What are people's favourite 5 Floyd or Waters songs of all time ?
  • C4mbritain February 2013

    My top 5 are :-

    1. Echoes (a lot of Floyd fanbs favourite I think). I mainly like this 1 because of the rising bass rhythm which is meant to symbolise rising air bubbles rising up from a creature that lives beneath the waves I think and cos of the lines "Strangers passing in the street, by chance two separate glances meet
    And I am you and what I see is me."
    A brilliant lyric and one that sums up how we all go through the same things and feel the same about most things anyway and if only we could connect more we'd realise we all go through similar things and would help each other more.
    I also like some of the music in the middle section of Echoes although some of it did start to repeat too often.

    2. Paintbox from Relics which is about sitting in a pub with sheep who don't understand how they've been taught to fit in and taught to come out with their silly ideas as they're drinking, being taught through the media owned by the super rich of course and our guy in the song is drinking to help him deal with their sheepishness and stupidity and to try and help him block it out. I really like the "a drink a drink a drink a drink a drink a drink" line.Simple but very catchy.

    3.Shine on you crazy diamond "parts 1 to 5". Great sentiment towards Barratt there and how if you don't fit in others may say you are crazy because they have been taught by the riches media to think you are crazy and taught by them to attack you of course.

    When Gilmour came in with the call and response echo rhythm to introduce the lead guitar line as he walked on was brilliant too.I'm a big fan of GIlmour's guitar work and think maybe he couldn't have been replaced as lead guitarist tpo back WQater's work with another top guitarist.

    Although Jeff Beck another fave guitarist of mine has done some great work with Roger and Clapton was great on Pros and Cons (he surprised me there) but maybe Gilmour couldn't have been replaced and I rate him in my top 5 guitarists of all time.The drummer and keyboard player Mason and Wright maybe could have been replaced though and I do know that GIlmour worked out many of the guitar lines himself and particularly worked out the call and response for when the lead guitar comes in on Shine on you crazy Diamond.I was just referring to how Waters has written most of the musc as well as the lyrics throughout the vast maj of Floyd's work so maybe most of the time another lead guitarist could have played what Waters wrote.

    Or at least just played along to Waters basic track or rhythm which I think is what happened most of the time and gave GIlmour his ideas.

    Any way I'm, sure Gilmour knows that can't really write as he has struggled to write anything since Waters was forced out and I think maybe I've once heard Gilmour say he struggles to write but maybe I've got that wrong and never heard him say it.

    Although I did genuinely love Wright and am sad that he died a few years ago, although I felt sorrier about Barrett and miss him more.

    4. I suppose for me it has to be Sheep from Animals for obvious reasons.

    Not the best musically compared to all the other work of course.But I admire the truth told behind it.How most have been trained to fit in and copy what the leaders say and do what they say like sheep which is what "meak and obediently we follow the leader, down well trodden corridors" emulating how sheep follow each other down a steel cattle grid toward shearing or sometimes worse I think.

    So brilliant metaphores and ideas between what sheep do and what most people do, from Roger.And of course "bleating and babbling" "we fell on his neck with a scream" is about when people will eventually see what's always happened and rise up to get rid of the rulers.Not the best musically but the idea behind the song is brilliant and it is refreshing to see the truth told by such a major group and the metaphores/connection between what sheep do and what most humans do is brilliant.

    5. The Fletcher Memorial Home.

    Love the line "and make them appear to themselves, every day, to make sure they're still real, it's the only connection, they feel".

    Reminds me of my family that 1 who treated me like dirt all the time because I didn't conform to their views or behaviour as they were Tory supporters and I was always naturally left wing/anti system and my dad was racist at the same time as I worked as publicity secretary for my local branch of Anti-Apartheid.

    The line I referred to is obviously about how these leaders and maybe their supporters too don't seem to have any natural feelings left, they seem cold as ice.

    Like they don't care how they affect ordinary people so the bit about making sure if they're still real is to see if they are a robot/some other type of machine or not.

    As they don't seem to have any feelings and indicates of course that it is the lunatics that are running the asylum a phrase often used elsewhere although I'm not sure if Roger has used that as a lyiric in any of his songs.

    Anyway, these are my favourite 5 although it is so hard to pick even a favourite 5 let alone a favourite 1 as I love all Floyd and Waters work and there is so much to choose from.

