• pinkfreak1pinkfreak1 August 2011
    hello, does anyone know if a DVD comes from the wall tour
  • ktab August 2011
    Yes there will be a blue ray from Athens shows.
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope March 2012
  • I wonder when it will really come out. In the flesh DVD came out in 2000, so between 2 legs of In the flesh tour (and there was 3d leg in 2002). No words concerning it. There must be a single word from Roger maybe, just a hint that it will be ready someday. 
  • DrWhoDrWho April 2012
    Dying for an official DVD soon.  But it might not be till the end of this year now.

    Try the Un-Official HI-Def Surround sound version put out by amateurs last year.
    It's good.
  • RunRun April 2012
    There will be no DVD until the forum president mr fancy puts forth a price if legislation with the neccesaru articles to have the skybluenohope never nohope no hope
    No hope tranny removed from our ever evolving forum then maybe a DVD but first the legislation must be passed for this Lala crazy head to be tempered into a realm of possible pasts and further more the sheep and atom wart mother have come for her as she tried to cook pancakes for her last abusing boyfriend until he saw she had a penis and then beat the living crap about of her instead wr can pass this legislation for all involved to be saved fro
    Thsis under involving platform
  • cdburnercdburner November 2012
    There was a DVD Issued in a box set Rare Precious & Beautiful 2 on Godfather Records [WLR-2175] which had the O2 show from May 12th 2011. This box set is limited to 400 & also has 8 cds of "Film works, outtakes" etc. I bought this and was VERY dissapointed with the quality of the concert, as it was just the concert taken from very bad angles/footage. The only decent footage is the "official" footage of Comfortably Numb" with D.G. which can be found on numerous sites anyway.
  • mlarry90 November 2012
    When I was at the Buenos Aires concert, a lady came to stage before the show and said that there was going to be a recording of that precise show for the DVD, and asked us to act some "coreography" with the masks on. that was on March of 2012
  • vanishingpoint25 November 2012
    My thanks to roger waters, the band, and the crew. I saw the Wall at the Tacoma Dome and the Seattle Center Coliseum, a jaw dropping assault on the sences to say the least, and worth every penny. I hope you put out a series of DVD's as i noticed differences in both shows....I waited decades for the oppurtunity...wow...vanishingpoint25....

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