Amsterdam Sept 8, 2013
  • kellycampbell December 2012
    Who from this forum is going to this show??  Also if you are from the USA please specify that and when you are going to arrive in Amsterdam. Please.  I am just curious as I am going and I am from Indiana. I plan on arriving the day before the show and then leaving  the day after although my plans for arriving and departure are not yet 100 percent set in stone yet.
  • reg_waters_7569 December 2012
    working on it Kelly I know Patrickinhouston is going oneofthesedays is giving it a hard look sky has a ticket and Vicki and I are thinking real hard about going
    ...................I will e mail in a few days when a good friend sends me some helpfull links will talk too you soon Kelly
  • PatrickinHoustonPatrickinHouston December 2012
    My plan at this point is to arrive in Amsterdam the afternoon/evening of Friday the 6th, and depart on Tuesday the 10th, but I have not booked airline or hotel yet.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope December 2012
    i have a ticket yes, but not even my passport yet. I'm not even thinking about this until after the new years xoxoxox
  • reg_waters_7569 December 2012
    Sept 8 2013  will be 35 years to the date  the first time I seen Rush
  • PatrickinHoustonPatrickinHouston December 2012
    Anybody know what the cell phone situation is in Amsterdam? I've been doing some research online and it looks like US phones may not work there. I wonder if they sell prepaid phones?
  • kellycampbell December 2012
    Thanks for the replies..
    Sky..I only have a ticket at this point also,I too need to get my passport
    Patrick..I think I am going to arrive the same date not sure yet , I may arrive somewhere in the UK before just to visit a friend who lives there.  Not sure if I am going to New York for a few days, but I doubt it I am wanting to see more of Europe but hey anything is possible at this point.
    Albert, thanks I to have seen this show 7 times and the original with PF once in LA, it is still possible that I may pick up Ireland or Paris not sure yet.
    Reg.. Let me know and if you can pass on any info that would make arrangements easier I would appreciate it I think I may know which friend you are referring to..good source of info if I am correct.  I hope you both can make it, we gotta party in Amsterdam..looking forward to meeting you all there.
  • reg_waters_7569 December 2012
    Patrick I will find out for you ok
  • PatrickinHoustonPatrickinHouston December 2012
    Thanks Reg!
  • TPawTPaw December 2012
    Kelly, I would plan for more time if possible. I traveled over to NL and the first day we were spent.

    As for a cell phone, you can buy a cheap one over there, but given the limited time there I'd use the phone you have now, I'm sure your carrier has reasonable rates.  


    (Cheap - iirc, the phone was 80  about $100US)
  • kellycampbell December 2012
    Tpaw, I think I may arrive sooner in the uk to visit but not sure if I do not then I will arrive a couple days before the show.Thanks for the info
  • pepperbow December 2012
    Hi Kelly and other attendees! .....we are going to the Amsterdam and London shows and would love to meet up with other fans!

    We are flying out of Raleigh, NC on Friday night, Sept 6th, arrive in AMS on Saturday morning some point mid week we will work our way over to London for the Wembley show the next weekend. ( haven't set up those travel arrangements,but thinking about taking the Stena overnight ship)

    We haven't booked our accommodations yet. I've been trolling Tripadvisor looking for hotels but its so hard to know what's the right choice when you're half a world there are 3, possibly 4 of us, so it's a challenge to find a room that size.

    Look forward to following this thread to see what everyone's plans are :)

  • ProsandCons January 2013
    I am going arriving Amsterdam 7th Sep Departing 5pm 9th Sep. Can not wait
  • It might be a good idea to try and figure out a time and place where we can all meet.
  • pepperbow January 2013
    Does Saturday night sound good?.....a "to be determined" pub somewhere in Zone 1?
  • Saturday night at a pub sounds like a good start. I'll be the guy in the Houston Texans (nothing to brag about at this point, but easy to recognize) tee shirt.
  • kellycampbell January 2013
    Pepper and others, sounds good.  I have been a bit out of it since I have spent the last 8 days in the Hospital, four in CCU so sorry I have not responded when I get out of here(should be tomorrow, I will get back on my game and get more involved in this discussion...Thanks for the Idea Pepper about the overnight ship...

  • Anybody still going?
  • bump
  • bump
  • Well as bad as I hate it I have to seel my ticket for this show...I hate it when my wife is right but she is and medically it would be a challenge at best to travel to UK/Europe right now.  If anyone is interested PM me I am selling it at cost no profit. I think I paid right at 100.00 for the ticket. make an offer.
  • pepperbow July 2013
    Im still going Patrick..Arriving from Raleigh the day before on Sept 7th.....sorry to hear you cant make it Kelly!

    We have 2 people in our party that cant attend, so we have a pair of extra tickets available for sale also.We also have 3 extra tickets available for the London show

    I cant wait to get there! Im getting super excited :) ...are you still in Patrick?
  • Good to hear pepperbow. I still plan to go. I'm expecting my passport to arrive within the next week or so. I don't have a flight plan yet, but I would like to fly over on Friday the 6th, probably arriving very late Friday night or very early Saturday morning.

    I bought 2 tickets from a ticket agency, and have not received them yet...I really need to get that nailed down.

  • pepperbow July 2013
    Hi Patrick.....Do you have your accommodations booked yet? The IBC conference is during the later part of that week and rooms were filling up quickly. We rented a houseboat. This trip cant arrive soon enough!
  • Thanks for the tip on the hotel situation pepperbow. I booked rooms at The Bastion Deluxe Hotel which is 1.5 miles from the arena.

    I think I'm starting to feel that space cadet glow!

  • pepperbow July 2013
    ahhh...what a great feeling to have, that space cadet glow....glad you got the room booked! check your inbox

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