I think you are hippocrates
  • Lior Schwimmer
    Hi roger
    I'm Israeli citizen who think you are hippocrates person who dedicates it's life these days to boyocott my country. I think as a u.k. Citizen you should think boyocott the u.k. First. You country build on concur and destroyed other nations since it was born, taking others resources, and neglect the Muslim needs in london these days. As a u.k. Citizen you don't have the right to do damage to the Israeli people, who only wants to watch concers, while your country do the aparthide every day. By the way, Israel is no aparthide country. There are Palestinian parliament members, judges and Mayrs. Palestinian get money from the government for their needs. The only way to solve the issues between the nations is by negotiations and not by boyocott each other. I feel pitty for you for falling for the bbc and the Arabs propoganda and not knowing fact about my beloved country.
  • hippo June 2013

  • hippo June 2013

  • hippo June 2013
    Hello Mr. Waters,

    I agree with Liorschwimmer.
    I recently read about your desire to boycott Israel and I just wanted to share some facts with you.
    Did you know that Israel was voted for a counrty and was given the right to become a country by the United Nations Assembly?
    This was on November 1947, on May 14th 1948 David Ben Gurion declared on the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel.
    one day, just one day later our country was attacked by no less then 5 armies!!! 5!!! (Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq).
    They wanted to destroy us and went against our right to form a country by right, decision and by law!!!
    We won!!! yes, little Israel fought back and won against 5 armies!!!
    If you will, imagine this - you're in a court and the judge just awarded you a verdict that gives you the right to walk in the streets freely, the minute you walked out the courts doors you got attacked by 5 different people just for walking in the street, a right you were given just a few moments ago!!!
    We are a small country with a long history dating all the way to the bible.
    We (Israelis) have only one small country only one and you want to take it away from us??
    Do you know what's the Hamass and Fatahs agenda is?? to destroy Israel and kill us all!!!
    Maybe you need to take a good look at all the countries around the world and read about their history before boycotting us!!
    Every war started with the other side attacking us!!! we never ever attacked another counrty!!! and yet you are calling to boycott us?? are you kidding???
    More facts for example - In the past 12 years more than 13,000 rockets and mortars have exploded in Israels territory!!
    Since we withdraw from Gaza strip (2006) more than 8,000 rockets were fired at us from Gaza strip!!!
    8,000!!! on innocent people!!! I-n-n-o-c-e-n-t man, women and children!! yes yes, schools, hospitals and what ever you can think of were targeted like anything else!!!
    Don't judge before you know the whole story (THERE IS ALOT MORE TO IT!!).
    Hope you'll open your eyes and change your mind.
  • wow so many numbers in your post i guess you are getting schooled now as well. ho ho ho 

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