Top ten Pink Floyd songs
  • PinkFloydian99PinkFloydian99 October 2012

    Hello everyone, old friends Jcare and Cymbeline and new friends Motts1972, YellowRose, 506am and of course, SkyBlueHope.

    It's another daft question from PinkFloydian99.

    I know it's really really super hard to do, but could you narrow down the 10 BEST songs of the pink Floyd?

    I know it's hard, but give it a go!

    Mine are Hey You, See Emily Play, Any Colour You Like, If, Grandchester Meadows, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Green Is The Colour, Flaming... Echoes... More... UmmaGumma.... Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk... The Wall... Losing my thread... :)

    Argh! It's so hard! Can anybody do better than me and actually list their top ten. I just love all Floyd, it's hard for me to narrow it down. :) It would be nice so see what albums/eras all my new friends like.




  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope October 2012
    Good morning 99, you rang? I come!

    Let me think on it I just woke up and making coffee, will be back.. Xxxxx
  • PinkFloydian99PinkFloydian99 October 2012
    Thanks SBH, let us know when you come up with something.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope October 2012
    Brain Damage (rw acoustic version) ten is hard I'll come back as I think of them.

    xxxxx (I posted this accidentally in wrong topic so I edited post there)
  • YellowRoseYellowRose October 2012
    Matilda Mother
    Jugband Blues
    Arnold Layne
    Us & Them
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    One of My Turns
    Nobody Home
    The Hero's Return
    The Fletcher Memorial Home

  • PinkFloydian99PinkFloydian99 October 2012
    Thanks guys, I know it's really hard to narrow it down to just 10
  • JamesLobb October 2012
    I'd have to put Echoes first; I still find it new and incredible every time I listen to it. And I'm really tempted to cheat and put in something like Amused To Death or The Tide Is Turning...
    Other than that:

    1) Echoes
    2) Brain Damage/Eclipse
    3) Fat Old Sun
    4) Coming Back To Life
    5) Sheep
    6) The Great Gig In The Sky
    7) Mother
    8) Wish You Were Here
    9) Comfortably Numb
    10) In The Flesh.

    Wow, that was harder than I thought it would be....

  • oneofthesedays October 2012


    2.Every Strangers Eyes

    3.The Gunners Dream

    4.Brain Damage/Eclipse

    5.The Final Cut

    6.Sexual Revolution


    8.Amused to Death

    9.Comfortably Numb



  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd October 2012

    1) Echoes

    2) The Great Gig In The Sky

    3) Time

    4) Braindamage/Eclipse

    5) Obscured By Clouds

    6) Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

    7) A Sauceful Of Secrets

    8) One Of These Days

    9) Careful With That Axe Eugene

    10) Us & Them

    11) Fearless and Etc etc etc and etc shiatloads more lol.This is a very hard question to answer.

    But these songs are what Floyd is all about.

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)  /\

  • PinkFloydian99PinkFloydian99 October 2012
    Isn't it really hard to do? Thanks guys! You all did really well. :)
  • What was 1 and 2?
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope October 2012
    I'm surprised at that #1 too. Why, great question Patrick I was going to ask sane thing but didn't want to be so....overbearing, lol.

    The reason I didn't list ten is because on any given day any one of those pf songs could be on the list, and im more just in love with just rw, no offense!!! Xxx
  • For me, it's a coin toss between The White Album and The Wall for #1.
  • Also, thanks for the info Cym.
  • jcare October 2012
    Us and Them - Perfection! Everything just gels, the backup singers, lyrics, sax..just everything!
    Echoes (Pompeii version) - a glimpse of future PF things to come, soaring bass line kills me.It's like they just happened to capture one of the best jam sessions live and we were privy to it..
    Shine On (all parts) - no words are needed for this extremely mournful music, but when the words come they are just as powerful and underscore the mood, just a beautiful tribute to Syd!
    Sheep - Roger's lyrics are angry and cynical, straight for the one does it better!
    Pigs (Three Different Ones) - love it, I find this song to be highly therapeutic for me in addressing my anger issues towards authority and at the system in general :o) Rogerian therapy at its best! Again that bass towards the end of the
    Mother - this song to me is just so Roger, straightforward with that sting at the end and that questioning style that leaves us hanging to contemplate if it applies to us as well (at least that is what is does to me) . Kind of like a really good book that after finishing it you go back to the beginning again to see if  the puzzle pieces fit together as they should. A peak into Roger's world, baring his soul and a very brave thing for him to do. Seeing him perform this song live was the highlight of my life! Even better then meeting him..
    Cymbeline - an early song that to me represents PF developing their sound and how I love that sound!
    One of These Days - just a great kick ass song..You go Nick!
    Set the Controls - Rogers song experimenting with Chinese poetry, sounds so ancient almost Egyptian to me.The more he softly almost whispers the lyrics the more I strain to hear. Talk about drawing you in.
    Comfortably Numb - a song that just delivers some amazing rock and roll, the now famous solo at the end is David's masterpiece!

