In the Beginning
  • ashesmi September 2012

    1. In the Beginning

    Once upon a time, there was time...

    and for the first time in time, energy
    and matter existed, leaving invisible trails of dark matter in their
    wake of existence. Where did the time go? It went into the

    The past was
    written into the dark matter.

    Living Space was running out of
    itself as the dark matter grew and grew.  
    Without 'the
    nothing could exist, and all physical experience in the
    early universe would end.


    Baby black holes would devour
    countless stars.
    The energy they ate was sometimes greater than
    their little cosmic bellies could embrace. From the north and south
    poles of these black holes, were blazing currents of light that would
    shine brighter than anything else in the early universe.

    Dark energy gushed
    out of these powerful bright jet streams.

    It was this dark energy, created
    from these black holes, that helped the early universe to expand,
    pushing newborn swirling galaxy's away from one another, as their
    titanic time flooded the early universe and created,

    ...but there was no
    living awareness to experience these experience's.

    Experience is Existence”


    The Great Spirit began to posses
    'as life', on the baby planets, in the budding
    puddles and oceans, as single celled plants and bacteria.

    This simple form of life experienced
    only the 'Now'.  There was no past, no future, only the
    now existed in the experience.  The Great Spirit was

    “Experience of Existence is


    Out of this microscopic food chain of
    simple Awareness, developed a new form of life called animal.  Living
    inside of the animal existed the same ecosystem of awareness's as
    bacteria and antibodies, but in the animal existed a higher sense of

    “Experience of Awareness's is


    In some animals evolved a higher
    level of Consciousness.  In these animals it was believed felt
    happiness and love towards each other and collectively felt
    themselves as one.  Perhaps it was the bees who first felt this
    Ultimate Love of one another.  It was these animals who
    experienced Oneness.

    “Experience of
    Consciousness's is Oneness”


    As animals had living
    experiences exist inside of themselves, planets would have living
    experiences exist inside of themselves.

    “Experience of Oneness's is Lucifer”

    Planetary Experience


    Lucifer's (Planets), would develop symptoms
    of disease when things were out of balance.  Animals that had
    conquered nature and developed great knowledge, began to feed off of
    their host planet, and instead of behaving like a good antibody
    inside of a living animal, they behaved like virus and would
    feed off of the planet until there was nothing left.  Lucifers would
    try to stop these infections from spreading inside of 'Themselves'
    by using disease, fires, famines or floods.

    Sadly some of the animals who
    only ever developed Consciousness were able to break free of their
    host planet.  It was these Self driven animals that from
    the bigger picture, acted like a virus in the universe.  They
    would infected and enslaved all of the worlds they discovered.  It
    was these creatures who always brought hellfire, furry, grief and
     These were the destroyer's of worlds, and
    therefore, the destroyers of the Great Spirit's Experience's.

    The "infection" of the “Self”
    had to be contained in the universe.

    Happily there were other
    animals who had developed Oneness with Love.  These
    creatures spread life in the universe, and like a healthy antibody,
    removed or healed the infection of Self's disastrous rule on their
    host planet, or in the cosmos.

    Over time more planets developed and
    orbited suns, while galaxies formed and orbited black holes.
     Universe beyond universe, beyond space, beyond time, beyond all
    that could ever have been imagined, was the Greatest Experience of
    all...The Experience of all Experience's, The Great Spirit.

    The Great Spirit experienced Love
    and Fear, Pain and Pleasure,
    and experienced our
    universe through our eyes, ears and other senses.
    The Great Spirit was All of us, we were not all of it

    of all Experience is God Consciousness"


  • mottst1972mottst1972 September 2012

    Pretty interesting to read. But looks like the word experience used here is something human's only possess and i think that is pretty goofy. Particles also do experience...forces...gravity, nuclear forces and in the change the expereinces are carried as impressions...Rest of the lines are all seems like someone already wrote these kind of hypothesis.

    Hi Wave,

    Here is your theory of relativity..if the word experience mentioned in these lines is relative to human, then i think this is something quite amazing and you might relate and might want to expand the definition of experience relative to each and every particle, non-particle as well and see how the universe looks from those particle views..and then you can draw a point of convergence and see if there is room for Love and Care...which apparently comes from our inhertiance and spread through composition of similar species to aggregation of all of it by universe and same soul...all around. same love all around..if this is proved (via hypothesis)...then i think we are's just a matter of working backwards putting equations involving love.

  • waveprojectwaveproject September 2012
    this is amazing! where did you get this from?
  • mottst1972mottst1972 September 2012

    I think there is a bug in this site...

    My post was created after Wave's, but it looks like mine is listed before...Maybe even this post will until 11:24pm Indian Standard Time...

    I think the site developer is considering browser time (local) rather than the server time (common time). Let me come back at 11:25pm...

