Can anyone answer this one??
  • stingray1967 January 2013

    Why does Roger open up each show with the "I am Spartacus, "I am Spartacus scit.   If anyone can answer this your a true roger waters fan!!


    By the way i know the answer and i will devulge it when i get some replies!!



    Have a great day you Roger Waters Fans!!



    Stingray 1967.

  • imspartacusimspartacus January 2013


  • Here's a bit of trivia that I unexpectedly ran accross while watching TV. During the song "Nobody Home", there is background noise from the television. Right before Gomer Pyle says Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!, is the following dialogue: "Well we better get moving it'll be daylight before long. But won't it be unsafe to travel at night? It won't be safe here your father will pick up our trail before long. Can Lorca ride?"

    This is from an episode of Gunsmoke, titled "Fandango". If you care to check it out, it will air on TVland Tuesday, March 12th, at 1:49 pm EST.

  • I should have known, you can find anything on the internet...try this link. Forward to the 29 minute mark.

  • "Together we stand, divided we fall.....Fits in nicely with the Wall's themes of unity over isolation and the fact that we need each other to survive."

    Maybe Roger should have adopted that philosophy and applied it toward Pink Floyd. He hasn't released anything even close to being relevant since The Wall.
  • imspartacusimspartacus March 2013

    can anyone answer this one. where about on the wall album does rw read out syd barrets address.


  • My best guess is the very end of "Waiting for the Worms".

    "The Worms will convene outside Brixton Bus Station. We'll be moving along at
    about 12 o'clock down Stockwell Road {.... ......} {Abbot's Road } {.....}
    twelve minutes to three we'll be moving along Lambeth Road towards Vauxhall
    Bridge. Now when we get to the other side of Vauxhall Bridge we're in
    Westminster {Borough } area."

  • imspartacusimspartacus March 2013

    good guess. give you a clue you will need a turntable


  • imspartacusimspartacus March 2013
    ive got to tell you inbetween goodbye blue sky x empty spaces you can her what sounds like a german voice. stop your ttabe x play it backwards x congratulations youve found the secret message send your answer to old pink care of the funny farm chalfont. thats what he says.
  • imspartacusimspartacus March 2013
    tune in tommorrow for the next teaser.
  • No more play it backwards tricks.
  • imspartacusimspartacus March 2013

    seriously it does say that.

  • I believe you.
  • imspartacusimspartacus March 2013
    it was only recently when i was watching the wall movie that i noticed there are lyrics from the pros x cons of h hiking album.
  • Do you have to watch the movie backwards? Just kidding, what's the scoop?
  • imspartacusimspartacus March 2013
    where pink is in the toilet just before he goes on trial he is reading the lyrics from a piece of paper just before the cop opens the toilet door.
  • ....Roger presented the Pro's & Cons to the rest of PF at the same time as his own demo for The Wall. He said I'm doing one of these as a solo album and we can do one as a band. The others (Gilmour!) deemed P&C unlistenable and went for The Wall - this is discussed in the PF documentary on TDSOTM.
  • I apologise - I don't think he says it on the TDSOTM documentary but he does in this interview from 2011 - he also talks about him and David not being able to remember who wrote what bit of Comfortably Numb and some other songs...........

    ......a good watch if you've not seen it. It's from a UK Radio station
  • imspartacusimspartacus March 2013

    at 1:30 if you listen carefully from then on you can hear the hidden message

  • YellowRoseYellowRose March 2013
    I had heard about the hidden message on the Wall before. There's supposed to be one on Amused to Death as well, where Roger goes off on Stanley Kubrick for not letting him use footage from 2001.

    Great answer Cymbeline. I tend to agree with that line of thinking for sure.

    I like to believe that Roger's choice of "I am Spartacus" is actually a hidden message relating to Pompeii. Spartacus' refuge in the movie is Vesuvius (very near Pompeii).

    Perhaps one day he will do another live show at Pompeii. That would be a dream come true!
  • imspartacusimspartacus March 2013
    would be great if they found the lost footage. as you may well know two tracks where shot in a studio or parts of. the directors cut of pompei tells u more about it on the making of pompei.
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