Wot'Cha Been Listening To Today ?
  • friend of mine said he seen something on utube about the making of the wall bluray 4k. if ifind will let u know
  • Be good to post a link if you do find it.
  • Spartacus, glad you dug the Hodgson show, I am hoping to catch him at some point, he is wise to avoid Arizona in the summer, but he is playing Orange County (California) in August....

    As for what I am listening to....

    Another score of black gold out hunting today... an embarrassment of riches..

    Hendrix - Live at Clark Uni
    SRV - Couldn't Stand the Weather
    Doors Absolutely live
    Rush - All the World's a Stage
    Rush - Signals
    Bob Marley - Catch a Fire
    AC/DC - If you Want Blood, You Got It
    Peter Gabriel - A 12 single/EP of Sledgehammer
    and other goodies... deep into the Doors right now

    And most relevant to this group;
    The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking 

    (hint, Roger, either buy some insurance with all the lovely articles posted on this board... or consider re-issuing this and Radio KAOS along with the forthcoming Amused to Death vinyl reissue)

    I've also added to my MoFi stack... In addition to Darkside, I now I have;
    Supertramp Crime of the Century
    Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers
    Grateful Dead American Beauty.

    I ran into a copy of the 30th aniversery reissue for $50.  Worth it?  I have an original US Wally cut, the MoFi, and the recent 2011.  Is the 30th different enough from any of these to warrant that kind of cash?
  • had agood look but couldn't see anything will ask friend to show me it next time he visits. went to see steve earl couple of nights ago very good that was too. he did a autograph session afterwards got a record store day single signed by him but photographs didn't turn out for some reason. joe saitrini is next on my list. 
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013
    The Damned ~ So, Who's Paranoid?
  • van Morrison   common one
  • Santana , bluray, dts Hymns for peace. Live in Montreaux
  • the old battleaxe  she aint stopped.  wouldn't recommend it to anyone
  • FZ    sheik yerbouti. Flake flakes.
  • the old battleaxe    shes gone.   Spartacus is free at last.
  • Uriah heep,         The magicians birthday.
  • david Gilmou  r   metallic spheres
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    Steely Dan ~ Can't Buy A Thrill,  (lp)

    The Byrds ~ Fifth Dimension,   (lp)

    XTC ~ Oranges & Lemons,   (lp)

    Frank Zappa ~ Joe's Garage act 1,  (lp)

  • cdburnercdburner June 2013
    Black Sabbath - "13" album....
  • Gonna take Hawkwind ( levitation ) out with me in the car in a mo joe.
  • walter becker circus money
  • Beatles White Album
  • Elton john  ( madman across the water )                                           soz
  • cdburnercdburner June 2013
    Just received David Gilmour "Live in Gdansk" (on vinyl) the 5 x vinyl box set, although I've got the cds/dvds, I wanted to get the box set, so just giving that a whirl..... breathe......
  • CDBurner... I didn't know Gdansk was available on vinyl...

    How much was it? and where did you get it?

  • cdburnercdburner June 2013
    voodoochild1975.   I got it off ebay  you get a nice booklet/poster with it and a "webpass" for the mp3 version of the complete 5 albums, but that's out of date now. I only paid 100 euros for it, (from Italy) & it arrived within 3 days! [British Post Office take note] !! Excellent condition. So I was well chuffed with the price, some can be pretty expensive, especially from USA & their postage/customs charge is well high !! [not being bias, tho I have been ripped off, only once]!!!! Once bitten, twice shy (Ian Hunter) lol.  If you either try ebay or discogs.com you will find some copies on their. There are also lots of "unofficial limited edition" albums on their too, which are nice items, I've bought a few ! Good luck in your search.
  • cdburnercdburner June 2013
    There's one copy [European Issue] on Discogs, from USA for $195 or Denmark for 150 Euro's, & 1 copy of the U.S.A. version (has different catalogue number) for 239 Euro's from Italy (not the same seller I bought from)
  • sounds great on vinyl it has 2 or 3 tracks more than the cd dvd versions
  • beatles   let it be
  • Stone roses last night live at finsbury park, i was there , it was great.

  • Today i mostly be listening to Delirious  -  King of Fools
  • the who live at leeds
  • Rush - Clockwork Angels.  Loudly... and..... wait for it....... on brand new, first ever played vinyl (just got it, nice heavy weight stuff as records goes)

    also relevant to ongoing conversation, found 'Crisis? What Crisis?' from Supertramp on vinyl.  Used, but looked like really nice vinyl.

    but before I get to _that_,, after I finish CwA from Rush.... I found the nice, remaster from Reznor, double disk, _GOOD_ version of 'Pretty Hate Machine'. on vinyl.  And, again I stress, not the straight up awful pressing that is the single disk that came out (w/o Reznor's approval) a few years later. (the one I got was the absolute worst experience I have had with ANY new record.  Just a bad pressing.  I mean, REALLY bad.  I but digress, _THIS_ is the 'giood' one, I have high expectations and can't wait to see if it holds up....

    And if not, 3rd up is a Supertramp I suspect I will enjoy... ;)
  • Santana moonflower
  • The Who,      Quadrophenia
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    Today I have had on,

    Black Sabbath 13

    Deep Purple Now What

    The Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang


    .....p.s I noticed the insurance prick is back

  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013
  • Churchmiles, that is an all time favourite album.  Desert Island record for me.  Well, maybe a bad idea considering how it ends, but the metaphor stands.... ;)

    the NIN sounds fan-freakin-tastic.  Nice clean quiet record, and granted it is also a remaster so not a true A/B, but MUCH more detail and clarity than any CD version I remember.  Let's not bother discussing mp3.

    Clockwork angels is also eerie quiet and sound great.  Here I _CAN_ do a true to a/b comparison at some point.  But as of now, lovin' it on the black stuff.

    Right now? listening to Doors, Absolutely Live
  • neil young  Eldorado x prairie wind
  • The Rolling Stones    Sticky Fingers

    Savoy Brown    Looking In

    The Tragically Hip    Up To Here

  • eric Clapton 24 nights x miles davis kind of blue
  • Rush  /  Snakes and Arrows blu ray dts dvd live, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc . Clockwork angels is another great fresh Rush. They got a back catologue so big even Mr T cant rip it in half.

  • .Charles Bradley no time for dreaming x gary moore blues for jimi
  • steely dan reelin in the years x bob marley confrontation
  • cdburnercdburner June 2013
    Steve Hackett - Live at Lugano Jazz Festival 2009, [converted from utube]   ;-]
  • Libertines, having last night watched Pete doherty at Mr Kyps in Poole , Dorset. 
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    Joe Walsh ~ Analogue Man

    .....now playing.....Deep Purple ~ Now What

  • Big country and the simple minds. Get The connection.
  • cdburnercdburner June 2013
    Echoes "Sampler" (Uk Issue) just received...nice one... ;-]
  • cdburnercdburner June 2013
    Aye Church the "Scottish" connection... 2 very good groups....
  • Well done mr burner.i wondered if anyone would get it. Big fan of early simple minds and was there to see big country get bottled off at the reading rock fest in the early 80s.

  • Led Zep.  Celebration day,  Blu ray dts dts cd. i.o.u £15.99 
  • cdburnercdburner June 2013
    I saw Simple Minds in Gateshead in 91 or 92, they were (as always) great. there's some good stuff on utube of their latest tour around... I've just booked my train for Wembley... woohooo
  • U2 Rattle and Hum (vinyl)

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