My "Wall" Tour Plans for 2013
  • Andre March 2013

    well, how do I start... My name is Andre, I'm 31 years old, live in Germany and I have in total 11 tickets for the upcoming "Wall"-Tour. All different cities of course, and I'm planning to see them all.

    It started with only 3 tickets for the three german concerts in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Berlin (best seats in the first and second row for Frankfurt and Düsseldorf! Boy, those were expensive...)

    Then I thought it would be fun to see also the first concert (which was Werchter, BE at this point) and also the last concert (Paris, FR). I mean, it will most probably be the last time that "The Wall" is performed live - by Mr. Waters at least.

    London was sort of a No-Brainer. Mr. Waters is British, it's a Must-See.

    I have never been to Ireland. "The Wall" will be in Ireland. Conclusion: Need Ticket for Dublin, IE. Done.

    Then I imagined a map with all cities I'll go to and I figured, that I will go to the east (Paris) and North-West(London, Dublin) of my home, but not that far to the South and East. So I bought tickets for Padova, IT and Warsaw, PL. For, emm..., symmetrical reasons, I guess, you understand?

    I was quite excited to notice, that I'm gonna see the last 3 shows of the tour. Then, suddenly, Manchester turned up between London and Dublin. To close the gap, I booked Manchester.

    This week, Arnhem was announced and ruined my plan to see the first show. Thank you! No, not sarcastically spoken. Really, thank you! Another reason to buy a ticket!

    So, here is my plan:

    07/18 Arnhem, NL
    07/20 Werchter, BE
    07/26 Padova, IT
    08/09 Frankfurt, DE
    08/20 Warsaw, PL
    09/04 Berlin, DE
    09/06 Düsseldorf, DE
    09/14 London, UK
    09/16 Manchester, UK
    09/18 Dublin, IE
    09/21 Paris, FR

    I should ask the crew if they need an extra hand and I could join them, so I can save on travel expenses. (That's a Pro of Hitchhiking). My work colleagues think I'm crazy, but I think that everything, that is worth being done, is also worth to go completely over the top with it.

    I have also seen the Australian Pink Floyd Show playing "The Dark Side of The Moon" in London on the 25th of february. And I will see them again in Köln next month.

    All together, this might be the best year of my life ("Pink Floyd"-wise that is) and I wonder, if I am the one with the most-seen "Wall"-show
    s worldwide (12 in total, also counting 2010 in Düsseldorf)...?

    Well, anyhow. See you at The Wall!

  • I think this guy has seen the most, I met him in San Diego, (ever such a
    nice guy), plus there are lots of people who have seen twenty, thirty,
    forty wall shows around the world!
  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    WOW...   Can you lend me some money please??? LOL. I'll be at Wembley.........
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    Me too....We got tickets for Wembley, Right up near the back of level 4....Can't wait!!

    Seen Rog at the o2 few yrs back....This is gonna be amazing folks...!

  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    I'm in Section 103 for Wembley.... saw the show in Manchester 2011 & the "In The Flesh" tour in 2002, I just want to see it in the "open air" as it will be awesome.
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013
    We're in bk510
  • Block 143 for me
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  • Cant wait for Wembley and off to the stone roses this next here weekend.
  • Has anybody who was successful in the presale had their final ticket collection details email from this site. I am awaiting this and would be glad if anyone like myself was a winner in the presale. I have got my block/seats email. All that is left is the final ticket collection details one. cheeeeeeers
  • I don't believe there is another e mail! you have your seats details you just go to the box office on the day of the gig , hand them your seat confirmation page and your ID, that's it!
  • The last email i received says that i will receive another email outlining box office times and collection details closer to the date of the concert. Not overly bothered as you quite rightly said i have the details i need to collect them. Just going on what the email says. I remember last time for the o2 i got the final one about 2 months before the gig. Its like the longest ever wait for a gig.
  • cdburnercdburner June 2013
    I have the same email too, saying that box office times & collection will be sent "closer to the show". I've been told that there are 2 box offices and they will open around 4pm..... that was on here... I think it would be about 2 - 3 weeks before the show, maybe someone who is going to a show in other countries could info us? Or is Wembley the only "pick up on the day" ?? Block 103 for me... as all, can't wait !!!
  • I got 143 which although is close is not necessarily better. We got the first seats next to the side of stage at the o2 and would of rather been further away. But being level and almost on the stage was very interesting. I thought i wasnt alone in my waiting. I cant wait either.
  • bluenosembluenosem June 2013

    I have been to 46 Walls and plan 6 more, there will be plans to meet up at the shows as ever, Simon won't be at them all this time so we won't be able to follow all the madness on his blog, it will best to keep looking at the wall tour thread on The Fleeting Glimpse forum

    My Walls so far:







  • And you call yourself a fan huh.
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013
    Is That All ! ! !
  • lazy git so far i refuse to leave London. Just as well he has played the best gigs so far there.ahem.
  • Looks like Simon is doing a few shows again around Europe!

  • Andre June 2013
    No matter how crazy you think you are, there is always someone even crazier than you ;)

    I'm up to 13 shows on this leg, now. I couldn't resist Zürich, CH and Amsterdam, NL... It starts to become quite complex to manage leave from work, travel time ( so far, I do everything by train, five shows by car and only one flight Dublin->Paris. I hate security at airports...) , hotel bookings and sight seeing plans. I hope I don't miss a thing ;)

    (Just 4 more weeks!)
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013



    You must be loaded mate !

