dublin golden circle presale tickets
  • jb1 November 2012

    I purchased tickets the very second the presale tickets went on sale.  At the time I ordered "front of stage standing" which I was quite happy with.  Now almost three weeks have passed and I decided to check out ticketmaster.ie last night to gauge how ticket sales were going.  To my amazement they are showing that the front half of the ground area is now seated.  To compound the annoyance I would have been able to purchase a pair of FRONT ROW "GOLDEN CIRCLE" tickets.  I have sent an email to the RW presale seller and am awaiting a response....   Can you imagine how I would feel if they now allocate my tickets behind were Joe Blow can now purchase them.  Does anyone know anything about this and can shed some light?

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope November 2012
    I wish I could help but my experience with concert ticket buying is limited. However, this happens all the time but I don't think it's intentional, it's just the way it works out. When a few of us on here bought presale tickets for yankee stadium we got back field seats and saw later much closer were being available after the fact on ticketmaster, etc. It's all how you know best to get around it and who you know I guess. xxxxx

    (edit) also, it depends on the venue and the demand at the time. For example yankee stadium was sold out much quicker than a smaller venue. So on the presale I landed front row for the Albany show but at yankee stadium had to do one night VIP for the fourth row and one night presale in back field but was in center, so you should be okay depending upon the demand and other variables. Good luck, let us know how you make out..:)))
  • jb1 November 2012
    Thanks for your input sky. Glad Albany went well, and am sure Yankee Stadium was a buzz. Personally I have seen rog on the kaos tour (Hamilton, Ont), in flesh (Toronto, Ont, Manchester UK), DSOM (Dubin) and the Wall in Milan, Italy. A good time every time!
    However, the RW presale team, in theory, has mis-sold a product. One for which they can not deliver.
    I was sold a "front of stage standing golden circle" ticket. Now obviously they cant put a section of standing tickets in front of a seated ground level section. So I would like to know their definition of "front of stage". Unless they can deliver on these terms, they would be in breach of contract. Please note that a golden circle
    ticket in Europe means a small area directly in front of the stage segregated from the mass general admission populous.
    Now I very much look forward to hearing from the RW team and hope an amicable solution will be found, but until that time I feel aggrieved.
    I would very like to hear from other Dublin attendees in the same position.
  • jb1 December 2012
    Not helpful, and in bad taste Albert
  • jb1 December 2012
    Have a nice day "miles"
  • Gibbin82 December 2012
    It is a strange set up with half of the pitch seating and the rest standing, it would have been a bit more conventional if there had been a golden circle standing area. Regarding Roger Waters.com being to blame I wouldn't really hold it against them as they were possibly unaware of the set up at the time, I am sure if they were they would have been offering some pitch seating as premier seats in the presale, I would also expect them to show the relevant seating on the little link that gave info on the venue. As it is I wonder if the stadium organisers thought after the inititial sales that they may not fill the standing area and as a knee jerk reaction with an eye on getting a bit more cash that they put the bit of extra seating in.

    To be honest though in my opinion the front of stage seating would not be the best position to see the show, you would get a great view of Roger Waters and the band, but that would be about the only benefit as you would also get a stiff neck constantly looking up to try to see the projections a bit like sitting on the front row at the cinema. As the show is so incredibly large to get the best out of it you need to be a reasonable way back and the standing a bit further back may be just the ideal position. My advice would be to try to put the disappointment and confusion with the standing behind you and just go and enjoy it. I am sure you will still find it incredible and may just find it even better than where you might have been if it wasn't for the front of stage seating.
  • cdburnercdburner December 2012
    Well BEFORE the Wembley dates were even announced, I WAS going to go to the Dublin gig, and when I searched for tickets on viagogo & other ticket sites, they were selling "golden circle" tickets then, they didnt mention whether it would be standing or seated.. as Gibbin says, tho.. being at the very front is only going to be beneficial to see the band close up, you're gonna miss out on the "wider" experience....
  • bluenosembluenosem December 2012
    I have also sent them an email as I bought golden circel front of stage and am confused, hopefully there's a misunderstanding and we'll get VIP's by means of an apology
  • jb1 December 2012
    Thank you bluenoseem. Glad to find someone in same predicament.
    The fact of the matter is that they have sold us "front of stage standing" tickets and now have changed this to seated. You just cant sell apples and then decide the customer wants oranges.
    Please let me know if you get a response - so far I have heard nothing.
  • bluenosembluenosem December 2012
    They are good at replying I have sent them many messages over the 40+ Wall shows I have attended and I am sure they will clear things up
  • jb1 December 2012
    cheers bluenosem
  • msfloyd December 2012

    Does anyone know how long it takes to get your email letting you know what seats you have from pre ticket sales??   These are for Wembley London and we got them 191112 - am dying to know where we are seated!!

  • msfloyd December 2012

    Thankyou Albertmiles, let's hop we hear soon!! Seriously cannot wait to go, I saw him 2010 at the MEN Manchester the first and the extra date also, it was simply amazing and the new Wall is meant to be even bigger and the show even better - cannot imagine how amazing it will be - what a legend - THE WALL - simply amazing. Just waiting for a Gilmour tour announcement for next year and that will top the year off perfectly!!

    Pink Floyd there will never be anything to compare. Thanks again.

    PS let me know if you get your email!!!!!

  • cdburnercdburner December 2012
    Got ticket allocated last night, so seems it IS as the web site said and 2 - 3 weeks after first emails.. Counting the days till sept 14th now !! happy bunny !!!
  • bluenosembluenosem December 2012
    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for writing in. We've just been notified that the Gold Circle Front of Stage Standing - General Admission area for the show has been changed to reserved seating, so you'll be assigned seating within that area. You should receive another email with exact seating locations within the week.

    Thanks for your patience in the meantime and if you have any questions, just let us know.



  • bluenosembluenosem December 2012
    Yes, Eric is great his service is excellent and a credit to the website ( CODE: Please allocate me awesome Dublin tickets!), I will mention him to Roger when I stalk him again next summer LOL
  • TPawTPaw December 2012
    I have been assigned my gold circle seats, got the email tonight - Block One -  Row D in the first section, I think.  Never once have I been afforded center stage.  Oh well...  I'm still happy to be there...
  • bluenosembluenosem December 2012
    Block 1, Gold Seating, row B, seat(s) 54 Not too sure exactly where but I am happy :)
  • bluenosembluenosem December 2012

    I am in the isle between the 2nd and centre block so great for Roger to stalk me!


  • bluenosembluenosem December 2012
    Brilliant, your grammar is awesome! For your info I am 8ft 5!
  • jb1 December 2012
    Yes, rec'd similar email, with row 1's. Not really sure what to think of the process. Plan was to have a close standing ticket for Dublin and a club seat for wembley. Rethink now in order. Wonder how security will react to standing? Ticket sales seem to be slow judging by row 2's still available on ticketmaster.ie. still believe the presale was a bit of bait and Switch. Pay for this - but give you that....
  • TPawTPaw December 2012
    Standing is allowed!

  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    everyone just stands anyway, even if they're seated.. :)

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