Roger - Can we focus on a new album please?
  • mikemarr February 2013
    We've been going "over the same old ground" year after year.  Please, lets get some new material.  Show us you can do it again.  Thanks!  Mike
  • Carolyn March 2013
    Oh yes, Roger please a new album. Can you or will you do it under your own name? Please. There are so many of us that value your lyrics and music and waited for so long. Please, please.:)
  • yeah! please do this!! It would be simply amazing for this to happen. we all love your music SO much! please. it would be AWESOME.

  • imspartacusimspartacus April 2013
    for those of you who don't know theres a good interview on brain damge site with rw.
  • imspartacusimspartacus April 2013
    and my thoughts go out to the people in boston.
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