    I love some of the funnier and lighter songs too like Bike and other Barrett classics my favourite line from him being "I wonder who could be writing these songs" "lah lah lah lah lah lah lah" to take the mick out of the conformists who said he was crazy or that anyone who's different to them is crazy often the left wing they throw that at, when it's obvious Barratt was in control when he wrote most of those songs and was very intelligent

    But the above ones are the ones that mean most to me and I promise I'm not always political and prefer to have fun, but I've been in the political wilderness for about 20 years now, because I left the group I was in before because I wanted us to at least discuss different tactics as I think taking on the RIch rulers media as that is what keeps most on side with their system is the main thing.

    But they wouldn't discuss any new tactics, maybe because the leadership was infiltrated I think as happens in order to prevent us being more successful

    I'm sure the establishment know it hasn't been working or has made convincing others to think about what's really happening in their system has been so slow to happen anyway, as of course people didn't have to become members etc.

    And it's cause of how this government are treating the poor and disabled I've risen up again in order to try and help more sheep to see what's always gone on and try to convince them to rebel and now seems like a good time to do it when we might be able to win a lot over to our thinking.

    But I've said my piece now about my politics and what I think about what's going on now and what I think about this Government but mainly about the super rich who are the real controllers/puppettmasters of all of them.

    So I don't need to say it anymore, and I've sent my lyric idea off to see if Roger likes it and thinks it's a good idea.

    So I just on this forum anyway want to focus on having fun now, and on the great music and lyrics of Floyd and Waters.

    Although of course it's always difficult to avoid talking politics when you're looking at the meaning of Roger's lyrics.Anyone remember how Rick Wright played the first echoes on his keyboard at Manchester City's Maine Road ground as though to tease us that Echoes was about to start.

    As they'd never played Echoes at a UK concert before I think unless it was done in The Underground club.

    Or in some other smaller indoor club in Floyd's earlier days.WE all started to lie down and some started to light up joints.

    I thought that was really funny although it was a bit cheeky of Wright to tease us like that.

  • C4mbritain February 2013
    Yeh Paintbox is brilliant.I love the rhythm of it.And Set the Controls is really good too just not quite in my top 5 but close.

    Do you get what I meant in the other thread yet Cymb ..I only want the idea looked at.Roger can decide whether to do it.

    And whether the record company and promoters would allow him too.It makes it clear who wants the Thought control done and why they want the thought control done.

    Roger I'm sure previously couldn't be as open as he would have liked.

    Because the record company wouldn't have distributed his songs and the promoters wouldn't have set up the gigs so he could get his ideas out to a larger audience.

    But now with some of the sheep starting to see how bad the Super rich rulers are.

    And how nasty they are I think it's time for dissidents against them to be more open

    Because they may not be able to turn the sheep against us to give us abuse or shun us.

    Like they've done before so often through the media they own.
  • imspartacusimspartacus February 2013
    all of them
  • imspartacusimspartacus February 2013
    this week i will post floyd live in paris theatre london 71/72 best version of echoes ive ever heard x embryo is supberb.
  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall February 2013
    3 wishes
    power that be
    wish you were here
    . . . ! ?
  • jpass February 2013
    Not Now John
    Not Now John
    Not Now John
    Not Now John
    and lastly, Not Now John

    It's a tough question. Terms of Use: This statement may be updated at any time & without notice.
  • butterflybutterfly February 2013
    Brain Damage
    Hey You
    The Final Cut
    Lost Boys Calling

  • C4mbritain February 2013
    Thanks imspartacus I'm sure most of us will love watching that echoes video. Cymbeline, i'm glad to see someone else realise folk are starting to realise they've been lied to all along by the Super Rich who are the real rulers and we are not a Democracy.

    Not now John I love singing that too Jpass and its' high up on my list I think

    but probably no where near my top 5 just cause it's such a basic sounding track.The meaning behind it is briliant though.it's about the sheep or conformists turning their heads away.

    With the excuse they haven't time to see what's really going on.and of course avoid doing anything about it.

    I think the reason some haven't chosen any of your top 5 Albert is cause you chose some from Floyd without Waters and most don't think Gilmour's song writing standard is anywhere near as good as Waters.

    No offense Albert even though you provided plenty of offense to me and Roger.I am naive and you've said Roger is talking self opinionated BS in that video I gave a link for and that he has a really big headed attitude about himself.

    And that it was all just about publicity and getting people to the gigs to make him more money.If the lyrics are false to you Albert and have no meaning then is it just a wall of sound to you and others who think they have no meaning ? .

    Is there any point in having the lyrics sung ? If you think these things about the lyrics and about Roger then I really don't see why you give him no doubt quite a bit of money for your tickets and go to see him ?

