Dark Side Immersion and Experience Editions
  • Fantigua September 2011
    I was really hoping that some tracks that never made the original albums were going to appear on these remasters. Were there ever any tracks that were recorded for this album that did not make the album, and if so, will they ever be released? What about the other albums that will be rereleased shortly, like Wish and the Wall? Will there be any previously unreleased tracks presented in these new collections?

    Not really hearing much of a difference from the 2003 Remaster, except that the drums sound a little louder, the cymbals crisper, and the overall volume seems higher? Forgive me, as I am not complaining, I am a lifelong fan here, but was expecting more after all these years.
  • 506am506am September 2011
    I know there will be a version of Wish You Were Here that has never been released. I could be mistaken, but I believe a female violinist is on that one. As far as "extra" tracks... I don't believe any exist. They wrote their albums and what they wrote was released. You have to remember, their albums tell a story... and leaving a song out would be like leaving part of the story out... so no extra tracks are there that I am aware of.

    The Wall will also have Roger's original demo's included.
  • Rock September 2011
    I'm enjoying these 1st releases from Why Pink Floyd very much & cant wait till Nov 7 for the next round. It would've been great to see all the B sides of the early Floyd singles put together on one CD & perhaps more live stuff showing the progression of some of there songs before they finally laid the tracks to vinyl. Watching/hearing them live & how they fine tuned the songs would've been amazing
  • jcare September 2011
    According to the band the release of Dark Side that we all know and love was actually the third version, so they merged all of the versions. I know the album like the back of my hand as most of you do and there is a difference in the sound. Heard some of it tonight and actually received a copy of it.. (or will as they ran out) I won tickets to go see Nick Mason tonight where he answered questions from the audience. .
  • Rock September 2011
    Wow, you lucky girl winning tickets to Nick Mason. My friend who has been his driver before said he's really nice & down to earth
  • jcare September 2011
    Thanks, I am very lucky, and still very happy that I had the opportunity to go..the afterglow..lol..but hey I've been a fan long enough..it's about time I won something too ...Well from the brief time that I spent in the same room with Nick Mason he gave me the same impression..I find him very funny..bet he has a wicked sense of humor in real life. He seems to be the most accessible of the three remaining members, I guess that is why he is doing the promoting?
  • butterflybutterfly September 2011
    YEAH , nick  is  funny ,  I  feel  the  same , when  I  meet  him  in  Italy , for  his  autograph , this  is  also  my  impression  when  I  look  interviews  from  him  on  "you  tube"  .  .  .  .  .  but , dear  .  .   jcare   .  .   DON ' T  FORGET  .  .   R O G E R  .  .  I  S  .  .  S  E  X  Y  .  .  !  !  !  !  !  !  !  !    bye  butterfly  .  .
  • jcare September 2011
    We previewed some of their early footage from the 1972 show at the Intimate Night with Nick Mason on Wednesday night and all I can say is pure magic..careful with that axe was amazing. It was great fun to see the expression on my daughters face, as I am sure she has never heard anything quite like that before, nor will she again..she thinks Roger is completely insane and our joke with each other is the youtube video with Roger explaining the inspiration behind the song brain damage and his dialog about grass.. lol  he can speak about the mating habits of fruit flies and it would be utterly fascinating..to me anyway..he has a wonderful gift of self expression and just to hear him speak is a pleasure to those of us who get drunk with words..oops. did I ramble on again...
  • Rock October 2011
    Ricks demo of Us And Them on disk 6 (track 11) is so beautiful!
  • cdburnercdburner October 2011
    I've heard The Stephan Grappelli "piece"  on the Radio 2/6music producers show, and they discussed it on there. I'm sure they said it will be on the new version coming out next month (already ordered)! Lol. DSOTM box set is ammaaazzzzing, hope I don't lose my marbles !!!!
  • JuSoskaJuSoska October 2011

    My Experience Edition DSOTM disc has
    not arrived yet!

    I am awaiting delivery to be made ​​by mail the
    next day.
    I bought the pre-sale and is difficult to hold the anxiety! hehehe
    Here in Brazil some stores are selling the discs for
    ExperienceEdition. It's a beautiful thing to behold!

    At the entrance of the stores for a special banner and
    cubes for decoration, with the album covers. Sensational!
    I hope my record will soon arrive to be able to comment on my
    impressions here.


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