• cdburnercdburner May 2013
    Who is THIS idiot ????
  • StrayDogStrayDog May 2013
    If it’s not the upcoming full moon, we might need some rat poison around here.

  • total ignorance in this case might be the best. seems to be just one more psychpath who needs to demonstrate his greed for attention.
  • Every ad has been flagged.
  • fuck this dude
  • StrayDogStrayDog May 2013
    I do not think that this thing is craving for attention - it operates in a bit too anonymous a mode for that. Those are not spam ads - they do not really promote anything (contents don’t even match their titles and are totally erratic). It doesn’t look like this creature is simply demented either - this place on this Forum seems to have been taken a long time ago. So this entity is after something. What exactly? And, if it’s not some technical malfunction and not to descend into conspiracy theories, why does it seem to be getting the green light from the Mods? It’s been like 3 days at least already after all, isn’t it?

  • Yes, 3 days of this nonsense, and no action by the mods. 87 spam posts by my count...WTF?
  • meanwhile, i have serious doupts that this person´s appearance will take its time and then disappear again. obviously there is not just the intention to disturb the forum but to push back as many threads as possible. and the name has changed as well. still mains the question: is it about pushing back everything here or any special one?
  • Start bumping topics...push back.
  • Well bumping topics looks to be an endless battle. The insurance spam now runs 6 pages deep, and there is no attempt to stop it.

    Has this website been left for dead, or are insurance companies sponsoring the upcoming tour?

  • StrayDogStrayDog May 2013
    I agree with waveproject - that would be precisely the million dollar question. Frankly, I had this hunch from the very beginning, but I didn’t want to be the first one to come up with this idea to avoid posing in too immodest a way (besides, who knows - I might be getting paranoid at times too). But still committing the cardinal sin of pride …

    The only moderately significant thing on this Forum in months have been my two threads. The only really serious practical suggestion, applicable within the parameters of social environment, to be found in them concerns the idea of teaming up Roger and Ron Paul, is contained in “Roger Goes to the Circus …” one, and had been unfolded just before this spam attack began.

    So what’s been going on here recently looks exactly like a plain act of sabotage. It can certainly be produced by a heavily troubled loner. This Forum could be targeted accidentally. But another explanation might be a bit more likely.

    I have no idea about the chances for the idea mentioned above even to be noticed, let alone considered. It takes two heroes - and I‘m far from being sure in this respect as far as Roger is concerned. But if it works out, if there are any at least remotest chances for that … it’s a serious shit. That is it could be a historically serious one.

    And those scumbags are afraid. I know one or two things about their hired plants’ ways, tactics on the Internet and so on. From what I know - this explanation is more than realistic. And it shows beyond any doubt that we have struck a couple of right notes here. In which connection …

    … what about the Mods? The most obvious reason behind their actions, or rather seeming inaction, is so horrible that let’s put it aside for the time being and hope that it won’t prove to be the right assumption in the end. But, apart from that, there can be, in fact, other very simple ones.

    For instance, if they aren’t struggling with some purely technical issues, it’s possible that they realize that it’s something serious and are trying to figure out some ultimate solution. And, if they are really good at what they are doing, they are letting it be for a while to get enough data to analyze to be able to recognize the pattern.

    In this case it’d be interesting to see if we come to the same conclusions. Because something important can be happening. And has been. It’s time to wake up. And probably act.

  • It seems to me the Mods could get a handle on this in short order if they wanted to. If they delete a spammer, everything that spammer has posted goes away...they don't have to delete every post.


    If all this insurance crap is an attempt to bury any political discussions, I have to wonder if it's an inside job.

    If I should go missing, I didn't leave of my own free will. 

  • StrayDogStrayDog May 2013
    This fuck repeats himself when under stress.

