So you think you can tell Heaven from Hell?
  • daniella March 2013
    So, Mr Waters, you are so sure of yourself when you call to to boycot Israel. But obviously, and unfortunately, you don't understand this conflict at all. 
    How can you? You are back there, falling in love with the palestinian story, and we are here, living it every day, seeing, knowing and understanding things you can never know or learn from TV, or even from visiting once in Lebanon.  
    I'm an Israeli, and a proud one, let me add. I'm proud not because I'm "brain washed". On the contrary. We Israelis ask ourselves, every day, all the hard quastions, and  try to answer them with integrity. We ask why, we ask what is our true responsibility to the situation, and how can we solve it. Obviously, you don't. Why should you? your life is not in stake here, so why bother. Just put on your machine gun and start shooting - at us...
    I think that if you were a real humanist, you would start asking yourself quastions as well, and learning more deeply about what is really going on in the middle east. Then, maybe you could reach a more genuine understandig of what is going on here. 
    How I wish, how I wish you were here...

    Let me add that I'm a real fan of Pink Floyd. So sad to find out that a great musician can be so small in political matters. But then, nothing is new under the sun.... 
    Recpectfully your, 
  • I am with you on this subject...
  • k11 March 2013
    People like Roger have an ego, and they see Jews as being beneath them

    IN Europe for 1,000 years it was ok to kill Jews, so it is hard to break that tradition

    That is why Roger is how he is

    He wants to side with the "Palestinians" so he can see this conflict come to an end

    By siding with the Palestinians, he is hoping the Palestinians will finish what the Nazis and the other Europeans and the Muslims started

    Lets hope Roger has to get a taste of that medicine he is hoping to see on the Israelis
  • daniella March 2013
    Thank you, kellycampbell.
    And thank you, K11. I also think that the stand  Roger Waters is taking here  is arrogant. I want to believe that his intentions are good, but as they say: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. 
    Mr. Waters is confusing us with South Africa. Here it's a completely another situation, and boycotting Israel won't do any good, except from bringing more hatered and frustration to the region.  
  • YellowRoseYellowRose March 2013
    You guys are mostly trolls here because it is obvious you hate atheists. That's o.k. though. I think it is outrageous to accuse Roger as being a hateful bigot. K11, you are a troll and you have some nerve to make such accusations. There are many people in this wide world who happen to be very well educated about the sensitive situation over there and happen to believe that Palestinians are also human beings. The real problem is that people in the west choose to look at everything through a religious viewpoint. They are unable to separate reality from fantasy. They wish to believe that whatever their religious texts tell them is 100% true. Guess what?! When you try to distill real world conflicts into some spiritual realm of "hell" and "second-comings" etc, all you get is mixed up.

  • All mixed up indeed. The jewish faith does not believe in "hell" or the "second coming". A swing and a miss YR.

    You also might try walking a couple of miles in an Israeli's shoes before you dismiss them as haters and trolls. To presume that "very well educated people" know more about the "sensitive situation" then the people that live it every day...well, the words "the bravery of being out of range" come to mind.


  • k11 March 2013
    YellowRose I am an atheist

    and this is not a religious conflict

    and who said the Palestinians are not humans

    But they have a cause and that is to see the "Israelis" being cleansed from the land

    I know that is ok for you and Roger but it is not ok with me

    By Roger saying he wants to see Israel take down their wall, he is saying that that Israelis should be killed, like they were before they had that wall up
  • well said to Patrick and  K11, I too am an atheist for you information YR.....but good luck guys in debating with the liberal because they know what is better for everyone else, regardless of weather they really know anything about the subject or not.... I also think that there are way too many "well educated people" in this world who, because their favorite artist,musician or even actors have a particular point of view,automatically fall in line behind that person's belief's. 
  • daniella April 2013
    Dear YellowRose, 
    what a righteous attitude, and  typical, too. Only you, and people like you see the Palestianians as humen beings? not true. You will be surprised to find out that we, Israelis, too, see them as humens, something that creat in us a difficult conflict. We don't run away from this conflict. We debate, we think. By contrast, it seems to me that the Palestinians choose a much more comfortable state of mind.  Israel is guilty for the all situation, and they don't have any responsibility for it. period. Mind you, in Gaza strip people selebrate the murder of Israelis with a lot of joy, in the streets. Who is not seeing the other as humen being? 
  • SatronySatrony April 2013
    It's time to school YellowRose

