Dear Roger Waters, why don't you come to_________?!?
  • Roger, why don't you come to Ljubljana? I'm sure that my parents won't let me go to Vienna which is the nearest city, but still too far.. (it really sucks that I'm only 16...)
    Is ther anyone else, who is sad because Roger doesen't come to his town? :(
  • the_final_cutterthe_final_cutter November 2012
    ......comfortablynumb96 - I don't wanna get you in trouble with your parents but if you can get there to see him somehow - DO IT - and take the consequences after - after all you're 16 so should have a bit of rebel in you!! At your age I was bunking off here and there and everywhere anyway I could to go to 'Donington Monsters of Rock festivals' (I'm actually on the AC/DC DVD recorded there in 1991 (in the crowd), Iron Maiden, Guns 'n' Roses and Metallica etc. concerts and anything else that I could to do to get 'out there' - just go for it, sadly RW's not at the beginning of his career and won't be around playing forever!! :)
  • @the_final_cutter... I said to my mother that Waters is comming to Vienna... and she said "than you should start saving money" :) and thank you for your answer. It really make me feel better
  • gugusfugugusfu November 2012
    Roger Waters why don't you acquire eternal life!? hahahaha hope to see him next year in Europe, somewhere!
    I'll be traveling from Costa Rica with my girlfriend, hope to buy the tickets next friday!
  • briantvr November 2012
    Come on Roger no Scotland AGAIN. Dont understand it, London, Dublin, but cant get to Glasgow. As much as i love the show i aint going to England or Ireland to see it. I understand all countries cant be toured but it always seems like us in Scotland that miss out.
  • syd_barnet November 2012
    Gutted that there's nothing planned - yet - for Scotland (Hampden or Murrayfield would have been great), but I'm trying for Wembley .   Never been in the new stadium so it would add to the experience.
  • Jazza67 November 2012
    Could not agree more with the above comments - does roger not realize there are towns, cities, even countries if you head north of London. Had the pleasure of attending the Wall in Vegas 2 years ago and again in Holland last year, why oh why can they not schedule a date in Scotland. Hampden closes down sometime next year but murrayfield has been host to a number of large concerts and could easily stage the Wall.
  • syd_barnet November 2012
    Well, I've done it and scored two for my son and I for Wemberleeeeee!
  • YellowRoseYellowRose November 2012
    Dear Roger Waters, why don't you come to....

    your senses and do an Amused to Death tour? So many of your serious fans would love to see you perform this masterpiece of an album live. Anywhere in the world is fine. I'll find a way to get there.
  • wbc_workerwbc_worker November 2012

    fully agree with YellowRose above

    I have been lucky seeing him with Floyd and then The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking tour in 1984 - Radio K.A.O.S. tour in 1987 - The Wall – Live in Berlin in 1990 - his concert at Glastonbury in 2002 and  Hyde park in 2006 and The Dark Side of the Moon Live tour in 2007 and The Wall at the 02 London a few years ago.

    I am sure I have missed out some but the main point is I do enjoy hearing his own work after the Floyd split and while at some events he will play a few tracks it would be great if we could hear  Amused to Death live.

    I have sorted out my Wembley ticket for next year.

  • OvrilPT February 2013
    Dear Roger Waters, why don't you come to Portugal? I'm sure you have many fans here and we would appreciate it very much, thus our country is very beautiful and you would enjoy it certainly :)
  • imspartacusimspartacus February 2013
    i never thought he would play lpool but he did. so you never know.  
  • ADF0805 March 2013
    Dear Roger Waters, why don't you play The Wall at Olympic Stadium of Montreal? Where it all started and you can forgive what happened here this. 
  • It would be great to visit Thessaloniki (Greece) at least once.

    Well it's very annoying that all big names only come to Athens.Last year you arranged three gigs in Athens but none in some other place.

    Well,i understand the procedures that have to be done ,but this is my real complain.


    Roger  -  Gozo awaits.
  • Dear Roger Waters, please come BACK to somewhere near New Jersey. i know you've already been here, but i didn't get to see you that time, and I am just such a huge fan, you and Pink Floyd have effected me so much, I need to see you live at least once. Pleeeease?  
  • at that point i think you should do something to see him

    He can't just arrange a concert because one person didn't have the chance to attend...
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