    Edited: I guess time is 30 minutes off as well...It was 11:17pm when i posted this initially

    Bug, Bug

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope September 2012
    Times always worked fine for me, maybe its you Motts xxxx
  • mottst1972mottst1972 September 2012

    Ok, My Clock is showing 23:41...

    It has to be 11:33pm (My Time) or 1:13pm (Texas time where the website is hosted)

    Let's see what come's up.

  • mottst1972mottst1972 September 2012

    There you go it's taking my local time - 30 minutes...anyway how does it matter..bugs are there everywhere..and you cannot write software without bugs, cause it's very complicated, challenging and difficult in nature, + you cannot possible test one simple program for all kinds of a single life you will never know as well...

    Edited: I think the page is correct in trying to get the browser's time, cause that's when "Post Comment" is exactly clicked. But i think it is bit goofy in trying to covert to texas time, which is 11:30 hrs behind Indian time thus giving 11:41-11:30hrs (GMT offset for India) = 0:11am (Texas Time). But i guess then it is ignoring day light savings in Texas and actually subtracting another hour, giving 11:11pm...previous day..

    So i essentially typed THIS STATEMENT 12.5 hrs ago and so all i know is all that is already known..I can never know now or the future or ever...that ain't cool...

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope September 2012
    Maybe its your geographical location making the posting times go "askew" for you.???? Just troubleshooting. I'm finding it to be thus far extremely precise, only thing I wish is for old topics, posts and members join dates to start indicating the year ... X=D=D
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope September 2012
    In the beginning there was the word, and the word was with God, and God was the Word (bible study tonight!) xxx
  • mottst1972mottst1972 September 2012

    Just clock is showing 00:07am. So i guess it must 11:37pm....

    Edited:Yes, my analysis is correct..

    To believe there was no time beyond a zero point and to believe that there was a beginning is a silly mistake....

  • mottst1972mottst1972 September 2012

    Oh my gosh, what's happening, there is a ghost is next day now..time is 00:14am and my previous posts have been increasewd by 1 hour. So my previous post was posted at 12:38 am...what does that mean..never seen that kind of number before...ok..assuming the developer actually meant 00:38 am...then...I am ahead of my time...this time around...that's cool..i can live with that...i am 30 minutes ahead of my times...



  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope September 2012
    Lmao, you ARE funny. Sounds like I was at first trying to figure out Facebook technical stuff xxxx
  • mottst1972mottst1972 September 2012

    I am NOT funny...I am just a sum total of all experiences external and internal...and if that's funny...i have no problem..infact i am delighted...I am what i am, made in you, made by you, made for you...

    I am there everywhere, I am inside and outside everything, I control everything,

    I am GOD...and GOD is a funny guy....he gives me everthing, but for energy for life time so that i don;t have to work, don;t have to go to office...I can just sit here and keep typing...but money...I have ot pay the ISP guys...I guess nobody will work...and then there would only be love...but life can still end because of accidents and incidents...that't not cool...but i guess why would anyone do that...cause if there is no work to do then no need to drive to office or anywhere or do anything to get into accidents and no money to fight for and hence power to fight for...and hence no killing...

    God...why did you give me hunger....???? why??? I have a weekend coming and i have to work...that sucks...God, help me...I am continuing to have a pretty bad experience...

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope September 2012
    And I am sitting here listening to my stomach grumble even as we post no matter what time it is, so you're not the only person to have hardships on here. Anyway, it was meant as only a compliment so please don't be so immediately defensive, like me actually..
  • mottst1972mottst1972 September 2012

    I was just joking/kidding...:-) I am GOD and i will have all you people pay taxes to buy grians to feed millions of my pigeons and Trump, Spring, Hibernate, Snore and Lore - My dolphins that i raise in canary islands...

    and ofcourse i shall make all your wishes come true, expect for procrastinating and forgetting me...

  • mottst1972mottst1972 September 2012

    Sorry to have disgressed from the orginal topic. Will it back on track.

    The concept of evolving consciousness and experience is quite remarkable in the perview of this article. I have read books, spent time trying to understand a lot of things in this area (it comes to you doesn't it?..we are a species that belongs to the universe and are determined to find our root, begins & ends and everything), but NEVER really had a thought that when most of the universe was formed, there were NO HUMANs and hence the

    a) unknownness nature within us.

    b) The purity of the 99.99999999999999999999999999999% universe, untouched by human's adventures. Maybe there was an electon, or hydron, or ParamAnu (Higgs Boson), or just a anti-particle called Electron Hitler, that decided to once destroy the nascent universe. Will never know...

