Will Roger Play Scotland Ever????
  • frasman February 2013
    I do hope that the Manchester Gig is not the last Gig on the UK leg of the Tour.
    We missed out Last time and it would be great if he did Hampden or Murrayfield or somewhere North of the Border.
    Please Please Roger if you read these give us a chance and play Scotland, does anyone else agree?????
  • the_final_cutterthe_final_cutter February 2013
    ......I can't see where he's got anymore time to squeeze in a UK date but yes, he has missed Scotland out which is a shame - not too far down the way to Manchester though is it lol!
  • frasman March 2013
    I have looked on the website and nothing was hoping in vain it would be true but a dead end bugger
    Wish he could do at least one gig north of the border
  • frasman August 2013
    Looks like no chance of a Scottish Wall gig now what a bummer
    Would have been so good to get one close to home.
    Please Roger if in future you tour please come visit!!

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