iso canadian cassette of rare mix of DSOTM
  • Prank_ZabbaPrank_Zabba February 2013
    back in the early 90's i scored a copy of a very VERY different sounding cassette version of this album. and i am guessing that these cassettes only exists in canada (?) but i'm so looking for another copy of this cassette.

    the simplest way for me to give details is this.....if you dont' notice how much louder the heartbeat is, then you dont have this version....also, all the talking through Speak To Me is way louder. once again, if you don't notice this, then it's not this version.....later during On The Run, the footsteps of the running run alot longer then the normal mix and are once again, way louder.

    i am not bullshitting and i am not dreaming!
    this does exists! and i really wish i kept this cassette.

    now being it's been years since i've owned it, i do believe the copy i had was in a black shell, thick grey text for print, 5 screws in the shell, and the face'd edges of the tape were lines. not dots.

    looks nothing out of the ordinary for a copy of this on cassette
    until you play it
    pretty sure there wasn't really much of  a fade in at the start. maybe during 2 or 3 heartbeats
    but like i said, if you've heard this album more then 5 times, you would pick up on this right away.
    and yes, the rest of the cassette is just like that.

  • Prank_ZabbaPrank_Zabba February 2013
    and incase anyone remembers me asking about this a couple years ago
    sorry to ask again
    and no, i am still not selling the off centerd pressing of DSOTM that i got

    here is the first 12 minutes of side 1
    (if it even plays in your country)
    if not then try this "hi-lights" video of just how fucked it sounds (shortened to 1:27)

  • cdburnercdburner February 2013
    I've replied on your other thread about this....

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