    By the way, has the page counter added 6 pages? I'm not sure. And if the Forum is designed in the way that allows only some limited number of pages then this scum may be simply trying to erase some of its contents. That's why spam threads, not comments.
  • I don't know the answer about the page count. As of now there are 46 pages, it shouldn't take long to see if pages are being added or bumped off.
  • StrayDogStrayDog May 2013
    It wouldn't be a solution - the scum would simply open another account (this thing has already mutated at least twice as it is). Besides, deleting a user deletes their posts. But what about threads? If not, my assumption from the previous comment might be spot-on. And an inside job is exactly what I meant by the "most obvious" and "so horrible" reason behind the Mods' inaction. But could it be that bad? That would mean that Roger is not just lost, but actually one of them ...  
  • Deleting a user deletes all threads that user started. I don't think any of the spam has spilled over into any of "our" topics. Anyway it would delete the comment they made in someone's topic, but not the topic it's self.
  • He repeats himself because I can bump topics 5 times faster then he can post insurance spam.
  • StrayDogStrayDog May 2013
    As I said, that's why this creature's opening threads - the only way for it to erase any contents from those topics that are opened by someone else (works out even if the scumbag happens to be banned later - basically they just need to open roughly 46 new pages or make a bit more than 1200 posts in their case). But if deleting a user deletes not only the user's comments, but also all threads opened by them - well, it's time for the Mods to make some online cleaning. Otherwise, it indeed starts to look like an inside job.    
  • If the system is not adding more pages, then I guess I need to start bumping the oldest threads on the site.
  • Well, since you posed the question Straydog, I've been watching, we are indeed losing content. There is a finite amount of space, and the topics at the end of the line are being bumped off.
  • StrayDogStrayDog May 2013
    In this case, I guess, it’s more or less clear what this thing is after. It’s up to the Mods now. In this icon on the right they prompt to contact them with any issues. It looks like we have a minor one. They need to impose a sort of temporary moratorium on opening any new threads and figure out some more suitable lasting solution then.
  • 'I detect the hand of Dave Gilmour in this....'

  • StrayDogStrayDog June 2013
    it's another quite possible explanation ... :-)
  • Son of a BITCH! The insurance assholes are back.
  • i'll make a call to this insurance in the near future...and i won't be gentle:p
  • StrayDogStrayDog June 2013
    I’m starting to think that the assumption about a small army of malignant trolls dispatched by TPTB in order to “obfuscate” that brilliant idea of teaming up Roger and Ron Paul was a bit far-fetched - because nobody obviously gives the slightest shit, the Host of this site included. I do not think that it’s an inside job anymore either (which might have something to do with those threads as well - since my constant, and constantly disrespectful, muttering hardly contributes into a promo campaign of the upcoming tour in a proper way) - but it looks like, to give Roger his due, as far as the freedom of speech is concerned, his integrity is actually impeccable.

    So it seems that the most plausible explanation of this sorry act of sabotage we’ve been having for some time here is that we are dealing with a terrible body-parts-all-over-the-place vendetta initiated by some Zionist wacko with a serious split of personality disorder (it would take a bus to get them anywhere) or a whole bunch of those things. Which, however, does not really explain why the Mods still do nothing. But the page counter indicates more pages now. So the guys have added space - some progress in a way.

  • StrayDogStrayDog June 2013
    I still think that my last assumption was correct and we are probably dealing with a Zionist vendetta of sorts. If this is really the case here, I’d like to say a couple of words.

    There are tons of stereotypes and prejudices regarding almost every single people on the planet: the Irish are all drunkards, the French are arrogant whiners, the Americans are thick as a brick, and no Japanese will make it through the next ten minutes without taking another snapshot. All of them easily live with it. But it looks like too many Jewish people actually think that they are somehow special. And if anybody dares to open their mouth and produce anything but dithyrambs, they feel fully entitled to instantly embark upon some totally crazy behaviour.

    So, in case you’re missing something. You’re NOT special. You’re NOT chosen. You’re JUST like EVERYBODY ELSE. And nobody owes you anything. 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust were your own responsibility to a very serious extent in the first place. The best of you - like Einstein, for instance - were warning about what was coming when exactly? You had about TEN years to wake up from your slumber. To fight back. Or, at least, to try to undertake something. But many failed to even leave the country. So don’t blame everyone around. The bad thing is that nothing has been learnt. Sadly, but we’re all doing exactly the same thing now. And the consequences will most probably be just as horrible.

    But going back to our matter. I, personally, never had any anti-Semitic nor even anti-Israel bias. I do not support - albeit for completely different reasons - Mr. Waters’ recent initiatives. But this whole campaign which was unleashed by Jewish “true patriots” in response to those initiatives made me look at things from a bit different angle. The amount of pitiful bullshit, overt slander and lies, and plainly psychotic crap issued in the course of that campaign, often by people who actually call themselves “journalists”, is simply unbelievable.

    So, despite the fact that it may constitute quite a challenge for your completely fucked up brains, or the substance which is stuffed in your noodles in its place, to grasp this subtle point, but Mr. Waters is entitled to his, however erroneous, opinions just like you to yours. He declares them openly. He is prepared to defend them face to face. Even being alone “behind the enemy lines” - like in the case of 92Y (it was you who have chickened). So you are free to debate. The total freedom of speech is also granted on this Forum. But you are not using it.

    What you are doing instead with your ridiculously silly, utterly irrelevant and pathetically futile “revenge” is contributing into justification of all those anti-Semitic assertions. By means of which you hardly help any of your people. But you most certainly disgrace all of them.

