Tour in US
  • Souschefsuzi February 2013
    Are there going to be any shows in the US or Canada in 2013?
  • the_final_cutterthe_final_cutter February 2013
    ..I doubt he'l be back over there with The Wall now. I'm sure he's not quite done yet though - you can see how he revels in it these days and he's got plenty of years to make up for :)

  • I was really curious-it looks like he added a New York USA Date before he travels to the UK from one of the websites I was checking out. I sure hope he comes to the US. I think we really need him quite desperately and his message here, now, more than ever. 

    Roger-- We so need you in CLEVELAND, OH! And when you come, we would love to show you some great hospitality by having you visit, Stebal Drums--( a nearby Pro Musician spot where the YOUTH are encouraged and taught, as well as Pro and Amateur players... a great place to hang before the show and relax a bit-- and there is a possibility of some delicious food in that mix as well, if we know you are coming- ♥ Sheri, The Organic Pet Lady and Host of Pet Prep Radio Show (
  • jackus April 2013
    I saw rogers in 2012 when he was in Los Angeles. I'm not what you would concider a big fan, i do enjoy the music from time to time, However hands down this was the most awesome experience i have ever witnessed. I find it sad i will never see anything that could compare to the epic presentation. I hope he does another tour in the US because i will be buying tickets for multiple shows. I am with you that we need this show back here. Maybe he could cut a deal with vegas for them to do the show regularly with a tribute band, (though i think it might undercut his message lol)
  • agoldstein April 2013
    unfortunately, if he does come, we shall be boycotting him.
  • SatronySatrony April 2013
    I hope he does and continues to tour it. I would much rather have him keep touring his magum opus instead of making some album which I most likely wont even enjoy. It would be a shame if he shelved The Wall after spending nearly 4 years pre-developing it. Theres also quite a few states he hasn't even been to, including my own. He should be like Bob Dillan and tour it consecutively while taking long, well deserved breaks in between. Im sure most fans would prefer that over a new album.

    Give the people what they want.
  • HE NEEDS TO COME! I feel like he defiantly shouldn't stop touring The Wall yet. It's such an mind blowing album, and there are still people (like myself...) who haven't gotten a chance to see it live! As the comment before mine says, give the fans what they want: More Wall.
  • churchmileschurchmiles April 2013
    I thought he had just spent about 6 months touring the wall in the U.S ? 
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