where can i buy tickets of the concert?
  • christychristy December 2012
     i live in Iran and i got really really excited when i found out that he is going to turkey and thats the only place i can go for his wonderful concert and i just don't know how should i buy the tickets please help if you know 
    this means lot to me thanks
  • jcare December 2012
    Hi Christy, have you tried to purchase tickets here?  Click on where it says tour dates, find your city and see if the tickets are available.
  • PatrickinHoustonPatrickinHouston December 2012
    Click on "Tour Dates" and see if there is still anything left through the website, otherwise you will be at the mercy of ticket brokers.
  • christychristy December 2012
    i do that but its written past event and sorry you missed it is there any other way?
  • jcare December 2012
    Oh dear, if you know of a reputable ticket broker then I would highly suggest that, but just know there is usually a tremendous difference in price!  Good luck..
  • christychristy December 2012
  • Gibbin82 December 2012
    I get the same message when visiting the ticket site that the event is past, however I suspect it is not completely sold out and may be a glitch with the web site. I suggest you keep trying and you may find that tickets will become available again. If it is actually sold out you might still be able to get tickets if you are prepared to wait until near the concert date and can arrang e travel at short notice. Often tickets that were part of special expensive premium packages that are not sold get released shortly before the event. Hope you get to see the show.
  • christychristy December 2012
    yeah i think that there is a problem with web anyway thanks for your help

  • the_final_cutterthe_final_cutter December 2012
    ......eBay nearer the time - at least if they don't come youtr purchase will be protected and you'll get your money back (I know it's no consolation for not getting to the gig) or you could ring the Venue direct and ask for their help - they might speak Arabic? My Step-dad is from Istanbul, so if you can't find out anything in a couple of days post here or PM me, and I'll get him to call his family over there and pass on any info. they can find out etc. :)

  • the_final_cutterthe_final_cutter December 2012
    .....or try eBay now tickets for UK / Dublin are on there already and there are some good trustworthy sellers on there - I got my TDSOTM tickets for 2008 from eBay :)

  • reg_waters_7569 December 2012
    aint  is not a word and whats 2moz?????????

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