scotland tour date
  • lassie05 June 2011
    any scots want to start a petition for roger to come north of hadrians {WALL}
  • samson666 June 2011
    yes definately, in the last few years i have travelled across europe to see roger, i feel its only fair that he has a scottish date at some point.
  • butterflybutterfly September 2011
    Y E A H  . . .  G R E A T  . . .  I D E A  . . .  it  will  be  a  beautiful  experience , listen  to  roger's  W A L L , against  the  backdrop  of  hadrians  wall  . . .  W O W  . . .  i  will  come  running  by  foot , from  switzerland , to  assist  a  similar  performance  . . .  H O P E  to  seen  you  all , on  hadrians  wall  . . .  bye  bye  butterfly  . . . 
  • butterflybutterfly March 2012
    .  .  .  ANOTHER  TOPIC  FOR  SCOTLAND  FROM  JUNE  2011  .  .  .  
  • Saw the wall in Manchester and London last year both shows were phenomenal but would love the chance to see the wall being performed in Scotland i dont know about hadrian's wall though i was thinking more Hampden Stadium or Murryfield will keep fingers crossed.
  • lassie05 January 2013
    its now 2013 tour dates every were, still no scotish date, WHY ???????????????????
    Plenty of venues, hampden park, ibrox stadium celtic park, murray field.
    wats the problem.
  • cdburnercdburner January 2013
    AAhh Rab C !! lol "I'll tell you something boy" hehehe Well I am in the North East, so I am getting one of those things called a train.... to London... its advertised for ONLY 15 english pounds... so start saving up the noo !! No offence meant, I know how people feel, I've missed out on a few great bands because they don't know North of Watford !!! And Venues closing down because they can't get the gigs... unbelievabubble !!!!
  • C4mbritain January 2013
    I'd like to see that happen for you and I 'd also like to se him play one gig in Northern England too.I'm Scottish by the way but moved to England as a kid because of my dad changing jobs.So I live in Norther England and my friend who maybe would come with me said he won't come to see him with me at Wembley partly because of the hassle getting to London from here.We'd have to get a National Express coach and the things stupidly get there 3 hours before the gig and then there's all the hanging around for hours in the early hours getting home on trains after the coach drops us off.IS it possible to get him or his management to add 2 new dates though, if so I'll add my name to any petition and try to help any way I can to get them to add 2 dates.I think that would be perfect and avoid messing around most people in the UK so there should be 3 dates in the UK.The one at Wembley one say at OLd Trafford in Manchester and 1 at Hampden in Glasgow.
  • reg_waters_7569 January 2013
    nice pic of urself albert
  • C4mbritain January 2013
    So is there a petition being done ? And how do we get him to do 2 extra gigs 1 northern England 1 in Scotland. THat'd solve most of the hassle for evertyone.And is there any way to team up with other Roger Waters/Floyd fans so I don't have to go on my own.Genuinely,I do have friends,but the one that would have gone won't because of how much hassle it is to get to and from to Wembley from where I live.It'd mean hours at either end hanging about waiting for connections.
  • Killing a few hours to make connections is a small price to pay in order to see this show. I'm looking at 16-20 hours travel time, each way, to get from Houston Texas to Amsterdam...worth it!
  • C4mbritain January 2013
    You may well be but I was looking for help though not surprised I just got criticism instead.I have always known that Water's work throughout was anti system when most haven't got that and just thought it was about other things which of course were the ones the music business would rather were the only ones talked about and I have felt a great deal of isolation myself as I have always been opposed to this system and have got treated like shit for it all my life by the maj who have always been sheep and went along with the lies and encouragement to abuse anti system people by the media our undemocratic super rich owners own so I think I deserve more than most not to be on my own at that concert.
  • I don't disagree with you, and my comment was not meant as criticism, you just need to give your friend a pep talk and get him/her pumped up to make the trip...they'll thank you later.
  • C4mbritain January 2013
    I've tried that but it didn't work although I don't like pushing him too much against his will.You see the thing is he doesn't like travelling much at all and he suffers a bit with fear of crowds around him and has told me he doesn't like loud concerts either.I mnever said I wasn't going either.And I porbably will end up going, mainly to show support to Roger although 1 extra real anti system person there who really gets it won't make that much difference although they'll probably still only be a few hundered real anti system poeple there so difficult for Roger to see where we are and for it to give him a lift make him happy/smile.One thing you don't know about me is that I'm really ill myself in real life.So that's why it's more difficult too hang around for several hours in solated staions in the cold waitinbg for connections especiall;y on my own.But I'll probably ened up doing it to show support for Roger and havce went to several Gilmour band (Floyd recently) and Waters gigs before on my own and have hung around for ages for connections before.Just think when I'm doing it when I'm ill and when I have always got his lyrics were anti system throughout and genuinely this may sound crazy but it's true I promise (that on a certain line which was very political he bounced across to belt out the lyric with a big grin on his face throwing out the revolutionary fist and I stood up and did it at the same time and he looked straight at me I promise and we connected which is largely why I go because it lifts his,mine and other true revolutionaries spirits and makes us smile when we see we are not the only ones who have always got it and aren't the only ones who have been treated and isolated by the sheep for most of our lives and the freedom and liberation of saying it when nortmally we're abused all the time on tv or in the media the unelected rich own without right to reply). I think for the reasons I said I deserve more than most not to be on my own that's all.Sorry if anything I say upsets you or any others.
  • I get what you're saying, and I'm not upset. Hope it works out for you.
  • C4mbritain January 2013
    Thanks.I've had some ideas.I can try asking some of the groups I've been in if any of them are going.They probably are as they're proper anti-system people like myself too.I think I'll be going whatever.Hope you enjoy your gig in Amsterdam :)
  • Try reaching out here to find a friend to travel with. Several of us from all over the states plan to meet up in Amsterdam, I'm looking forward to that. Good luck.
  • C4mbritain January 2013
    Thanks Patrick. I just came on to get my tickets and thought I'd check the messages first.I'll do that.I'll ask here if there are any going from my area.Thanks.It's going to be great fun.
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013
    Anyone going to Wembley travelling on the train, Leaving on the 13th?.....If so see ya on the train for a beer perhaps !
  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    Wherabouts are you Cornelius??  I don't know whether to get the train or the bus...from Durham. I have booked my hotel for 13th, so will be definitely be travelling that date, I just havent decided yet. I am waiting for an email from train services, but they don't release "cheaper tickets" until 12 weeks before the date.
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013

