Appeal to Roger Waters' Pro Israeli-Boycott Stance - A Letter to Roger
  • Abc123 May 2013
    Dear Roger Waters,
    As is true for many of yours fans (some found right here on your forums), your support for the BDS movement has left a foul taste in my mouth.
    I'm not here to try to get you to stop supporting the Palestinians, nor am I here to discuss Israel vs. Palestinians with the other members of this forum, but I am here to implore you to do the right thing.

    The Boycott-Israel movement (aka BDS) is a huge obstacle on the road to peace. By demonizing one side, and refusing to even engage with an Israeli point of view (BDS supporters refuse to engage with Israelis on any level), the conflict will never be resolved. In order for there to be peace, both sides must engage in discussion with one another, compromises must be made, and terms must be agreed upon. The BDS movement does the exact opposite of this. It increases belligerence on both sides and makes each side less likely to strive for peace. Moreover, boycotting all Israeli citizens for the policy of their government hardly seems fair considering only 23% of Israelis voted for the current Prime Minister. 

    Do the right thing. Be an activist for peace, not for just one side. Many Israelis want peace just as badly as you do. Engage in fair discussion. Condemn the anti-peace actions of both sides. Praise the pro-peace moves of both sides, respectively.

    Finally, I would encourage you to do more research on the topic, from both points of view. To so strongly champion one side, you should be an expert on the subject. I'm not sure how extensive your knowledge is, but to understand the complexities of the current situation, one should have a working knowledge of Israeli and world Jewry from at least 1880 to the present (especially from 1930s-1967), as well as knowledge of Arabs in Palestine since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and Palestinians in Jordan, Lebanon, etc.. Additionally, it is important to understand the role of your own country in Israel/Palestine's history (which is a fairly negative one), as well as the role of other major powers (France, US). Lastly, I would suggest learning about the League of Nations' role in the conflict, as well as the founding of Jordan. I guarantee that if you study all of that you won't be so hasty to boycott/condemn either side as it is probably the most complex political issue in the world.

    P.S. There has never been peace in modern Israel for any extended period of time. Terrorism and wars have existed in the region since before Israel's creation (and before 1967). Take heed of who started what. If you really want peace, you have your work cut out for you.

    P.P.S. Big fan! Saw you with my dad at your Dark Side of the Moon - Toronto concert. Hope you give this a read, if you can.
  • Abc123,

    That's the most intelligent statement I have read regarding this or anywhere.

  • I fully aGREE
  • barjohn May 2013
    "In order for there to be peace.."
    "Do the right thing."
    "I would encourage you to do more research.."
    "Lastly, I would suggest learning.."

    PS - "Take heed .." (just in case your previous brilliance was overlooked.)

    Spoken like a true political leader.

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