    Surely if he is talking BS and there is nothing behind what he says and he is just after more money surely you paying him and going to see him is being treated like a mug isn't it ?

    Don't you think he could've made as much money if that's all it is about from writing commercial non political material ?

    Was there any need to be political to make money ?.

     Surely he could've made as much by writing songs that weren't and not had anything to explain either so a lot less hassle attached to it too.

    As he could've made as much writing things that didn't need to be examined and explained so much then I think that proves he (as he has always from the beginning written anti system lyrics) has always been genuine about what he says.

    And why do you insist on insulting him and me and probably anyone else who is genuinely anti system and who has had such a hard time for years trying to get the rest to see what's really going on often getting treated like shit and abused for doing so.

    Surely you can see what I mean about how the rich rulers control the maj through their media and get them to attack those who are trying to fight for them against the undemocratic super rich scum.

    No doubt Albert will go running to the mods now although he did say all the things I said above and they were very abusive to me and Roger and no doubt I'll probably get banned now even though I've always clearly explained things and always been polite

    Anyway shows I know he's been trained to attack people like me,Roger and other left wingers and trained to believe we are the liers when it's the rich that are.

     and shows how genuinely soft hearted I am (I must be to have fought so hard for this and to have taken so much crap for it over the years) cos I still say take care and wish Albert well.

  • C4mbritain February 2013
    Hi Cymbaline. The line "got to keep the loonies on the path" is a brilliant line and kind of sums up what I've said about how they thought control the majority so they conform IE keep on the path.

    And him calling them the loonies is maybe because the left wing are usually called loonies all over the rich owned media and we have no right to reply so him calling them loonies instead is throwing the insult back at the conformists.

    That they have to be either incredibly naturally stupid or crazy to believe the shit they are told by the rich to keep them on the path.
  • C4mbritain February 2013
    True and for the intelligent fans too for having tried so long to help the rest see what Roger is on about.

    I don't mean just me, I mean all people who've helped to try and educate the sheeple.

    And try to stop them and their offspring being used by the super rich even though those we've tried to protect have abused us so often.

    Never mind and I do like music that isn't political too that is just fun too. We've been through all that crap and now the sheep are beginning to waken.

    Poll Tax 2 in the summer then Roger Waters with lots of sheeple awakening.It's going to be a fun summer for us who've always seen through and opposed THEIR system  :)
  • imspartacusimspartacus February 2013
    it is only audio sorry shouldve said. when my son gets some time will get him to do for me.
  • cdburnercdburner February 2013

    1. Comfortably Numb

    2. Time

    3. 5.06 AM (Every Strangers Eyes)

