• so you think you can tell ?
  • Belief that is not based on proof.
  • Proof that people are not prepared to admit to being proof. Faith is not proof. Or it would be called proof and not Faith. Faith is based in the truth.

  • Faith is based in fiction.
  • Faith can never be fiction. Faith is based in belief.
  • Indeed, and little kids "believe" in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.
  • So do big kids, but big kids end up on a psychiatric ward. Some people believe in nothing at all and that is sad.
  • If you don't believe in faith, that doesn't necessarily mean you don't believe in anything...does it?


    I'm beginning to believe that grungdoommetall gave us a live grenade to play with.

  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    Faith, Is a pre conceived notion of the truth, That's why all Faiths are always arguing over who's is the real Faith and who's is the fake Faith,

    All Faiths are misconceptions, Lies if you like......


    "All Critters Are Liars Said The Critter"

  • Think ya right Pat so lets just agree that there is only one truth faith based on facts as well as faith and thats christianity.  Thats settled then.
  • I do agree...with Cornelius.



  • i dont 

  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013


    All Hail "The Conqueror Worm"


  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    Many of us have had a debate with a Christian at some point in our life.  It doesn’t matter how much logic, evidence or facts you provide to the Christian and it doesn’t matter to them how many holes they have in their stories.

    They will not and can not be objective when discussing their God.  Why?  Because they are required to believe, or else unimaginably horrific things will happen to them after they die.  The agnostic or atheist is free to accept new data and a change to the way they believe the world around them to be.  Why?  Nothing bad will happen to them so they are free to be honest with themselves and others and thus are more honest than your average “christian”.

    Christians are forced to live a lie and in order to make excuses for their ridiculous claims, they are forced to make more lies and excuses.  After doing this over the years it becomes increasingly easy for them to lie about other issues, what’s another lie?  They start to believe their lies and thus if they say it, it must be true.  They are never required to provide evidence or support their claims with any facts yet they demand anyone that doesn’t agree with their creation story prove that evolution is real.  Despite there being volumes of evidence in support of evolutions and NONE for creation.

    This is why they can’t see the truth. Imagine having this belief system forced on you from birth.  You learn to lie and maybe that is why our recent round of GOP presidential/Christian leaders are often caught in lies?  It is part of the superstition they are forced to protect and as such they are unconsciously protecting their mental sanity by refusing the truth.  Imagine if being taught this lie all your life when you suddenly begin to realize it isn’t true.  That would be enough to take many of them over the edge and into a mental breakdown.

    Just a thought.

  • so please answer these questions.
    1) are you a prick
    2) do you have a muff
    3) do you sign on
    4) do you have aids
    5) do you have a boyfriend
    6) are you a working man
    7) are you a good person

    Thats that then.Thankyou for taking part in the survey.
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    The first 5 questions are you describing your Dad?

    Nice one churchmouse, You really are an A-typical slightly dumbish West Ham Fan

  • yeh you win boy it was a toughy but you are victorious.
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013
    Why, Don't you like gays or something ?
  • cant stand em
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    Isn't your Dad gay ?

  • yeh you are correct again, well done. I fear for the poor dude that is going to get on the same train as you. I hope you have a jigsaw puzle to put together for your journey
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    I love you

  • are you a drill operator because you are so bloody boring. 7 hours on a train with a nut case. Be warned 
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013
    I love you
  • I know you do which is why i am getting the police to look into your posts on here. You are a very disturbed sweaty sock with no mates.
  • DMTisESP June 2013
    How to describe colour to a blind man

    You live in a cold dark cave with many people and you have never seen light in your entire life.  There are people in the cave that have seen “the light” and they speak of it.  You fully trust these people and believe that one day you will experience the light.  In the mean time you try to grasp what they are talking about, but you cannot fully comprehend how your eyes can feel objects at a distance without directly touching the object.  It is so alien to you, “what does sight feel like?” you keep asking yourself.  You feel one day you will experience this light.

    Waiting for an experience to occur that you have not yet experienced is Blind Faith.

    One day you are fumbling around the cave and accidentally hit the light switch and the light shines.  You see this light for the first time, seeing is believing after all.  You see the Light they talk about, you experience it.  

    Experience is Belief. Belief is experiencing an experience, it is Fact.

    The light is off again, you fumble around in the dark looking for the switch, but you now have Faith that when you find the switch and flip it again, that a light will shine.

    Faith is waiting for an experience to occur that you have experienced before.

    So how do we describe colour to a blind man?   We can't, all we can do is tell him about the light switch, and the light switch is – DMT.

