Are some of Roger Waters' earlier works with Pink Floyd overlooked?
  • Hello again, do you remember me? It's Pinkfloydian99, I used to be a regular member, but then technical difficulties meant I wasn't on the forum for a long time, but I'm back! ^_^

    What I wanted to get people's opinions of, is the fact that people are always talking about Waters' later works with the Floyd, especially The Wall, whilst some of the equally as good (In my opinion) Waters written material has either kind of sunk into the Pink Floyd, even though Waters wrote it all like The Wall, or is not remembered.

    Take Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun as an example, brilliant piece of music, lyrically, musically and generally, and all written by Waters, but people tend to think more of the bitter, dark music that came much later.

    Is because the later works are more mainstream and therefore just known by more people and therefore more discussed, or because people prefer the Progressive to the Psychedelic, often less dark music?

    Let me know, and it's great to be back ^_^


  • I agree with you and having bought all these old albums i do occasionally dust them off and give em a twirl. I think maybe the later stuff was so much better than Ummagumma that it was just placed into the occasional rather than frequent listened to albums. I am speaking for myself. In the early days like most bands of the time they did a lot of experimenting with unusual sounds and chords and some out right uninteligable noises. Personally i love most of the floyd catalogue.

  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    The Floyd catalogue is fantastic, One of the best catalogue's I've ever catalogued

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