    4. Wish You Were Here

    5. Echoes

  • C4mbritain February 2013
    One from Pros and Cons.That's a surprise no ones chosen that yet.I love Pros and Cons too, can't pick any of them as my favourite though but Calpton who I'm not a fan of surprised me on that as he had a great touch and overall I love the sound.
  • cdburnercdburner February 2013
    I think Pro's & Cons is his best solo album, in my opinion but they're all good, I just think that track is great live too... wanna cup of coffee......
  • C4mbritain February 2013
    I prefer Amused To Death just cause I like Jeff Beck's guitar on it although I think Pros and Cons is probably better sound to it if you know what I mean.I like the style to Pros and Cons's music more anyway but I just think Jef Beck's guitar on ATD is brilliant.
  • imspartacusimspartacus February 2013
    the great album debate bbc 4 9 oclock tonight will be interesting.
  • C4mbritain February 2013
    Where have the worms gone.Hope they've been banned.Some clown had the cheek to act out the prosecutor in the trial scene from the wall last night then accused me of not knowing a smile from a veil or blue skies from pain.All because I had the cheek to say the USA wasn't a DEmocracy when he saked me what I thought about Obama.And as part of ym answer I said it diodn't matter who was in tghey are all controlled by the Super Rich who back them.And in Democratic fashion hah democratic my a**e he attacked me by acting out the prosecutor because I wasn'ty allowed my Democratic right to disagree or say the USA was undemocratic.It's ironic that the accusations he threw at me apply more to him though he's probably too stupid and programmed baaaaaaaaaaaaaa to realise that.I complained about about but haven't recieved a reply all day although none of the abusers have been on here all day either and there's more abusers on here than good people and they have driven other good people away so let's hope they';ve been banned
  • reg_waters_7569 February 2013
    I totally disagree not undemocratic people have become lazy and so on but why does Roger choose to live in the GREAT USA rather than in the uk ....more so about 50 miles from ME !!!!!!!!!
  • C4mbritain February 2013
    Because he is on the side of the American people that's why, as am I.I and he when we talk about it not being Democratic anymore have no problem with most American people or ordinary people anywhere.We are on the side of the American people in that the Super Rich who control the politicians shouldn't have been allowed to take away the proper representation of the majority of the American people that happened before.
  • the_final_cutterthe_final_cutter February 2013
    .........sorry impossible to say for certain but Brain Damage / Eclipse / Southampton Dock / Hey You and Every Strangers Eyes are about where I'm at at the moment although I'd have to squeeze one of those out for Pigs (Three Different Kinds).........tough question lol :)
  • imspartacusimspartacus February 2013
    the making of wish u were her bbc 4 10 30  x when albums ruled the world at 9. 
  • C4mbritain February 2013
    This may be my final post this forum although I may come back
    occasionally.That is because there are a few on here (the maj of those
    that post regularly) who seem to be unable to debate in a civilised
    manner and usually resort to abuse.Some I know have been warned several
    times yet they keep getting allowed to get away ith it and there is no
    improvement in how abusive there posts after wards are.Therefore it is
    not worth my time and effort being on here as the moderators do not seem
    able to do their job and are allowing the forum to be used by mainly
    uncivilised people who cannot debate in a civilised manner with those
    that disagree with them.Very democratic, I think not.Just to finish, I
    may have been a bit harsh on what I said about Obama.He I believe is a
    good man and is trying to do good things reforming the US health system
    and tried to close Quantanamo Bay and he is more of a natural human
    being than most,IE he tried to help fellow human beings and has not had
    that fully trained out of him to be unnaturally selfish and ultra
    competitive.However, at the end of the day his reforms are being held
    back by the ultra selfish and unnaturally trained Super Rich who invest
    in both the major parties and the Super Rich are really the ones in
    control of any Government, and as they are unelected that makes the USA,
    the same as every country worldwide, undemocratic and
    unrepresentative.Countries should stop calling themselves Democratic or
    Representative worldwide, as all are controlled by the unelected Super
    Rich and instead call themselves comparatively democratic as compared to
    more open dictatorships.But then of course the US and UK militaries use
    torture too as well as sequestrating captives to other countries
    torturers to do the dirty work for them and both the US and UK are well
    known for supporting Dictators when they are on their side.It's only
    when they turn against them they suddenly are announced as being
    dictators.So are the UK or US even comparatively democratic ? Is it just
    that the Super Rich puppeteers in our countries are more clever at
    covering over their undemocratic ways and of course they occasionally
    allow things to the maj or the poor in order to try and con us the
    system is for all of us and to keep us on side.All of that is true and I
    have said it politely but as many who either don't like it or have been
    conned to back their masters will give me nothing but rudeness back it
    means that me and good people are giving up posting on this site.
  • the_final_cutterthe_final_cutter February 2013
    .......agreed on animals albert!
  • cdburnercdburner February 2013
    Well said Albert..... rantings are for elsewhere !!!
  • reg_waters_7569 February 2013
    3 Wishs
    Theres no way out of here
    Set the controls for the heart of the sun ( the in the flesh live one I repeat no the studio one )

    sorry I tryed real hard to make it one or 2 words  ( Not lol  SARCASIM  INTENDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • reg_waters_7569 February 2013
    now about c4m .....post some of those things will always be focused upon cause a big issue is how you inturpt them could be alot different that what was intended it too be if you do not know the said poster you do just 1 thing you assume............I was once asked what language I was speaking mine tends to be sarcasim but if you dont know me in real life you might say Im a prick or just a asshole which I can be all 3 more so if you mess with those I call my real friends.. just saying and  argument and ones that we can agree to disagree and for the brits and others terms used are just that local slangs are unknown to most others and those tend to get peoples feathers all ruffled up
  • oneofthesedays February 2013






  • Good topic.
  • bump
  • you are a class bumper Pat
  • Greenandsubmarine September 2013

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond


    Breathe/Breathe (Reprise)

    Wish You Were Here

    Comfortably Numb


  • grungdoommetallgrungdoommetall September 2013
    1.Vira 2.bring the boys back home 3. Coming back to life 4. We're watching tv 5. 3wishes 6. What god wants
  • CorneliusCornelius September 2013


    Green Is The Colour

    Us And Them

    In The Flesh..(both versions)


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