    NEWSFLASH YELLOWROSE: A troll is not someone whose opinion differs from yours. Its like we cant exercise the 1st amendment freely unless we pertain under your opinions in which case there is no freedom of speech at all.

    Your filled with nothing but bias against anything pertaining to religion. Often religion is regarded as something that seeps into and poisons everything. (to quote Christopher Hitchens) But trust me, your hate against anything religious or spiritual does a FAR better job at that as shown clearly in this thread where you bring up a subject that has little or nothing to do with what we are discussing. Im sure there are many athiests in the Israeli state whom are thankful that the wall is protecting them from Palestinian terrorism.

    How about YOU get a taste of reality by realizing that Palestinians do not share the same mindset as westerners. Before that wall was built (or before the six day war for that matter) all the Humanitarian jargon was on Israel's side, stating that Islam nations should be more tolerant to their Jewish neighbors.

    Sorry for venting off like that but sometimes you have to stand up to bullies.

  • what gets my blood to boil is how good ole Rog condems Israel for all prior actions but He is not condeming all the crazy idiots for strapping bombs to young people and killing 100s of innocent people !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • -2  since when did Roger Waters become an Oracle. All this talk about religion and atheism. Many years ago i thought i was an atheist until somebody asked me if i have , or if i do blame God for anything. I recalled many occasions when i had found myself inadvertently blaming God for major tragedies that had occurred in my life. So i thought how can i blame God when i claim to be an atheist. I am not so naive now.

  • Reg didn't mention religion or atheism.
  • And neither did i mention anything about Reg.

  • What's "-2"?
  • zero then take 2 off of zero.
  • Oh I see, you've rated yourself at sub zero.
  • Comments like K11's are what REALLY piss me off about US/Israeli relations...

    The notion that as an American, I must support Israel and all it's policies and actions at all times and without question... or I am some kind of anti-Semite.

    I don't give unconditional support to my own government, why expect me to give it to yours?  I've been called a racist for saying building walls between between people is NOT a pathway to peace (and I still believe that)

    the usual response is something like

    'You question the great and holy Israel?!?! HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!'

    For the most part I support Israel, best government in the region no doubt... but like any government they've done some boneheaded things I disagree with.  But somehow it is taboo to EVER question their actions or policy.

    Frankly, that nudges me over to Roger's point of view.  I have seen a lot of intolerance for differing opinions from some Israelis, and oddly, American evangelicals.  Not all Israelis, but certainly some. 

    This attitude does not bring people to the Israeli cause... it drives us away.

    You can have my support, but NEVER unconditionally, and never without question or critique.  If you can't handle my criticism, don't ask for my support.

    (to clarify a few points... I do believe racism and anti-semitism exists.  And I do think some opposition to Israel is based on that idiocy.  But I do not like being called racist for having the audacity to question Israeli policy)

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  • I nail ducks to the wall.
  • butterflybutterfly July 2013
    . . b u m p . . 
  • khodavande yekta farmoodeh to che midani che kasi iman darad ya nadarad khodast ke be ashkar va nahane hameh agah ast .
    be in fekr konim ke shayad kasi ro ke fekr mikonim bi imane momentarin farde donya basheh.
    harkasi an deravad aghebate kar ke kesht.
    hokoomatha moarefe imane melatha nistand ama tanasobe ahle iman nesbat be kofr ro mishe az raftare hokamaye har sarzamini bedast ovord dar donyaye emrooz be tahghghigh migam kofr alamgire.
  • yeh freak out
  • CorneliusCornelius July 2013
    Geez a bun!

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