  • Hes actually a roadie he has to go to polish the bass. ( wink )
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  • Andre June 2013
    Well, I figured, I can afford all this if I don't do anything else for the rest of the year. Like eating, drinking, taking a shower, using electricity, having a home more expensive than a medium sized cardboard box, spending money in general,...
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    Nice one, Way to go Andre

    I'm just off to the food bank again Today

  • irons
  • 20+ pages of shit...Really?
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  • this is really getting old.
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  • Anybody out there. Who like me is waiting on the final email for ticket collection

                                                          BOX OFFICE: We will be sending you another email closer to the show date with more box office information, including hours for ticket pick up.
    GATES: 6:15PM
    SHOW: 7:45PM PROMPT 

    This was the last one i got from them and it was many many moons ago if not over a year.
  • Cant wait for this Wombley gig. Make a brew Dave
  • Andre July 2013
    Churchmiles: Depends on which show you're talking about. I assume you mean London tickets via the -presale?

    For Arnhem I've received this information on the 12th (six days before the show. I bought the ticket via the presale. Office opens at 2 PM on the day of the show). I assume they will send out the pickup information for the other shows also about a week before the event.

    For Manchester my order status (from ticketmaster) has changed to "tickets are being processed." (I noticed on saturday. The status is the same as for my Dublin tickets, which have arrived several month ago) - might be soon until these arrive.

    For London, my status (also from ticketmaster) is still "not yet dispatched" and I'm very frustrated because of that. Since I bought the "General Admission" ticket with no reserved seat, I had to choose UPS Registered mail. So I have to be at home and sign for it, when they arrive. Might be this week, next week, next month, July,... who knows. And after three failed delivery attempt they return it to sender...

    PS: I also added Belgrade, RS to my list of shows. Including a 26 hour train ride to Berlin (the next show) starting on the 2nd September. I have tickets now for every show in September. Someone has to make me stop... Wait, I wonder if I could get some more time off work to go to Oslo... I have 11 vacation days left to spare...
  • Bit of a fair weather fan are we . LoL. Yes it is the Wembley show i am waiting on final details for. As for ticketmaster, i bought Stone roses tickets for a gig about 2 months ago. I went and it was great. My ticketmaster account still says processing. doh..

    As you know the presale from does not use a distributor as they are all pick up only and proffess to be the best seats in the stadium/arena/venue. My 02 ones was very good but not the best in the 02 by a country mile.

  • But everyone's idea of the "best seats" is different! for a lot of shows the front row are the best, for the Wall shows a lot of people prefer to be further back, off to the side, at the rear etc.
  • I recon its fairly well known that middle/ two thirds back from the stage is pretty much the best seats for any concert. Its not by chance that this is where you will normally find the mixing / sound desks. For the o2 i ended up level with the height of the stage and just to right as the seats ascend. We was almost on the stage and more than happy with our ( best seats ) presale. But as you have said a bit further away is better for the visuals and the sound. But if you are going to see a rocking gig then down the front is a lot more fun. But not if your under 5ft6" tall.
  • Looks and sounds like the shows are just as good if not better this time around!

  • bluenosembluenosem July 2013
    Yes it was great, the loudest, brightest and best so far, and lots of pictures of me in his blog, although I do come across as an alcoholic, thanks Si :)
  • CorneliusCornelius July 2013

    Sounds great, Got an e-mail from ticketmaster yesterday saying 'Ticket Will Be Printed And Dispached Now!'



  • Andre July 2013
    So, here is my final list of shows: 19 out of 27 (damn... I'll miss eight). From 09th of August until the 22nd September I'll have only 8 days off. Every other day is filled with travel, hotel stays or shows to attend. It will be the greatest vacation I ever had.

    07/18 Arnhem, NL
    07/20 Werchter, BE
    07/26 Padova, IT
    07/28 Roma, IT
    08/09 Frankfurt, DE
    08/11 København, DK
    08/14 Oslo, NO
    08/15 Oslo, NO
    08/20 Warsaw, PL
    08/25 Budapest, HU
    09/01 Beograd, RS
    09/04 Berlin, DE
    09/06 Düsseldorf, DE
    09/08 Amsterdam, NL
    09/11 Zürich, CH
    09/14 London, UK
    09/16 Manchester, UK
    09/18 Dublin, IE
    09/21 Paris, FR
  • churchmileschurchmiles August 2013
    Roll on London.
  • CorneliusCornelius August 2013


    YIPPIE !

  • cdburnercdburner August 2013
    Cornelius, my jealousy is rife ! lol. I'll just have to wait to pick mine up on the day... gggrrr   I've messaged you ref trains.......... 
  • churchmileschurchmiles August 2013
    I have just had an email to say there is no ticket pick up on the day for Wembley so all tickets are going to be sent. Has anyone else recieved this same email from
  • NoImSpartacus August 2013
    Yeh lots have, its legit

  • churchmileschurchmiles August 2013
    Cheers nolm, i am on holiday and hope to see them on my doormat when i return. At least i wont have to arrive to early at Wembley to collect them.
  • cdburnercdburner August 2013
    yes, I got that too churchmiles, I posted it on a diff discussion a couple of days ago...

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