    In Fact can Be-found Faith & In Faith can Be-found Fact


    That was taken from the FREE Children's Book here... http://ashesmi.yolasite.com/

    By the way I am The Jesus Guy they talk about, but no one BELIEVES Me...anyhow Roger this is For you...and I understand if you do not BELIEVE I am the Jesus they speak of cause Religion has done More Damage and Separated us from One another when we are suppose to be close to one another.  Psychopathy a mental illness is controlling governments through Nameless Corporations and yada yada yada any How I am Booking it to Haiti, if anyone would like to JOIN me NOT FOLLOW Me, But JOIN me You are welcome to OK? 

    If you do not want to Leave because you FEEL You can't then that is Your Decision and I Respect it as you should be free to decide, but do something and do it Soon OK? 

    you guys got to Run...get out of your Country OK? It is not YOUR country
    it is OWNED by Wealthy Families that do not NEED you just as YOU DO NOT
    NEED THEM, but your to stupid to realise this cause your basically
    infants that BELIEVE you need them, when you REALLY NEED Each other, but
    yet you fight each other cause You WERE TRAINED to be INDEPENDENT by
    Being DEPENDANT on THEIR SYSTEM...this is it in a nut shell...it is no
    longer Your Country, it is The Rockefeller and Rothschild Country OK?
    Hook Up with Good People, do not try and Make it On Your Own, Learn to
    Depend on One Another and most Importantly Learn to LOVE/FORGIVE one
    another again...this is how you are suppose to BE OK?

    My Country (It is NOT My Country) The Place I Live, may not issue me a passport to Leave, so I may be Trapped her and Later put in Prison, if I do go, please share my FREE children's book OK?

    Love You Roger and Love Each and Every one of you Zombies out there :)  Kidding... 
  • StrayDogStrayDog June 2013
    Cy…, sorry, Cornelius, the above is not just the thought. Actually, it’s a pretty accurate description of the real state of things as far as Christian mythology, its fans and their “doublethink” are concerned. The other day I was thinking about coming up with a very similar post about our social mythologies - like Liberal Dogma, for instance. It’s funny but the different stages of the process mentioned as well as its overall mechanism seem to be precisely the same in both these cases. Hence my question - why what they call faith, but not other social routines? Why religions, but not politics? Since you are obviously intelligent enough to see such things, why are you prepared to accept the truth in one instance, but persistently refuse to do so in the other? You could try to do that, drop the practice of running away from sites, and join the ranks of the Doomed Resistance. Otherwise you are taking the risk of finally running out of Shakespeare’s characters.       

  • DMT i enjoyed reading your interpretation of the words faith and belief. I really dont like arguing on here about such topics as this one as i generaly get P,M  from folk who want to meet for a fight. I am afraid at 73 this is not really an option for me. But i am drawn into battle and up go my defenses and i hate the way people are so quick to abuse or goad people on the internet. It is a weapon of war and the tongue is like a double edged sword. I will take a small step of faith and open your link now. Take care and for all who visit this site including rog n familia, i pray that you may be touched by the hand of God. 
  • DMTisESP June 2013
    Thanks churchmiles, enjoy the book and Always choose Love ;)  Please share it with others OK.  I don't know what to say, but thanks and I hope you enjoy the Children's book.  Listen the Great GIg in the Sky On the Chapter Great Gig in the Sky, I tried to get it to Sync, it is off a bit, but it turns into a movie in the future, with increadable annimation of Ashes trip through the Black Hole...no one will believe me, not even the psychics.  I did my job here, spread the word now, if my Unelected Psychopathic Kidnappers aka (Unelected Majority Party, COnsertive NeoNazis) will Just Let me peacefully leave Canada?  I will be happy to go to Haiti and help the people and Nature that these psychopaths promised to help, but did shit...oh sorry for swearing, but when woman and children suffer, die and SHIT like that it kind of PISSES Jesus off a bit...Oh well.  Thanks again and Be well.
  • agree) but to many people are to happy believing they evolved out of a rock. Anyway i am about to don my breastplate of righteousness for the onslaught of all things un holly. I shall check out the books later when kids have gone to sleepy bo byes.
  • come
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    Julia Dream, Dreamboat Queen, Queen Of All My Dreams

  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013
    In The Hall Stood A Tall Mirror
  • DMTisESP June 2013
    Thanks churchmiles but most people have rocks in their brains, perhaps they did?  hehehe yea people believe they are Right, when in reality there is no such thing as RIGHT in the sense they BELIEVE.  Science for example is just as brain washed as many (NOT ALL) Religious folk.  Science Believes in RIGHT, but if you look at the History of Science it always changes, so how can it be RIGHT, if it always changes?  Atheist Believe they are RIGHT, Church Goers Believe they are RIGHT, but the only thing that is Right is Wrong.  Change is a constant, and bla bla bla, anyhow getting my bags packed, 25 Days to go before I try and Leave New World Order Canada, if I can Escape...This is serrious, the UNELECTED Neocons Just Passed a New Law 10 Years for Wearing a Mask at a Protest in Canada

    These are Nazis the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, but like no one will believe me.  I am runnning from NAZIS This is like a dream.  I am loosing faith in this Species, words as of yet cannot articulate my thoughts, but never mind, if they lock me up I am sure they will medicate me very well and my disobedience will be controlled.  No one thought Hitler would be suck a Monster in Germany and Everyone here is still feed well enough that their Zombies...There are More ZOmbies in Canada than there are in Haiti! 