    *Fearless - honorable mention -  PF alternated between that weird almost folky hard to define sound to that spacy atmospheric stuff, this to me is the best of that weird almost folky stuff..

    I also just wanted to say as I have said before my favorite songs/albums are constantly evolving so my list may be different if you asked me a few weeks from now. But these are the songs that I always go back to and never get tired of listening to. I also did not choose anything from Roger's solo albums but that doesn't mean that I don't hold them in high regard, lyrically some of his solo work is amazing.
  • mottst1972mottst1972 October 2012

    Very hard to come up with top 10...But if you are forced to then here is my list in no particular order...(can it be top 100 :--)

    1) The Final Cut

    2) The Gunner's Dream

    3) The Trial

    4) Run Like Hell

    5) Dogs

    6) Wish You Were Here

    7) Time

    8) Wuts..uh the deal

    9) Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

    10) Gnome


  • mottst1972mottst1972 October 2012

    Other songs that i can listen anytime

    Hey You, Comfortably Numb, Mother, Pigs, Sheep, Echoes, Fearless, Summer 95, Burning Bridges, Cymbeline


  • jcare October 2012
    Face it Motts..the list is just going to keep growing..:o)
  • oneofthesedays October 2012

    Hey Motts

    Its your Desert Island CD? Pick the songs you cannot live without? I know its tough BUT I had to leave off Hey You, Shine On, Great Gig, Echoes etc.....

    This is so tough!!!



  • jcare October 2012
    Can the desert island be Aruba?  :o)
  • oneofthesedays October 2012

    Jc- I will settle for Long Island but how bout Bora Bora?

  • mottst1972mottst1972 October 2012

    desert island phrase..

    Then i will just take "On an Island" by DG...(;-)

  • jcare October 2012
    The further away from humanity the better..I just need a break for a little while.. Desert island..on an all sounds good to me. Why Long Island One? Some wine tours
  • oneofthesedays October 2012

    No Way Motts!!!!

    You cant be on a Desert Island with DG???


    No disrespect to DG but it was ALL RW!!!

    I couldnt even get to 5 songs with just DG? Solo that is!



  • oneofthesedays October 2012

    Jc- I have done many of the Wineries on LI and I have come to the conclusion that I am NO connoisseur, I am just an alcoholic!

     I NEVER understood the point of spitting it out! That is the only time that I can say I like to swallow!

    My apologies if that was disrespectful. But I dont drink Wine for the taste just the Alcohol. Let us drink the gift pack, try to figure out the corn maze and head to the bar..... lol

  • oneofthesedays October 2012

    But Jc I am with you on getting away!!!! I need a trip soon.

    I also missed Aussie Floyd cause of work but still have The Machine in late Oct. Anyone out there want to go?

    And Reg----sorry I missed AF. Hope you are planning on staying in the area for a while?


  • jcare October 2012
    I can't even drink wine, I'm allergic to to go straight for the hard ..ahh the age old question spit or ...oh my God!  Better not sleep type it releases my inner freak..night night One .......and Roger wherever you are.. PS - have to go see the Machine again but too much going on with schools, open houses, tests, blah blah time is not my own it goes..
  • mottst1972mottst1972 October 2012

    I also used to be like you (oneofthesedays), but i have learnt to respect DG equally as well. He is also Pink obviously. You should love anyone who is Pinky...

  • jcare October 2012
    Nicely put Cym..I agree, they all contributed something that made up the whole PF sound..Please when you get a chance can you give me the lowdown on some of those dvd's of yours..I remember seeing a live performance of Roger some time ago but we were on the way out and I am not really sure which show it was, it was him solo..can you recommend some? Winter is coming and I want to order myself some goodies.. I wrote on Nick's wall that he should go back into the vault(s) and release some of that great vintage footage, that San Francisco show that we liked. He's pretty well known as the bands archivist maybe he will consider?   
  • mottst1972mottst1972 October 2012

    There is another track to PF's greatness. Their songs are quite simple to play on the Guitar and incredibly enjoyable and relaxing to sing/hum and ofcourse the leads. I feel they purportedly made the tunes simple so that enthusiasts can pick up and play and have some fun...Also also Roger goes on to say ..."When the band you are in starts playing different tunes, i will seeee you on the Darkside of The Moon."

