New website to help plan travel to see bands
  • fantrotter January 2013
    Hey everyone, I'm building a new website that will help people plan travel to see their favorite bands, sports teams and performers by showing ticket prices, flight prices and hotel prices for every date on the schedule in one simple view. It's almost ready and I'm looking for true fans to help me test it and give feedback and suggestions before I release it to the public. I'm a huge Waters fan and love to travel and I basically built this for myself and other fans like me! (So I figured this forum would be an appropriate place to post about it) Would anyone here be interested in helping out? If so, please get in touch! You can go to and sign up, send me a private message, or send an email to I'm not trying to spam anyone, just looking for real people to who would be interested in giving me their feedback and contributing ideas if they want to.

    Mike from
  • fantrotter April 2013
    Hey fellow Waters fans, I wanted to let you know that we just launched! You can now check out Roger's schedule and easily see your ticket AND travel options at: 

    There's still plenty of time to see him on his Europe tour! The Fantrotter team is hoping to catch him in Amsterdam in September! How awesome would that be? With it's more possible than ever! Any questions or feedback would be appreciated - feel free to email us at

    Hope you enjoy!
    Mike from

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