The Machine/Aussie Floyd/ Brit Floyd
  • No Disrespect to Politics but can we get back to RW and PF? What has happened to this site? Its a RW forum NOT CNN or FNN?

    Salud to ALL of you that try to keep it to RW Music or your views on his music BUT lets leave the Politics out of it?

    In any case for those of you who are going to bash me FU for those who want to get back to a little light hearted RW discussion PLEASE DO SO?

    Anyway I have seen The Machine n Aussie Floyd  Live.....and now I saw Brit Floyd on TV and found out they are playing in my backyard. I bought the tix right after I saw them sign Us n Them. I need these cover bands until I get the real RW or PF! Anyone have a favorite or any new Covers? I am looking forward to this show after seeing them on TV....

    Anyway If ppl want to lighten up and get back to music please respond. If not I guess I will continue to get depressed and read thru these Political Posts!

    Come On People!!! Let me hear some music talk???



  • Any other bands anyone can suggest?

  • churchmileschurchmiles March 2013
    In the early eighties we used to see a band that done the essex/east london pub sports hall circuit called ( Chemical Alice ) and they only ever made one extended E,P but they done a great cover of echoes. If you youtube them you can get some audio but back in the day nobody had video cameras / iphones etc. But they was well honed and after a pleasant pot of mushroom tea rather entertaining. They split up after 2 or 3 years of trying to get signed up. And only one of them went on to any type of fame by joining Marrillion. And that was their keyboard player ( Mark Kelly ) They was so young back then that their mum used to take the door money. She caught us once misbehaving with some sort of non detergent like substance. She threw a fit and shooed us out of the sports hall in Rainham ( Kent ). The late 90s early 80s were fantastic.

  • imspartacusimspartacus March 2013
    theres a band called mostly autumn they do floyd covers with a folk theme suppose to be good but ive never heard them. been going to see the aussies since the nineties x they are very good dave gilmour hired them for his birthday party once he said there the closest your gonna get to the real thing. theyve got a few dvds out as well.
  • cdburnercdburner March 2013
    Well said about the politics !! I'm with you their !! You WILL enjoy Brit Floyd without doubt, I've seen them a couple of times and have their dvd/cd's from Liverpool 2011 (even got the t shirts too ! ) lol. Dream Theater have done a copy of DSOTM which is on utube, which isnt bad,  As has been said said by imspartacus. Mostly Autumn are well worth seeing/listening to.  Brit Floyd have members who used to be in Aussie Floyd, but now have taken their expertise onto another level [my view] with lighting etc,.. enjoy. Theirs a few cds available doing covers of Floyd stuff - Various Artists - Signs Of Life, Various Artists - An All Star Line Up Performing Songs Of Pink Floyd, MOJO Magazine have had a couple of cds in older issues of The Madcap Laughs [Again], The Wall [Re-built] & Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon, which are all pretty good. Music.... their we go !!!
  • Thank You I am going to check out  Dream Theater n Mostly Autumn and the other suggestions.

     I am so stoked to see Brit Floyd. It was meant to be. I saw them on TV 2 Saturdays ago...Looked them up and saw the were playing in Manhattan!!! So I ordered tix that week. I am so stoked!!! I cant wait. I had tix to see RW speak on April 30th but I believe he pushed that speaking engagement back. B Floyd would have been a nice prelude

    I see the Machine a lot and Auusie once but Brit Floyd blew me away...

    Anyone heard the Shine On version from Dead Man Down? She did a nice job


  • floydfan101 March 2013
    If anyone can get over to the Cleveland area - there is a GREAT band called Wish You Were Here.  I have seen them 37 times!  They are that good.  The play mostly around Cleveland, Akron, Columbus.  I've seen Aussie Floyd, Pink Floyd Experience and The Machine all several times.  All great but Wish You Were Here puts on a show on a more personal level.  3-4 hour concerts from the full spectrum of PF history - not just the popular songs.  Check them out
     If you're a PF fan you will love their shows.  

  • Nice FF101 We have the Machine in the NYC area and I see them when I need a fix. I know people hate cover bands but they fill they void. I want to get out to Cleveland to see the RnR HOF... Is there a good Floyd exhibit?

    Thanks for the Floydtribute link. I will def check it out

    Happy Holidays




  • floydfan101 March 2013
    I can understand how some people can be turned off by cover bands.  I've seen a few for Beatles, Led Zep, Rolling Stones.  These groups try to get band members that look like the original.  That's fine but just a little hokey in my mind.  It's all about the music and show - not the band member looks.  I don't need someone to look like Pink Floyd to appreciate the music.  You're lucky to live close to the Machine.  They come to Ohio once a year and I have seen them each year.  They have an incredible sound for 4 musicians.  I have not heard them since they changed their lead guitarist.  I'm looking forward to seeing them again this summer. 
    I live about 1.5 hrs from Cleveland.  Been to RARHOF twice but its been a while.  They do have a pretty good PF exhibit from what I remember. 
    Happy Easter to all. 
  • imspartacusimspartacus March 2013
    when a tribute band doea it because they appreciate x love the music thats good enough for me. seen a steely dan tribute band called nearly dan they where exellent if your a dan lover check them out.
  • imspartacusimspartacus March 2013


  • cdburnercdburner April 2013

    Midge Ure doing Hey You........ Pleasantly surprised !!

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  • I saw Brit Floyd in Houston a few weeks ago thanks to oneofthesedays advice, and I was blown away! It was worth every penny, and I enjoyed every minute.

    Check the web for tour dates, because for some reason, this is not being promoted.

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  • Hmmpt! I guess it's quitting time.

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