Thank you for your stand against racism and injustice.
  • Dear Roger,

    Thank you for all that you do to help bring about change and justice to this world. Your support of the Israel boycott campaign and your contribution to the efforts to educate people about this campaign deserve the utmost respect from citizens of conscience everywhere. I'm truly humbled by your stances and actions and wish to thank you on behalf of all of those who have been inspired and comforted by your decision to use the platform that you have to fight for the rights of the Palestinians and, by extension, for peace in this world, as an injustice to one people is an injustice to all. Hats off to you, sir!

    Thank you very much.


    With love and admiration from a lifelong fan,

    Carmen Sinaria

  • StrayDogStrayDog May 2013
    Dear Carmen,

    Would you mind to specify in what way ignoring the big picture, which provides an inalienable context for any given problem, helps to solve it? In what way creating the appearance of social action instead of offering some real one brings change and justice - and I agree that the world is in desperate need of both - any closer? As far as I’m concerned, the only thing it does is delivering another brick into the walls of our Matrix-like reality. And, to be quite honest, this is a very strange activity for someone who’s spent so much time encouraging people to tear them down in his artistic works.

    And may I ask you a question, ma‘am? There is a thread here called “Roger Goes to the Circus …”, which is specifically dedicated to Roger‘s supposedly rebellious social activities. It has several comments on this Israel issue too. I’d take the liberty of stating that those comments contain some valid points concerning the intrinsic inconsistency of Roger’s position in this particular case as well as his socio-political efforts in general. So the question is (I'm just curious, from an anthropological perspective): if you consider the points mentioned there erroneous, why did you fail to try to enter this discussion, come up with meaningful counter-arguments, and thus bring it a bit closer to finding the truth, but chose to “rebut” trollish propagandist posts with - I should agree here again - very little, if any substance in them instead?

    The problem is that we live in a totally fake reality today. We have our fake economy, politics, religions, arts etc. We should surely have some fake rebels as well. I’m sorry to say but Roger is starting to look more and more like one of them to me. So my baseball cap is kept firmly in its place for the time being.

    With concern and bewilderment,

    Stray Dog

  • barjohn May 2013
    Absolutely, Carmen! Roger should be applauded. He certainly has my vote.
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  • hippo June 2013
    Hello Mr. Waters and CarmenSinaria,

    I recently read about your desire to boycott Israel and I just wanted to share some facts with you.
    Did you know that Israel was voted for a counrty and was given the right to become a country by the United Nations Assembly?
    This was on November 1947, on May 14th 1948 David Ben Gurion declared on the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel.
    one day, just one day later our country was attacked by no less then 5 armies!!! 5!!! (Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq).
    They wanted to destroy us and went against our right to form a country by right, decision and by law!!!
    We won!!! yes, little Israel fought back and won against 5 armies!!!
    If you will, imagine this - you're in a court and the judge just awarded you a verdict that gives you the right to walk in the streets freely, the minute you walked out the courts doors you got attacked by 5 different people just for walking in the street, a right you were given just a few moments ago!!!
    We are a small country with a long history dating all the way to the bible.
    We (Israelis) have only one small country only one and you want to take it away from us??
    Do you know what's the Hamass and Fatahs agenda is?? to destroy Israel and kill us all!!!
    Maybe you need to take a good look at all the countries around the world and read about their history before boycotting us!!
    Every war started with the other side attacking us!!! we never ever attacked another counrty!!! and yet you are calling to boycott us?? are you kidding???
    More facts for example - In the past 12 years more than 13,000 rockets and mortars have exploded in Israels territory!!
    Since we withdraw from Gaza strip (2006) more than 8,000 rockets were fired at us from Gaza strip!!!
    8,000!!! on innocent people!!! I-n-n-o-c-e-n-t man, women and children!! yes yes, schools, hospitals and what ever you can think of were a targeted like anything else!!!
    Don't judge before you know the whole story (THERE IS ALOT MORE TO IT!!).
    Hope you'll open your eyes and change your mind.

  • @CarmenSinaria

    "to help bring about change and justice to this world" is a very important thing to be followed. but before starting  with any action first of all you have to care of the problem about the whole truth which is not made in five minutes. so let me invite as well to invest your time and go through the thread mentioned by stray dog.

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