New Album??
  • DodgeIntheshed November 2012
    Does anyone know when Roger is going to record a new album?
    I was hoping he might do it after The Wall tour, but now he's taking it on the road again.
    Will they ever be a new Roger Waters album?
  • jcare November 2012
    I think so, when all the touring, benefit concerts and acting parts die down! Then we can have him all to ourselves again..:o)
  • imspartacusimspartacus November 2012
    its called heartland its supposed to be abou relationships dont know when its out  or if its even be made yet
  • reg_waters_7569 November 2012
    I heard all this after The In the Flesh tour still no album .....@ spartacus I was always under the impression the title comes after its done....... so please explain this better.or do you have some kind of crystal ball??????

  • imspartacusimspartacus November 2012
    seen an interview a while back with david frost and rw was talking about it said he had a load of songs written  and most of them were about relationships and he said heartland was a title of a song or it could be the title of the album this was just before the wall tour started i also remember him saying how much he liked neil youngs album living with war it was couple of years back
  • imspartacusimspartacus November 2012
    just checked wasnt david frost cant think who the interview was with it was one of many i watched to the build up to the wall tour if i think on i will let you know
  • imspartacusimspartacus November 2012
    its asong called heartland its about religious extremism and the first line is   if i had been god
  • butterflybutterfly November 2012
    in  this  article , in  the  penultimate  question , Roger  speaks  about  the  song " Heartland " , and  the  new  album  

  • butterflybutterfly November 2012
    hey  cym , I  post  one  minute  after  you , that  was  as  agreed 
  • imspartacusimspartacus November 2012
    looking forward to a new album from rw not many artists who tackle these subjects
  • butterflybutterfly November 2012
    cym, you  cannot  type  the link , i  have  only  take  the  red  color , i  am  unable  to  report  it  here
    anyway  your  article  is  more  informative
    for  the  concert , i  have  not  yet  been  to  choose  the  place 
  • reg_waters_7569 November 2012
    till I see a release date and Roger comes out and confirms a full studio album I will not hold my breath.heard this all about a new album since in the flesh tour
  • kellycampbell November 2012
    I am all for a new album but could it please be about some other topic(S) other than War or Social injustice??  I just would like him to broaden his scope and show off his talents not just funnel them into one or two directions....Please
  • waveprojectwaveproject November 2012
    on the press conference in london two weeks ago, roger was asked about a new album and as i understood he still does not want to talk about it yet.though it was written about it in the rolling stone.
  • YellowRoseYellowRose November 2012
    Kelly, I wouldn't get your hopes up too much on that...

    Wave, I heard that, I believe he is calling the album "Heartland" and that possibly the song he mentioned in an interview this year which was about the drone war will be part of that album (I'm not for sure on that though).
  • waveprojectwaveproject November 2012
    yes, yellow rose, he did mention this title in the interview of the rolling stone. so let´s wait in tention and whatever we expect - a new work of roger will surely surprise by the issue turning in his mind like it was and still is with the wall and amused to death. both areas into which only a very few rock musicians dare to step in because it could hurt their self celebration and populairity. at least, roger takes the technolgies about whichs shady sides he is telling in his music but - in oppostion to the rest, he uses them to express the danger he sees and he has the intention to finally help out  of dependence.
    for me , roger is the watcher who intrudes into the human abyss very deeply, steps out again and draws a picture to show the others to help them out of blindness. so let´s wait the next one he will show us.
  • the_final_cutterthe_final_cutter November 2012
    ...also watch the press conference video - he discusses it on there and also comments he wish he'd never mentioned anything about it (with a wry smile!)

  • DodgeIntheshed December 2012
    I hadnt heard that one about Dave forgetting the words!!

  • DodgeIntheshed December 2012
    Just seen the O2 Comfortably Numb vid.
    -Know what you mean now!
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    Wow that was old news ...xxxx
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    Whatever he does, I'm sure will be worth a listen.....

    Would like to see him go in a more "trippy" layed back direction...

    He can do that you know...!

  • He has spent a lot of time now on the road. His creativeness must be about ready to burst. I hope so anyway.
  • I've loved everything Waters has done with Floyd or solo.

    If he puts a new album out I will be there with proverbial bells on.

    My dream?  Collaboration with Gilmour.. not a Floyd reunion, but ask David to lay down some solos on a song or 3.  Sounds like he might be game for that these days... Maybe Roger can return the favor and pen some lyrics on Gilmour's next solo project... probably a long shot, but I can dream can't I?
  • What i would like for a new album is better music.

    The drums on his solo albums are way too 80's.
    I want some songs on the 70's Style.Prog Rock or classic and definitely something bluesy
    Also the songs have some lack of passion on their melody and much too little creativity.

    Still i love the lyrics.Unique.

    i loved his last song "To kill a child" btw
  • hopefully as soon as the wall has run its coarse we may get something fresh.
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    I hope it's not too political but more on the themes of "Pros and Cons" and "Radio KAOS"

    OK I know "kaos" is political but also has a story, But whatever he puts out I'll be sure to

    buy it anyway, I'm too smart not

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