    Roger I have no skills in PR and the Book is FREE, Please share it with others.  I HATE MONEY, I can't figure it out, I suck at it, business I suck at as well, but I can Write!  I just cant speel to very good...:)  Please share it Roger before it is to late.  If they lock me up, if I can't leave here, then no matter what this species does I will NEVER Forgive it...I am trying to aviod mass inncarisation's here in Canada By an UNELECTED Party, and I am trying my BEST TO Prevent Violence by shareing the Free Book.  Please I beg you Roger Share it.  If they Lock me up, I will not speak to anyone, I will forever turn my back on this species and this planet that created this God Awfal Mistake, I Swear To God I SHALL, hey I am the Jesus they talk of.  Please Roger I Beg you I have nothing but a connection to Higher Experiences of Awareness and I have like no Hope left, no one on Earth Will Share this Book.  http://ashesmi.yolasite.com/

    People don't have to believe in me, Just talk to me!  If they do not Believe in me, and I get locked up, I will I Swear to God Not Utter a Word or Write a Single Sentance as their Motives shall always be only thinking about themselves...and the Self is what the Problem is.
  • So ya having a bad day there DMT Have you tried praying
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    Come on churchmouse, Can't we be friends again?

  • You talk shit and drink to much.Your a jock. And you jocks did not help making it ok for queers to marry and work in the church. thickos. You would sell your boyfriend for a can of tennants.
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    I told you before, I Don't Drink Alcohol.

    Lots of queers (as you put it) Already work in the church,

    They are called priests ha ha ha.


    I don't know, 'queers' + 'jocks'  Churchmouse'. you really are a good representative for the English race, Aren't you ?

    Racist, Homophobic & Arrogant With It, Well Done

  • cheese corn head. This site has been killed by spam. So will no longer boether playing the bump game. Take care out there corn hole and remember to get along to an AA meeting if ya can.

  • DMTisESP June 2013
    Yea they are burrying this site with span because of the BOOK!  Every site I went on got nailed with it to drop this from the top of the Thread list...I am not being paroniod, it is the Book 'they', being the Rockefeller and Rothschild are trying to prevent people from reading.  I Don't care,no one will talk to me about the book and no voice will share it.  The Latest version I will put on the site Tonght the Adult version is now SUPER CREEPY :)

    Love ya Roger, be well and share the book with people before it is to late and they got you guys Locked Down to keep You SAFE ;)


    Here you go trolls kill this thread burry it in Spam and usless discussion about retarded shit, think I don't know what your up to?

    See ya Rockefeller and Rothschild in the Movie, Beast Well ;)

  • StrayDogStrayDog June 2013
    Hey DMTisESP!

    I reckon you’re still in Canada? I just want to say that I am sorry I let you down, mate. I have really tried to properly explain to you how to keep sane … but obviously totally failed :)

  • DMTisESP July 2013
    Hey Straydog thanks, sorry I have been off line working, I have no home or internet.  Couch Surfing is the Way to be ;)  It sucks shit.  Anyhow, I am leaving Canada ASAP, they will be Locking it Down soon, people do not believe me but I see it coming.  Anyhow I am sorry I let you down Straydog, just Time is a Resourse I have little of and getting to this or other forums is difficult.  Anyhow, if I don't see you on line before I book it out of here you be well Stray Dog, You got Stile, Arrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooo.......
  • StrayDogStrayDog July 2013

    Fuck, I didn’t know that. Be cool, mate - though it‘s a tough sport (I know ’cause I kinda lived in the street on a couple of occasions). But we’re gonna be a level better prepared for all this upcoming shit, right? Hope to see you around. And careful with Black Holes :)

  • Hey DMTisESP,

    Have you checked out Belize? I've been hearing it's a good place to seek refuge...don't know is that's refuge or refuse.

  • DMTisESP July 2013
    Thanks Stray Dog!  You rock I am checking out Haiti, you can come if you wish, there are more Zombies in Canada and the UK than their are in HAITI!  Eeeek  Zombies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8svs7kLOjw
  • DMTisESP July 2013
    Hey PAtrickinhustion I am looking into Belize now, thanks for the tip!  I am ready for Haiti but Belize I will also check.  Watch out for the Zombies Patcickinhustion their NOT going to like change woooo  this is going to be a wicked one, I am OUT OF HERE!  If you want to help people and nature again you are welcome to come to Haiti (or Belize) with me, less ZOMBIES!!!!!!!
  • DMTisESP July 2013

    Hey Patrickinhuiston check this out!

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