How can the best show of all time pick the worst ticket company (LIVEPASS)?
  • maghoxfr August 2011
    Mr. Waters,

    I believe you know that this show is the show of a lifetime for your fans. You created one of the most deep masterpieces of music of the XXth century, and millions of people feel indetifyed with it. Myself included. I can say that the wall (as well as The dark side of the moon) changed my life in a great way. I don't believe I'm the only one that feels that way.

    As such, I think that the tickets sales should have considered the status of what they are selling tickets for. LIVEPASS is not up to the level of the show. Only 2 phisical selling points, and a system that doesn't work. Thousands of people, trying to buy a ticket for a show they wanted to see their entire life, and for which we've been saving money and planning since we got to know you were bringing it to the River Plate. I live in Uruguay and if the online sale doesn't work I cannot travel just in case to buy tickets. In this case even that would have been pointless.

    You did the presales to prevent scalping, but then allowed a mediocre company to take all your tickets and pretty much re-sell all of them.

    This is all very sad, a very sad day, I really hope I can get to see this show but I don't keep my hope too high.

    Thank you

    I really hope this is fixed, because I'm very hopeless about something I thought it would be one of the best experiences of my life.
  • Radeon92 August 2011
    Matias, i feel the SAME. Im FRUSTRATED!

    No se puede creer. IT CANT BE.

    Please DO SOMETHING,

    Franco Gilio
  • mdv70 August 2011
    I feel totally disappointed and sad with the company that you have chosen for this unique show. Hope finally see the show without problems the next time (if a next show is possible in the future).


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