Ticket exchange - Dublin for Manchester
  • PollyMollag April 2013
    Hi this may be a bit of a long shot but I have two gold circle seated tickets for Dublin on 18th September that I would like to exchange for Manchester tickets on the 16th September.

    I live in the Isle of Man and have found out I will be 36+ weeks pregnant at the time of the concerts. The problem is that no airline will let me fly to Dublin at that stage of pregnancy and there are no boats at that time of year.  I can however get a boat to the UK and there are no pregnancy restrictions with sea travel.

    The tickets are for collection at the box office on the day of the concert. I have checked with the website and they will allow me to transfer the tickets into someone else's name.

    Fingers crossed. 
  • cdburnercdburner April 2013

    Good luck in swapping Polly, thats bad about not being able to fly.

  • PollyMollag April 2013
    Thanks cdburner. I'm not holding my breath though!
  • cdburnercdburner April 2013
    Any luck yet ???
  • beckycoty May 2013
    Can you not take the boat over? And I would double check they will actually allow you in to the concert with being as far along as you will be....... And if all else fails phone ticket master to see if you can exchange the venue/ date?????
  • No not yet Cdburner.  Thought I might be clutching at straws though.

    There are no boats from the IoM to Ireland as they finish for the season at the start of September. I hadn't actually thought about doing IoM - England - Ireland.  Sounds like a hell of a long slog though lol.

    It also hadn't occured to me the venue might not let me in even if I get to Manchester! I hope it does because I'm seeing Fleetwood Mac there when I'll be 38 weeks. I'll check it out. Thanks :)
  • wow good luck, bump a d bump
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