Roger Waters career retrospective talk in New York in April
  • NoImSpartacus November 2012
    Got my ticket earlier on today, looking forward to seeing Roger on a small stage in a 900 seat theater. Should be great, looks like tickets have sold out now though.Will be interesting to hear him talk about his career.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2012

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2012
    Live stream it, pretty pls? Xxxx
  • reg_waters_7569 November 2012
    no to live stream       after the fact to show it would be fine
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2012
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2012
    who can tell me who is selling, or who was selling tickets to this? I'd really appreciate it so I can search for it and just check it out for myself, thanks.. :))) anyone have one to sell pm me.....
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2012
    found one site listing this orchestra seats left at about 243.00 each. Can't do that til Monday even if any of those left and according to ticket liquidators the balcony all sold out....any other ways to get a ticket? :)) xoxoxoxo
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2012
    I would forego the hurricane concert completely to attend a retrospective night with Roger any day of the week. Im a huge Roger fan not springsteen or bon jovi... :)))
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2012
    I'm going if even one of those sites has anything left on Monday....!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2012
    I can go!! But Roger's making me have to quit all weed and cigarettes then, lol. I won't be able to smoke all month and everyone nagging me to quit anyway... xxxxx

    (edit) I'm going!!!! Don't even have to wait til Monday. !!!!!! so excited this sounds so great....nice website too bad nobody on here was willing to cough up the information. Good thing I have good fb friends...
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2012
    Here's the link for the best way to get tickets, still great seats left too if anyone is interested go directly to here you can even print at home:
  • docmundy December 2012

    Not sure what the ticket availability is still at the 92y website. That is where I purchased mine.

    But, when I bought mine I was not aware of the fact that is was a "conversation" show and not a purely "musical" show. Since I am here in Denver I don't think I can justify dropping $300.00 for airline tickets, hotel, ect... for just a conversational retrospective.

    So, if anyone wants my tickets let me know. I posted mine on Stubhub at just above face value (paid 55.00/each) for mine. They are Orch, Row J, Seats 1 & 3, aisle seats.

    NOW... if anyone has heard anything different that the show will be more than just a conversation, if you will, please, please, please let me know.


  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    I haven't heard it should be more than a retrospective talking gig, but for me that's music also to my ears as anything with rw in it is good enough reason for me. Xoxoxo I just got a second row orchestra seat, ticket coming tmr and it cost on third party ticket website about the same as one premium ticket for a wall show. To me if it's all rw, is worth it money doesn't matter. But to each his own good luck to you if you love rw you should just come anyway, NY is a lovely city with alot of nice energy if you know where to look. Peace xoxoxo no really detailed descriptions that I have seen or heard about what this exactly will entail but I don't care im happy as can be im going!!!!

    Also, while im posting here, I have a front row center balcony row as seat 106 I think or 105, if anyone would like at cost I have ticket already. It cost just 57.00 rounded off. Let me know xoxoxo
  • Tulipa December 2012
    Will he mention that song "Hello, I love you"? What do you think? I want to know if it was inspired by The Doors' "Hello, I love you".
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    I don't know tulipa, maybe. All I know is getting the closer up seat was my only way to stop crying from seeing him at play and kind of freezing like some deer if only this, if only that, very painful wish I could just do over and know that was going to happen xixoxo
  • Tulipa December 2012
    Do you mean getting nearer the stage? 
    What's so bad that you wish to do over? xoxo (I don't even remember what these mean, but they look polite :)

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    Xoxoxo = a calm friendly state of mind
    like x is for hugs and o is for kisses.

    What happened was I got there a little early got my ticket and sat down in some sinking couch chair and lobby wasn't heated so I had left my coat zippered cause I didn't want a draft on my q neck I was in a little pain from. As im just sitting there like it was my own living room or something, rw walks right in all alone, walks right by the couches and I recognized him instantly but just sat paralyzed as I watched him rather ingeniously just slip through the second set of doors to stage area. I should've gotten up and tried to say something but at that moment I was so scared he'd be put off or something so I said nothing, but dearly wanted to, I was just dumb about it. Then the next night, the last night other ppl all getting autographs and pics and talking to him, so naturally I think I should've talked to him cause he may have been just as gracious and not put off or bothered like I feared he might be. Next time I do not hesitate even if I think it's not the most ideal moment. Maybe there may never come a more perfect ideal moment as the one I just let slip right by me, dammit. Xoxoxo
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    And I know I look nice under that coat but all he saw peripherally, at best, was a sinking into a couch deer in a sleeping bag practically. Mother f******
  • Tulipa December 2012
    Sorry, I don't understand these things, I have never asked for an autograph in my life, so let's say I'm totally inexperienced in the field. Not even a photo, nothing at all. 
    However, I respect that many people do it. In fact, I have taken pics for friends, but never felt inclined to do it myself.
    For me it's all in the artist's work. My most precious PF thing is their music. In that sense, I've done some crazy things like getting to attend PF's last performance. Many years ago I wanted to tell someone about it, not taking into account that the whole experience is important only to me and the other people involved.