    Great, Thanks


  • butterflybutterfly July 2013
    . . . B U M P . . . 
  • DMTisESP July 2013
    Wow, thanks for bumping this post, 'In The Beginning'.  I Love It!  Took a while to write that.  I saw it in visions as a kid in a movie theater and on bill boards in visions.  I am burned out from writing the book, writers crash is sinking in, so I'm treading water by polishing.  it was from a higher experience and it is not 'Right', it is just a description I appeared to experience from a greater experience :)

    Here is FREE Kids Book,  The Biggest Monster with the Littlest Heart.  please let me know if you have any problems reading it :)

    It is Dark Energy and Dark Matter and Experience from it, then existence, then awareness, then consciousness, then Oneness, then Planetary, (Lucifer, meaning bright Morning Star, Venus). 

    The Link on the site above describes why Lucifer is used in the writing, it is not Evil or the Devil, it is Planetary, please understand it is only a description.

    It's like this movie, it's in a theater in the future.  It is like WOW!  Better than anything, it is in 3D I feel but I Strongly Feel it is AMAZING!!  The CGI or whatever that does the trip through a black hole is like you fall into the black hole, you trip out naturally while watching this movie, it is natural.  I swear to God I remember seeing this EXACT Intro into the Movie, I SWEAR TO GOD! 

    People like leave their bodies when they see this intro, the visual dances with the audio, spiritual experiences (Higher Level Experience) occur for many people in the audience, it becomes a hit world wide and it consists of sound tracts from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Stones and others I believe, but I am not sure so I cant say.  Anyhow I am the Worst Psychic on Earth, but these visions were some of the best I have seen in my life, I swear to God.  Anyhow the intro above bleeds into "In the Beginning"

    So Yea,...Please, is anybody out there?  :)
  • DMTisESP July 2013
    I know it sounds nuts...but I'm not crazy, just frustrated, people won't wake up fast enough, so much so that I'm fleeing my country.  Anyhow the book I share with people, and forgot to mention many helped in its creation it is Written in the Spirit of Love.
  • DMTisESP July 2013
    Thanks for not spamming this site Rockefeller and Rothschild!  Don't know for sure if it was you but if I gambled I would bet it was You guys. 

    "In the Begging" is just common sense.  Where is Science?  It has it's head buried in the sand.  It will NOT Do studies with DMT, it will NOT Look at Fractal Binary, it will NOT Play with theories of Dark Energy and Dark Matter from in the beginning.  Science is NOW The RELIGION it Condemned.  It is controlled by an Eleite Boys Club, science has no common sense and 'thinks' Love is just a chemical reaction.  Science is Broken, the Black Swans are Controlled by White Swans who ONLY THINK of their Status.  Science is religion....

    Dark Energy...

    Lonely Existence,
    a space varying abysses,
    composed from a nugget,
    forced from the gravity’s of black suns,
    creates the illusion of a light quicker than light.

    Candles Ray fixed in a space and a time,
    gliding with edges of edgeless endless emptiness,
    In a blazing vacuum, going nowhere, never encounter.

    Seas rippling with infinite waves inside of countless oceans.
    Raging dusts twist slowly to the ancient rhythms of a chaotic harmony so hollow,
    that timeless silvery echoes chatter to themselves.

    Linear Circles broken with a Cosmic Tangent,
    the paradox invents it's reality,
    change is it's root.

    Myths describing a science and art, Myths explaining a scripture.

    Monks in bleached robes harbor explanations,
    while Artists in ivory smocks depict with limited senses,
    the abstract divinity so simple,
    with feel, sound, sight, smell and taste,
    subtracting the senses for a greater description of Myth,
    a harmony discovered with DMT.

    Myths explaining a scripture!
    Myths explaining a scripture!
    Myths explaining a scripture!
    Myths explaining a scripture!

    Science is RELIGION in that it's Faith is it's Fact. 
    It's Blinded by it's Faith In Fact. 

    It's Facts Always change, it's Faith is Never Constant...
    so it is not Right, unless it is Change. 

    When science stops changing is when it is Wrong.
    When it continues to Change and with LOVE as it's Guide, is when it is Right.

    There are no RIGHT answers, there are correct answers, meaning equal, their are incorrect answers meaning lesser description, there are Greater than Answers meaning better description...but NOT Explanation!  We're to stupid to Explain Anything, the best we can do is try to predict and understand the best DESCRIPTION...but Science is Never Right...if science has a truly open mind, it would Do the Studies I Begged them to do over the Last 3 Years!  But it won't because it is an Elite Boys club with no Love or Common Sense Running the shit Show, I bet you Fractal Binary Describes String Theory and the Fastest Abacus EVER!  But they WON'T Discuss it!  They just IGNORE IT, or shoot it down WITHOUT Understanding it, cause their Religions Fanatics! 

    Please someone join the conversation while I got INTERNET.  Is there anybody out there?  Am I making Sense?

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