A discussing of tribute bands: The Australian Pink Floyd Show VS: Brit Floyd
  • Although there a countless tribute bands performing Pink Floyd tunes across the world, there seems to be only two worth mentioning in a serious debate on which bands can really deliver; 'The Australian Pink Floyd Show' and 'Brit Floyd'.

    However, I must admit that I have only seen The Australian Pink Floyd Show and base my presumptions regarding Brit Floyd merely on clips on youtube, reveiws and a few audio recordings.

    As both bands are touring (or will be very soon), I think it would be interesting to hear the preferences from people who have seen both; which band has the most authentic sound, best visuals etc. etc.


  • petersa August 2011
    The Pink Floyd Experience from New Zealand are really good. Everyone should check them out.
  • butterflybutterfly September 2011
    the  first  time , I  saw  "australian  pink  floyd "  it  was  in  london  2006 , at  the  royal  albert  hall . . .  before  the  concert , I was  very  skeptical  about  this  band . . .  but  like  say  Cymbeline , I  was  blown  away , very  enthusiastic  about  the  show , the  performance  and  this  musicians  . . .  if  there  is  a  concert  near  your  town ,  go  and  look  for  them , they  are  really  good  . . .  cheers  butterfly    
  • jcare September 2011
    I saw a US based tribute band called The Machine and they were unbelievably good..they had every nuance down from the music to the vocals..I was completely blown away..I received the tickets as a gift and initially laughed it off..giving a floyd head tickets to see a tribute band? Boy was I wrong!

  • willmcd December 2011
    I saw Aussie floyd a few years ago do The Wall. Amazing. Might go see Brit floyd this spring
  • jcare December 2011
    I had the pleasure of attending an intimate evening with Nick Mason here in NY and he was asked what he thought about tribute bands.. he admitted that he has seen the Australian PF and from what he said he seemed to think that they were pretty good, they even "Lovingly recreated" every mistake..lol
  • kellycampbell December 2011
    Hi Jcare, how you been?
    when did you see "The Machine"?  The year I mean, and did they use the lasers?  I am just curious as I have never seen them.
  • Gibbin82 November 2012
    I have seen both the Aussies and the Brits several times and they can both be excellent. I was lucky enough to see The Australian Pink Floyd Show on their first UK tour and every tour since and after the spit I have seen the Brit Floyd 3 times and was until the last tours of the opinion that they were both as good as each other. However the last time I saw Brit Floyd IMO they were a bit disappointing as they seemed be going down the route of bigger, louder and brighter = better, that might be ok for Motorhead or the Stones but turning everything up to 11 doesn't do it for me. I would though still recommend seeing the Brits, but if I had to choose between them based on the last time it would be Aussie Floyd.
  • reg_waters_7569 November 2012
    dream theater covered dark side
  • cdburnercdburner November 2012
    I also have seen both Aussie & Brit Floyd, since Damien left from Aussie to Brit, I think he took his experience and artistry with him, tho they are both very good, being patriotic, I'll go for the Brits !! lol.  I have the Dream Theater dvd of the Dark Side, yes, thats v good, but you can't really call them a "cover band". Mostly Autumn do a good "cover" of Floyd stuff too..
  • cdburnercdburner November 2012
    aaagghh reggae !!! NOOOO !! lol
  • syd_barnet November 2012
    I've seen both bands and thought they were both amazing.  I saw the Aussie Floyd doing The Wall in Glasgow a few years ago it was incredible to see around 6000 turn up for a tribute band!   It was a great show, spoiled slightly by the amount of louts who were pissed.  Maybe the bozos had just woken up from the last Oasis gig?
  • JamesJames November 2012
    Brit Floyd is of course, as cdburner said, a by-product of Aussie Floyd. I've had nothing but wonderful experiences of both, particularly when Aussie Floyd did The Wall. Surprisingly faithful to the albums, careful not to overdo the quirks you expect from a tribute band.
  • Dicoobras January 2013
    How to learn to play the such Groove,
  • churchmileschurchmiles January 2013
    Rip offs , all of these tribute bands.£40/50 quid to watch and listen to a looky likey . More money than sense. But aint heard any brits bigging em up so i rest my case. Come round i do a great vera in my outdoors jacuzzi. All for under a tenner and i throw in a tizer
  • imspartacusimspartacus January 2013
    first time i saw the ozzies was in 1992/93 5 minutes into shine on all there equipment went off and the audience started singing the theme tune to neighbours it was hillarious. think there exellent myself aint seen brit floyd but seen other tribute bands they were ok but wouldnt go x see again.
  • churchmileschurchmiles January 2013
    But come on spartamin (lol)  £50 to see a tribute band. If ya got that money why not just crank up pulse on ya topend hifi. and by a bladder. I hate all these rip off artists who make money out of other expertise. Its like going to watch ya favorite sports team and pay top bucks for a stand in.