    What I did eventually understand here is how many people have had their special PF or RW's experience.

    So, Hope, if it's important to you, go ahead. Nobody can tell you it's otherwise.

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    ty tulipa, you are echoing my Virgo horoscope for today too. Something about "don't be swayed". it was a full length, down to my ankles down feather maroon coat, like a Xmas present nobody got to open because there was no heat and no indication he was just walking in all alone like that. If only I had taken my coat off before I sat down, I'd of not felt too ridiculous about myself to have snapped out of the shock in time. There was a couple to my right I didn't know them.  (my mom bought that coat for me a couple yrs ago). I did get to sit next to a nice older guy in the theatre,who was just their with his Jewish wife and she think rw a hero after UN speech now. This guy had never even heard of pf, so I was explaining to him who rw was and about his recent speech and he said "that's why my wife is here" and he didn't even know it til I explained it to him then he realized why his wife wanted to see it/him. Funny if I had courage I should've waited for rw to come out after too but I was so afraid of being too speechless or something so I just left.

    I'd hate it if he ever thought for one minute I was just snubbing him cause that's not what was in my head. In fact, the opposite, more new Yorkers need to look at ppl once in awhile and smile and/or smile back. I've felt that way about ny since the 80s when I used to dance. At the end I was still too nervous I thought if I look at him now, it could seem like I was staring too much at him or something so I safely turned to the older guy to my right. His wife was in row behind us.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    You know, it's a damn good thing i got that row b seat for kaufmann because if you look NOW, at the same sites, only a few left and the prices just doubled. I paid in total 287.00 for row b, where now you can't get a single and they are about 400.00 on up a piece, and still going fast so if any other die hard rw fans like me that still wants to get in on this, visit here or try ticketliquidators. I got mine from, and now today, none left!!
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    yeah wow, checking around, good thing i did that when i did that, i think i just lucked out big time. Still, anyone wants my front row balcony it's a small venue so it's still excellent and i won't seek profit just cost, or else i'm inviting someone i know, but i'm trying to find straighter friends so that's not alot of ppl anymore....xoxoxo
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    so here is what I was wearing under that big, long coat for what it's worth now. I'm doing a nice simple dress with high heels for the next one, i'd say sometimes i do get it just right, and sometimes i just miss like at the play, but if you have a fb you can just see this:

    (edited out link)
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    I came back to post two things:

    to tulipa: i never asked for an autograph from anyone a day in my life, or a pic or anything either.

    and my ticket just came fed ex, so now tmr free for gym,!!!! it's row 2 orchestra,seat 115 right at the end on the aisle, i think, perfect!! xoxoxoxoxo who else is going and where you gonna be at we can say hello at least, or if not, it's ok i'm there for rw, that's all i know... :)))
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    !!!! yay don't bring me down...xoxoxo
  • Tulipa December 2012
    I celebrate your enthusiasm!!! xoxo
  • oneofthesedays December 2012

    Hey Tulipa= Hope all is well? And I have NEVER asked nor WANTED a picture or autograph with ANYONE ever before!!!

    BUT this is MY HERO! And WE were drinking Champagne and right freagin next to Roger!!!!! I have spent thousands trying to get closer to this GENIUS!!! And here WE are next to him in such an intimate setting!!!! No crowds....RW IN THE FLESH!!!




  • jcare December 2012
    An autograph is just a reason to stand next to him, stare at him in awe while he's busy signing and thank him imo, an icebreaker if you will..

    One, nothing will EVER come close to topping last Sunday night so forget about it..we really did have RW to ourselves for the most part..He was right there in front if us if we wanted to speak to him, take a photo or get an autograph..I will never forget that night meeting my hero, and sharing it with you guys..we will forever be linked by the was like a dream..and I still cannot process it! More Gin and tonics please...:o)
  • oneofthesedays December 2012

    Jc= You got that right!!! I think we should ask RW to go out with us for some Gin Fizzys after the April event?

    Its these small venues with RW seeing him letting his gaurd down....It made this GIANT seem so REAL n HUMBLE n GRACIOUS!  And RW def was ALL THAT! I am still smiling everytime I think of our CHERISHED MEMORY!

    Of course WE will see RW in concert again but NEVER in a setting so intimate!