    Hi cdburner, Mrs Cornelius and I are leaving from Dundee on the 13th at 0905 train, Got hotel booked in Bayswater...but like yourself awaiting for the 12 week train deals.

    But will defo be on that train, Hope to see you...PEACE

  • cdburnercdburner May 2013
    Hi Cornelius (& Mrs), thanks for the info, my hotel's at Wembley (Travelodge). I'll have to see whether the train links from here to yours.... Dont have too many bevvies on the way !!!
  • CorneliusCornelius May 2013
    Hi cdburner, It's the East coast main line we're traveling on. I'm sure it goes passed Durham, Stops at most main east coast cities....I think.
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  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013
  • Just bumping because the title is so funny ho hoh ho 
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    It's only funny if you ain't disabled or wheelchair bound and don't/can't travel very far to see your favourite band.

    Most bigger bands are guilty of only doing London shows, Manchester if your lucky.

    What's wrong with a band that can't play a date north of the border ?

    Can't be bothered thats what !

  • You saying disabled people aint got a sense of humour. I mentioned this to my disabled friend who said yeh great i will get a brand new car on disability and get a seat in the best seats in any stadium and the state will pay for it. And anyway its to cold and wet up north and full of skirt wearing men that drink all day and drink all night. Dont want to sound stereotypical but Rab is exactly what its like in skirtland.
  • cdburnercdburner June 2013
    Cornelius... just booked train from Durham....and return... total £68.. which isn't bad... I don't know whether its the same train you're on, but it leaves Durham at 10.37, so maybe see you then If it is the same train.. departing Kings Cross on the Sunday (time to recover) at 13.15....
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  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    Hi CD BURNER, Yes That's the one I'm on, 0905,

    I will be wearing Rog Waters t-shirt from last tour (Aeroplanes Dropping Crosses)

    Tell you what carriage I'm in soon,

    Oh and Churchmiles, I never thought you would be such a "COMPUTER COWARD" 

  • cdburnercdburner June 2013

    Hi Cornelius.. my train tickets arrived yesterday,  Dunno what I'll be wearing.. my wardrobe is sooo extensive ! Haha.. It'll more than likely be summat Floydish ..... I'm in the middle of stripping 40 years of paint down to bare wood... what a job !! Any helpers ?? So back to the grindstone.. well scrapers anyways. BIG sighs ........

  • Wish i had someone i could go with but being a loner i will also try and find a train buddy to have a fruit shoot with yey.#

  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    Hey churchmiles, Maybe if you were nicer someone would ask you,

    I feel so sorry for you

  • here we go the booze talking again, 
  • just another sad old jock all alone and dying of loneliness.
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    No need for that now is there ?

  • hey lets just push on through this barrier of south v north and rise above it. What ya say pals.

  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013

    David Cameron wears women's underwear !

  • me tee
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013
    I thought so
  • CorneliusCornelius June 2013
    Blue Skies For Pain
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  • butterflybutterfly July 2013
    . . . B U M P . . . 

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