The Wall Live 2011-2013 immersion box set wish list
  • Gibbin82 November 2012
    With the lack of news about the Wall DVD I suspect that it may not come out until next years round of shows is finished. With that in mind I hope there may be a Immersion type box set and wondered what people on here would like to see included. My wish list is below:

    All video material to be made available on DVD or Blu-Ray (And given the choice to buy what format you require)
    Both an indoor arena and outdoor stadium show to be included in the package.
    A choice of camera angles so you can watch the show from where ever you would like (or were seated)
    A CD set of one of the shows (preferably a different show from the ones on video) 
    All audio material available as HD on DVD/Blu-Ray (as the immersion box sets) and an SACD CD (as the Genesis box sets)
    All audio material being available as various quality downloads (320kb mp3, apple audio. and Flac)
    A double vinyl record set of the CD
    A box big enough to hold the vinyl albums (original immersion set producers take note)
    A decent hard backed book detailing the development of the show, with lots of pictures! (original Shine On box set style or even better like the one in the excellent Peter Gabriel So 25th Anniversarry box set)
    A video disc of extras including the videos projected on the wall/screen
    And finally the 'holy grail' the original Earls Court film, come on Roger we know it exists!

    If all the above could be available in a box set I am sure with the numbers of folk who have already and will see the show it would be a best seller, They could also be made available seperatlly to those who couldn't justify spending the considerable amount that a box set would cost, might even be able to make it a build it your self box set.

    Also if we do not have the scarves, coasters, marbles, replicas tickets and passes I am sure they will not be missed, but a replica programme for a distant country might be nice
  • Gibbin82 December 2012
    Has no one else got any wishes for the eventual release of the Wall DVD, or have I covered all bases?
  • floydfan101 December 2012
    What would really be cool - and I mean really cool.  Film a concert in 3D and a then add Computer Graphic 3D affects - floating pigs - planes-images - etc. Then show in 3D equipped theaters - main stream or midnight shows.  It would be a hit.  It would be great for markets that have seen the concerts and even better in ones that didn't.  College towns would be great.  After a time release for Home 3D Blu-Ray.  What do you think Roger?
  • PatrickinHoustonPatrickinHouston December 2012
    There's a really good version online...mutiple angles, decent sound, not a cell phone/youtube production.
  • Gibbin82 September 2013
    Well we've seen the show any thought on the DVD release?
  • churchmileschurchmiles September 2013
    Hope it comes out soon because i am an impatient bugger.
  • voodoochild1975 September 2013
    2 things on your wish list I don't think you will get;

    Vinyl - No vinyl included in any of the immersion sets so far.  Only available separately. That said, I think they have one helluva vinyl mastering team right now with Guthrie and Sax, so as long as those 2 are in the fold, now is a GREAT time for Floyd/Waters/Gilmour to be issuing vinyl.  So I do hope if this show finds it's way onto vinyl somehow....

    Multiple Camera Angles - This requires multiple cameras during during the show filming, unless they decided to shoot with a few dozen cameras instead of the usual 2 or 3,, don't hold your breath for this either, nice idea, just doubt anyone will ever do it.  On the few DVDs I have that have alternate angles, I don't think I have ever seen a second alternate, let alone 'where in the stadium were you sitting?'  Also remember each additional camera angle multiplies the space requirement for the video.  4 alternate angles takes up 4x as much video space.  To do what you are describing, each DVD or Blu Ray disk would be 10 minutes long because of the space constraint.  I love the idea, I just don't see it ever happening on a concert video, my understanding is that it isn't feasible at all..

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