  • jcare December 2012
    He is my man-god..
  • jcare December 2012
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    Thank you Tulipa xoxoxo

    Jc and one where you guys sitting? And hey he's gonna be my "man", just watch :D (sorry couldn't resist) lol jokes
  • jcare December 2012
    I am in row "F" Sky...not sure where One is sitting..He is most definitely NOT my man, just a man-god in
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    Aaaaw, thanks jc. I hope we can say hello??? If you didn't read it already I'll be in row b, seat 115 last seat on aisle. Too bad you didn't have me with you also night of play, I would've gotten your shot for you xoxoxo you need an experienced cell phone photographer !!
  • jcare December 2012
    lol..Thanks..Sky my life has been complete chaos lately, Sunday was the one very bright spot I've had in a very long time, I will most definitely look for you to say I did with Yankee Stadium..My daughter is probably going with me..
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    I will remember, row 6, I'll try to see if I can recognize you and come say hello to you, have a great night. Talk to you later xoxoxo
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    I meant to ask you jc, are you making the sandy concert? I just heard on news that scalpers are getting up to 60,000. in one case for tickets. I def cant go I tried and I just couldn't get in so maybe I see Roger for this one on tv and just be there in spirit???

    So one where will you be seated for april30? I'll check tmr for answer im off to bed and back to gym tmr. Night. Xoxoxo
  • jcare December 2012
    I am not so determined to go at this point, I did find decent tickets for 450.00, if my daughter was well enough to go then I would have scooped them up...they are probably long gone by now..
  • kellycampbell December 2012
    Although I find this interesting I am curious of where the proceeds are going??  Maybe I missed it, sorry if I have.  I am also curious of how much Roger will discuss the Floyd era??  I kind of get the impression he does not like to discuss it a whole lot.  Either way it will be a unique event have fun..
  • jcare December 2012
    Hey Kelly  :O) How are you?

    From my understanding the proceeds from the 12/12 concert are going to the Robin Hood Relief Fund, this is the same foundation that did the 911 show..The retrospective event on April 30th as far as I know will be a discussion of RW's career? I am very curious about this as well..Roger in honing his public speaking lately..I love it..
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    Its being live streamed on the internet also.
  • si4roger April 2013

    /* 92Y April 30th event cancelled, received this e-mail message from 92Y */

    We heard from Roger Waters that he is unable to appear at the event scheduled for April 30. We will be issuing refunds to all ticket-holders. The credit should appear on your statement in 5-7 business days. Thank you.

  • BethR April 2013
    Anyone know if Roger canceled, or did they? REALLY bad for those of us with our airline tickets and hotel paid for. Pooh   :(

  • imspartacusimspartacus April 2013
    roger as mush as i like in the flesh you can only watch it so many times less pool more blu rays v dvds your faithful servant spartacus.
  • agoldstein April 2013
    Roger was canceled, Beth, and thank God. The Y was informed about his hatred for Israel and they wisely chose to uninvite him.
  • Why do you people insist on saying his hatred for Israel ? He has NO hatred for Israel he has hatred for what goes on there!! there's a HUGE difference.
  • agoldstein April 2013
    Spartacus, I just posted the following on another discussion board as well:

    Spartacus, he is a hater of  Israel because he focuses his anger on Israel, of all countries in the Middle East. What is "going on in Israel"? Do you mean a country where one group is not allowed in at all, last I heard? That would be Saudi Arabia, where Jews are denied entry. Do you mean the country where the government beheads people and cuts off their limbs? Saudi Arabia, again. Where it is illegal for women to drive? That's right, its Saudi Arabia

    Perhaps you mean the country where the government has murdered thousands of its own citizens. Hmm, that would be Syria. Or the place where Arabs brutally murdered their fellow citizens during political unrest. Try the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

    But if you mean the country where an Arab woman has been the beauty queen, that would be Israel. Where Arabs serve in the Parliament alongside Jews, where an Arab sits on the Supreme Court? Israel. Where Arabs and Jews are free to walk the streets together, to shop together, to dine together? Israel. Where an Arab won the "Idol" talent show? Take one guess: Israel.

    So when someone singles out the country that, on its worst day, is better than any Arab country on its best day, yes, I call that hatred.

  • I hate to come in here with my political warfare skills all honed, when you're all such nice, innocent people, except I suppose for agoldstein, who is a seasoned hasbara operator with all the right lines, but here I am, and first of all I'd like to express my sympathy to all you nice people who were looking forward to seeing Roger in the flesh, but unfortunately the Jewish leadership is well able to get its own way and drag straggling little Jewish liberal organisations like the 92nd Street Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association back into line. Something outsiders don't always understand is that Jewish society is nothing like a 'democracy'. It's a totalitarian society ruled by the very rich in association with their pet rabbis, and it hasn't changed much in the last couple of millennia. This is why ordinary Jews can be so extraordinarily lovable without ever managing to deflect the course of Jewish history by even a fraction of a degree.