  • StrayDogStrayDog June 2013
    Hey, has anybody out there got a military air raid siren by any chance? We could try to wake the Mods up …

  • I spent several hours on Friday trying to out flank this insurance bullshit, but it just keeps coming. Clearly the Mods are allowing this to happen, and this forum is being destroyed on purpose.

    Might as well pull the plug on this place.

  • bump
  • bump
  • StrayDogStrayDog June 2013
    So what’s the purpose?
    I’m not sure. I still stick to my last explanation - by the way, one of the toxic aliases overtly displays the connection.

    As for the Mods, well, it can be just one part-timer there - like all Roger could afford. They are simply not prepared to withstand even such a laughable attack …

  • I don't know the purpose. Your last explanation is as good a theory as any we could conjure, but even one part time Mod could see this shit has been going on for weeks now.

    Has anybody tried to message Roger on Facebook or Twitter?

  • StrayDogStrayDog June 2013
    It’s not just as good as any. Considering all we know, as of today, it’s by far the most plausible one. This is important because if it’s correct it enables us to exclude the possibility of an inside job. Besides, things tend to happen for some reasons - however weird or obscure the latter may be. So if you do not have a meaningful purpose to offer the “evil Mods” theory is unsubstantial.

    Of course, the Mod(s) know(s) what is going on - they have added space if you didn’t notice. But to deal with this crap one should be either constantly present online (in which case they would need three full-timers at least) or  approving of any new members should be temporarily suspended. If the guys need some assistance in terms of developing a plan of action or anything I’m here to help as always (they‘ve got my email).

    As for Roger himself he doesn’t seem to give much shit about what is happening on his own site - if any. Which is obscenely arrogant to say the least.

  • I did notice that space has been added, which seems really weird.

    I do think the Mods could stop all this in short order...if they wanted to. All that needs to be done is once a day ban the spammer and delete their posts. It's only a few posting  this crap, not hundreds of new members.

    I know if I have Mod authority, I could wipe all this shit out in less time then I have spent bumping topics.

    I do consider this an inside job, because not taking action is equal to enabling the spammers.

  • StrayDogStrayDog June 2013
    It's not weird. They did the only thing that actually made sense. The rest doesn't seem to do so. You could wipe all this stuff at some given moment, but it would start all over again at once or in a few hours with a new account (if there is no moratorium). So, if you’re not constantly online, you would have dozens of spam threads on any given day anyway. Now you have several dozen of pages. What is the critical difference? The normal work of the Forum is disrupted in any case.

    So I’m not inclined to blame the Mods - exclusively, at least (excuse my subtle quasi-oxymoron but that "waking siren" thing was to a serious extent a joke). The scum of the earth which is doing this does not deserve to be discussed at all. But, in my view, the affair says a lot about our Host (dramatic ellipsis a-la Patrick) … a lot of bad things.

  • yahoooooo
  • StrayDogStrayDog July 2013

    Proud of You.

    But there is one thing left.
  • Pray tell. funny that every time i open a topic i am now getting pop ups. I Hope the admin have put a permanent stop to the spam ham brigade. Unless of coarse they are the spammers as has been suggested. 
  • It's a miracle!
  • You aint seen nothing yet, they got pepsi in the Andes
  • An earthquake hits the server room, 
    but the spammer's hands do linger,
    Then the server rack comes down...
    ... and breaks hajtohajtos' fingers

    It's a miracle.
  • Ah, witty banter instead of spam (dramatic ellipsis)...much better!
  • StrayDogStrayDog July 2013
    This fuck’s fucking fingers certainly fail to compose the Hand of God but, oddly enough, have managed to accomplish a little something here. This 24/7 masturbation (whoever the performance was delivered by) has highlighted a few things around and thus proved to be at least of some interest and use.

    Now we can expect all our glorious quitters to crawl back with their usual drearily boring mundanely humdrum tediously dull routine - another sort of spam, in fact. Which differs only in that sense that normally totally fails to accomplish even that little.

  • StrayDogStrayDog July 2013
    Incidentally, I googled “hajtohajtos” today and it turned out that somebody using this alias participated in virtually every single discussion on the Internet with their insurance stuff. So I must admit that me being wrong about our Zionist friends could be considered one of those “possible, but not interesting” hypotheses in this case. However, if “reality may avoid the obligation to be interesting, but hypotheses may not”, more interesting, and not that unlikely, one would be that they simply copycatted the manner and then developed the pattern - precisely like the nemesis did in this Borges’ story. Which, by the way, opens with the murder of a rabbi who happened to produce among other his works: “A Vindication of the Cabala, a literal translation of the Sepher Yetzirah and a monograph on the divine nomenclature of the Pentateuch.”

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