    I know a little bit of how to play their songs, their style. So if i were to be put on a an Island I will take my guitar and somebody who can sing well.

    Here is an impossible attempt at this incredibly beautiful melodious song with great lyrics...Wot's..Uh The Deal.

    Please excuse my voice/accent, i am still looking for a singer. I included some pictures and video of me playing the leads...

    Hope you will Enjoy, (Excuse the noise, I don't have good equipment)


  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd October 2012

    "Echoes full version"

    This is real Floyd music.Very beautiful and spiritual to me.Know one and still can play music like this.










    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd /\

  • mottst1972mottst1972 October 2012

    I know a lot of people keep saying you can't play like Pink Floyd. I don't accept that for 3 reasons.

    1) Nobody wants to play like anybody else. Even if they did it would not sound the same.

    2) Even if one wanted to match the quality and standards of some band, it is just a matter of practice. Pink FLoyd probably played for 10 years together before they started sounding like real Pros. I believe if i have 2/3 people with similar taste in music as mine and we started jamming together since 12-15 years old, most certainly would have made a name. All that is required is inclination and statistically 10000 hours of practice. That is 1 hour a day for 30 years. PF, Beatles, Grateful dead probably played 10-16 hours a day.

    3) It's just circumstances. I never saw a musical instrument until i was 21. I have a full time job and so for the last 18 years. On an average once in a week i probably spend about an hour or so on the Guitar. So i would have put about 1000-1200 hours in the last 18 years, all alone. It's not my bread and butter. + i don't have anyone near by with same tastes in music and can play something or the other. But that's not an excuse though. I can easily find my people and my way if i want to. But my passion is not music, its something else...But i am sure, even right in India and else where in the world, there are no name guitarists, who play incredibly incredibly well....If they were in the west born in 60s, they would most certainly be rock stars.

    I DON'T BUY INTO THE ARGUMENT THAT THERE IS ONLY ONE FLOYD. I am sure there will be many to come.

    If you listen to the interview from nick and rick in Cymbeline's video above around 4:30mins. They clearly say, most of their music initally was experimental and rubbish!

    Remastered my video.

  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd October 2012

    Are you honestly for real? mottst1972

    Rock is fucking dead.Thanks to the Justin x 1 direction x rapp crap shiat lol.This aint real music with real instruments.Just a beatbox and faggots on the end of it lol.I understand your pasion for music.You could av made a name?such ashame you didnt.And i bet you bloody regret it mottst.Thats where you can say it will always bite ya back on your arse.The way the younger generation is going on music.Is totally fucking bazzar.Its all about a trend.Think they should honestly rethink about the old Rock.

    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd October 2012
    Lol :) Gangam Style
  • mottst1972mottst1972 October 2012

    Ofcourse It bites my arse. I ain't no sa'int. But hey, time moves on and got to adapt. Rock happened because of blues. I would think all blues artists of 50s and 60s would have said, music is dead, and all classic rock era was crap...

    I listen to lot of blues from the 50s and 60s, i see that they were exceptionally good.

    But I don't regret i have not made a name, a) I am really horrible, I need another 3000 hrs of practice, to call myself a musician. b) It's not something where i had an opportunity and failed.

    I have been programming systems for 24 years now. It really bites me that i don;t have my own company and show running. Probably i just started thinking....>(*)u(*)<

    But i do sense that physicality replaced intellectuality replaced emotionality replaced spirituality. But that's just me.

  • mottst1972mottst1972 October 2012

    Wots the Deal??...This guy rocks on the Bass...


  • PrettyboyfloydPrettyboyfloyd October 2012

    Yeah hes good mottst1972 for sure.

    This guy aint bad either lol.





    Cheers:Prettyboyfloyd :)

  • mottst1972mottst1972 October 2012

    I changed my list (last time)

    Comfortably Numb, The Final Cut, Time, Wots the Deal, Josie, Gaucho, Aja, Kid Charlemagne (Steely Dan), Black Peter, The Music Never Stopped (Grateful Dead), Any randomn song from Jim Croce as bonus 11th song.

  • mottst1972mottst1972 October 2012


    I Superimposed the Phil Jacques melody cover with my cover...!


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