    Now to deal with agoldstein's point, which is pretty much hasbara 101, it is only necessary to understand that the mid-East is the way it is because we made it that way. By 'we' I mean successive waves of European and American imperialists. What we didn't want was socialist or even faintly leftish nationalist regimes. That's why, for instance, we used our secret services, and very large amounts of hard currency (I'll return to that), to dispose of Nasser in Egypt, Qasim in Iraq, Mosaddegh in Iran, and so on. What we wanted was reliable dictators who would smash the left -- even the moderate left, what you Americans would call the 'progressives'. And by smash, I mean kill them, usually after torturing them to find out all their contacts. We paid for that. We oversaw it (specifically, CIA and MI6 oversaw it). That's what we do. Just like in central America.

    Now to return to the 'hard currency'. Have you ever wondered why it should be that western currencies, and most of all the currency of the empire du jour, presently the USA, should be so hard, so desirable, even when as you probably know the dollar has no relation to any objective assets such as gold, but is printed and doled out by the billion by the federal reserve to the US Treasury, which spends most of it on the military? Has it ever struck you that central bankers in general, and US ones in particular, are all Jewish? Have you ever wondered why you aren't allowed to mention that fairly obvious fact when you're discussing US foreign policy, and the US's strange adulation for the tiny and obnoxious Zionist entity? Have you ever had the feeling that Chomsky isn't telling you the whole story?

    Well, the answer is obvious: the communications media (oddly Jewish too) have framed the issue so that anyone who mentions this is immediately painted as a neo-Nazi. I'm not a neo-Nazi, of course; I'm a Marxist. But even Marxists must from time to time consider the effect of a monopoly money supply. I have been on the web for ten years or so, since just after 9/11 in fact, and I've seen all the angles this partially controlled, partially anarchic debate can take. I'm sure enough of myself these days to feel able to state the obvious without fear of getting caught up in juvenile debating tangles by hasbara operatives like agoldstein. And my message is, learn to say the unsayable. They can't shoot you for it. Not yet, anyway. Peace.
  • agoldstein April 2013

    i don't bother with anti-Semites, usually, Rowan, and you are (Jews run the world, blah blah blah: if only we did!). But I will answer a couple of points that you made:

    1. Rabbis had nothing to do with cancelling Waters' appearance. The average rabbi would not even know who Pink Floyd is, let alone Roger Waters.

    2. Waters is the one who is supporting a boycott of Israel, so he can hardly complain when others boycott him, and on a much smaller scale at that! I would love to generate a boycott of a Waters concert; it would send a strong message.

    3. You said you would answer my points, but you did not answer a single one!

    4. Marxists are long out of style. Most of them now live in those great countries: Cuba and North Korea. Perhaps you can visit one of those lovely North Korean concentration camps, or maybe the 4 x 4 cells where the Cubans keep their prisoners.

  • I didn't say 92Y was run by rabbis. Actually it's run by the United Jewish Appeal Federation of New York, which apparently is the largest 'philanthropy' in the world, channelling $1b/yr from Wall Street to exclusively Jewish purposes, and the chair of its program committee is Matthew Bronfman, the son of Edgar Bronfman, the disgraced former chairman of the World Jewish Congress and son of the great bootlegger, Samuel Bronfman. I answered your most superficially effective point, the one stressing how vile the Arab regimes are. As for the other half of your contrast, about beauty queens and talent contests, this is not worth answering. Roger Waters' fans are not teenyboppers, you know. You should read less hasbara and more news. Everybody keeps prisoners in 4x4 cells nowadays: the Americans, the British, the Jews.
  • agoldstein April 2013

    Within your anti-Semitic Jews-run-the-world rant, you wrote that rabbis and their  rich friends run the Jewish world like a totalitarian society, and that they got Waters canceled at the Y. You clearly have no conception of the Jewish world, which, for  one thing, has  so many different groupings that it can hardly be called a "society." Whatever, this is just anti-Semitism. All beside the point: Roger, the king of boycotts, got boycotted! Good.

    Meanwhile, while you whine about Israel, Arabs and Jews sit in the same classes in universities, including in Judea and Samaria (what you call the West Bank). They are treated at, and work side by side at, the same hospitals. They ride the same buses. They attend the same concerts (including the one by Waters a few years ago), etc.

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