals that came out of the plane on screen. A cross, star of david, shell (oil), a dollar sign & moon
  • jcare February 2012
    Rock, I can't wait to experience the show from 4th row center..I am in a state of bliss thinking about it constantly ..can't wait to see, hear and feel the music from that perspective..  it is going to be an intense show..I must have missed the confetti dropping, did they do this for many of the shows? 
  • Rock February 2012
    jcare you will not be disappointed. It was outstanding from up the front. My seat was dead centre of stage. My view perfect. I could see everything right down to his shoes. He's the happiest I've ever seen him. From what I've seen of earlier shows from this tour on youtube he has refined it to perfection. His voice sounds as good now as it did on the album. From up the front you can feel the music going through your body it's so loud yet not distorted by being so loud which really impressed me. The hairs on my body stand up just thinking about it now. There's a strong anti war theme which adds to the emotion you feel. Maybe the confetti dropping is new to this leg of the tour. I didn't see it on any of the clips. They're about 5 cm tall & a hell of a lot is released. Make sure you take some home. Only the front maybe 20 rows get it.
  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd February 2012

    Gday Rock

    Did you notice Roger ducking and moving when a image went past on the wall.He made it look so life like.I do understand what you mean by moving with the wall.Another thing i noticed before it started empty seats either side of the stage.Now i know why they were empty.When them bricks come crashing down they went fucking everywhere lol.I also seen Rogers shoes.He had white runners on then later changed into brown leather ones after the intermission break.He also had a good spit on the ground.When he was sitting down before he sang on the steps.Maybe trying to clear hes throat.Atleast it wasnt on a fan lol.The guy is a musical genius so natural."The Best"

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :) 

  • Rock February 2012
    Hi PBF Yes I noticed how he interacted with screen. He was having a ball up on that stage,very comfortable & at home (relaxed). Good to see him enjoying himself so much. I know what you mean about the bricks coming down. They sure don't fall neatly lol. I felt the rush of air when they fell. It was awesome! The staff sure do toss them hard when they get them out of the way for 'Outside The Wall'. I didn't see him spit Tuesday. Must've been a one off thing lol. Think he's past spitting on the audience by now. The images he showed in relation to war were well chosen & thought provoking. The emotion stirred up from seeing the images accompanied by the music took me by surprise. I didn't know that was going to happen
  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd February 2012


    Can you please do us all a favour.

    And ban and delete these complete idiots Charles Webster Baer and Roxbox.They do nothing for this Roger Waters Forum but only Spam it for there own greed.As Roger would say- Its totally irrelevant lol.

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • RWADMINRWADMIN February 2012



    Please be courteous to all your fellow forum users RWADMIN

  • Bumping over you lmfao :)

    Long live Roger.

    Cheers Prettyboyfloyd ;)

  • butterflybutterfly April 2012
    .  .  H E Y   Y O U  .  .   TO   ALL  MY  FRIENDS  !  !  !  !
  • butterflybutterfly June 2012
    . . .  my  dear  friends , how  many  things  are  happen  in  the  last  month , it  seemed  an  ordeal , I  hope  that  peace  goes  on  for  all  forum  visitors . . . 
  • To beautiful Cymbeline & Jcare.

    Not long till the "Show".Its worth every wait.You will deff be blown away lol.Wish i was there to see ya faces :)

    2012 Usa & Canada "Woohoo".Yous are both winning punters on da night Sisters.

    So happy for yous.Cherrish & live the moment always.



  • jcare June 2012
    Thank you PBF...cheers to you!

    I have a feeling I know what my face is going to look like, frozen into some type of contorted mess..what I really want to see is Cymbeline's face!  :o)

    19 more days to the Connecticut show!!  Holy shite!!
  • jcare June 2012
    LMAO! An adorable fish...are you going with someone?  Please hand them the camera and ask them to take just one shot..do it for the gipper! 
  • jcare June 2012
    Yay! I am still trying to win tickets through the radio station and the photo contest, my daughter really wants to see the show again..I know she will not be seated near me so I am hoping to score two tickets and either have my husband or one of her scary looking metal friends go with her..
  • jcare June 2012
    Those are the scariest ones, the ones who don't look scary!  lol...now that I think about it my daughter's Metalhead friends are extremely polite when they come here..nothing like coming out of the shower to a house full of metalheads with hair past their asses and piercings everywhere doing the dishes and thanking you for waffles in your kitchen!  lmao!
  • jcare June 2012
    She really does, they are all musicians and artists mainly not by design, just are..
  • butterflybutterfly June 2012
    . .  My  heart  beats  faster  and  I  start  to  sweat , when  I  read  your  conversations  about  how  you  calculate  the  days  until  your  concert . .  it' s  very  exciting , I  can  live  with  you  your  emotions  and  it  seems  that  I  can  accompany  you  to  all  your  concerts  . . .  A  BEAUTIFUL  FEELING  AND  DREAM . . .  
  • Well, its only a rumor but I rcvd fb event invite for rw and dg going one show in Cambridge un April 2013. See ya !!! xxxxxx :)))
  • jcare June 2012
    17 more days!! 

  • Can't see your post jcare, cymby "weeeee"!!! You'll be swearing pilgrimage too see it again in Quebec for sure. Butterfly: pardon my "interrupting" :lol
  • jcare June 2012
    17 more days!!!  :O)
  • Lol, wow, much better jcare!! Sorry was trying to spread a rumor teal quick via cell phone and I have to highlight your words to read it, and your post seemed blank, but now, very excited for all of you and me too of course, have a great time everybody xxxx see ya!!!
  • jcare June 2012
    I can't conga my feet aren't touching the ground..how about I do my interpretive Ummagumma dance?  lol
  • jcare June 2012
    That'll work! ..Oops look at us.. off topic again..>>scrolling up to see topic title again>>..oh it's only PBF he knows us by now!
  • lol
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