  • Paul January 2013
    Saw the Australian pink Floyd in Peterborough ; they were awesome !!
  • Well put Cym!
  • reg_waters_7569 January 2013
    looks  like princess alberta is using all 10 of his accounts  ps barry is alberta bf lol
  • oneofthesedays January 2013

    Hey Everyone

    Hope all is well and Happy Belated New Year!

    I saw both The Machine and Aussie Floyd and both were great when you need the live PF fix!!! I also plan on checking out The Pink Floyd Experience.Playing on Long Island 2/12/13....

    Anyone else need a fix?




  • imspartacusimspartacus January 2013
    dave gilmour booked them for his birthday party bash said they where the closest he had heard to the real thing. 
  • imspartacusimspartacus January 2013


     one of the best gigs ive ever been to

  • oneofthesedays January 2013

    Hey Spartacus

    Who did DG book for his Bday? I cant open the link.



  • reg_waters_7569 January 2013
    I learned from you {buddy} but you expect us to understand your silly jokes..................you have jumped on a few here and tossed insults so is time to figure out my sarcasim or not your choice so as we Americans say man ............add you have accussed me of having a few accounts here is a utter lie so prove it or dont spew lies.which having more than one account is a banable offense or grow a pair and pm me if you are willing to settle this
  • Gibbin82 January 2013
    Albertmiles and reg_waters_7569

    Why do you pair consistently spoil interesting threads by your petty childish squabbles. As with the Paris thread thank you for killing another thread which myself and many other people were finding interesting, but probably now will not bother with anymore. Although you may enjoy your pathetic insult throwing, I believe everyone else is finding it very tedious as it is not anything to do with the topics you are constantly infecting. The pair of you need tomjust face it that you are more than likely never going to meet (and if you did you would probably run away from each other) so if a few silly posts gets up your noses all you have to do is ignore each them and it should stop. As others have hinted at the pair of you should really get a life and stop messing up others enjoyment, it has nothing at all to do with your personal grievances and we are not interested.

    P.S. Report to forum moderator just to go in.
  • imspartacusimspartacus January 2013
    the ozzies. the link is roger waters thanking the crowd at the liverpool echo arena. what a night
  • reg_waters_7569 January 2013
    hey One lets figure something out for 2-12
  • imspartacusimspartacus January 2013
    amused to death remastered 200 gram double vinyl x sacd october 15 2013.
  • imspartacusimspartacus January 2013
    acoustic sounds website preorder.
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  • butterflybutterfly July 2013
    . . B U M P . . 
  • ripvanpol July 2013
    I was hesitant to go to see any Pink Floyd tribute band...it's a complex sound to capture...they are the band that grabbed me when I was 16 years old and have held on to me...still at the age of 52.
    Back in February, I caught BEYOND THE WALL at B.B. Kings in New York. They were doing a tribute to the 40th Anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon.
    I was blown away!
    This is them:
    A woman performed "The Great Gig in the Sky" and I got chills.
    No hyperbole here...the idea of trying to capture the sound of the Floyd is near sacrilege to me.
    It wasn't Pink Floyd, but this group must put in an awful lot of time.
    They do a lot of the more obscure tunes as well, and for a Floyd fan, it's a hell of a treat.
    If you're in the States, it's definitely worth the trip.
    Oh yeah, one other thing...14 bucks!
  • There is a Band here in Ohio called Wish you Were Here that should be right up there with the best of other cover bands. I have seen them and they do a great cover of Pink Floyd. beginning to end and they do a excellent job on stage on ALL the songs they sing.
  • cdburnercdburner July 2013

    try Fly Council 


    very good instrumentally... imo

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