Perfect Sense
  • barjohn May 2013
    It struck me today how the opening percussion in Perfect Sense is more than reminiscent of Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight". On the former, we also hear the voice of HAL from the movie, "2001: A Space Odyssey" saying, "I can feel it". This amuses continually, and a reminder of what a brilliant songwriter Roger is. It's funnier still, because I'm certain David Gilmour and Pink Floyd used to try and curtail Roger's passion for "borrowing"? Personally, I think it's creative genius. It all makes perfect sense, n'est ce pas?
  • I've always felt these lyrics were dead on...

    Ever see something that makes no sense in politics?  Follow the dollars and all shall become clear...
  • you can also hear stop dave stop dave  do you think that's aimed at Gilmour.
  • amused to death stands up more today than it did in the nineties.  ive been trying to get the book but had no luck yet.
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