Battling Spam in my own way, a NEW THREAD: forum audiophiles chime in
  • My theory is that Floyd and Waters fans tend to be audiophiles in far greater numbers than the average band with a, shall we say, _rabid_?... fan base,  the so called 'Kiss Army' for instance.

    My ultimate dissatisfaction with CDs led me back to the black stuff, vinyl.

    I found Dire Straits 'Alchemy', double disk live, the other day, in awesome condition.... $1.99.  How does one say 'no' to that?!?

    You'd either have to already own a copy, or hate Dire Straits.

    So, audiophiles, not just vinyl heads, chime in... prove me right on my theory of audiophile ratio of fans... hell, prove me wrong... 

    Oh, just a friendly reminder, If anyone mentions 'insurance', justice will be executed swiftly, but painfully over an excruciatingly long time... just to be clear.  Have a nice day. :)
  • I started an audiophile thread several months ago, but more oriented towards sound systems then vinyl didn't stir up too much interest.

    I love collecting vinyl and collecting classic stereo components...I think I need to check my policy to make sure I have enough coverage.  : )

  • I grew up with music in every room. And spent most of my childhood being dragged around the uk with my Father who was a hifi dealer and show exhibitor who later on joined the team at Quad. I remember all the demo disc vinyl of the time was stuff like. Supertramp , crime of the century. Eltons , funeral for a friend and D.S.O.T.M. of course there was loads of other stuff but there wasnt much that could out do ( school ) from crime when it came to cranking it up. 

    I have a very old gale turntable that i am in the slow process of restoration. I am looking for an old S.M.E arm but even the old stuff is still highly valued. I dont own much vinyl but have several shops that you can find just about anything in so i will be re entering the world of vinyl when i pull my finger out and get the arm sorted. My life is full of upgrades and my wife often has a head ache where as my son loves it. Live music is far better and i love any excuss to take him to a gig. The next one being roger at wembley and the last being the stone roses.
  • its a pity u didn't live closer churchmiles I have a lovely luxman ttable with a sme arm x ortofon tango cartridge which I don't use. its a series iii or 3 arm.
  • if u are ever in this neck of the woods let me know.

  • Hey imspartacus, do you have any Marantz 8B amps laying around?
  • I wish I did give my right arm for a valve amp
  • I recently bought a pair of jr speakers the round ones there great surround speakers x chairs if u aint seen them look them up.

  • Cheers imspartacus but not even sure we are in the same country i am in the south of England. Dorset to be precise.

  • Liverpool if your ever up this end let me know
  • Cheeky, will do i try and get up there once a year to watch the mighty irons do one of your local teams. Thats not what happens. But maybe one day it will. The series 111 is what used to be on it with a mission cartridge and stylus but i believe i sold them off years ago to fund a project.

  • CorneliusCornelius July 2013

    Yes a gay exchange !

  • listening to  ymca village people followed by in the navy  o sorry wrong thread.
  • erasure, give a little respect.
  • CorneliusCornelius July 2013
    I've given you enough already
  • What kind of turntables do you vinyl guys use?

    I have a Technics SL1300 that has given me decades of faithful service. I also have a Bang and Olufsen, but it has issues.

  • linn sondek lp12
  • rega planar 3 will be changing shortly
  • Technics SL-Q2 - Shure m97x Cartridge

    _Reeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyy_ want a stereo tube amp (or 'valve' for our English English speaking friends).

    I do have an ART tube pre/USB interface in the chain right now.

    We can argue all day about THD and good SS vs. Tube audio but... at the end of the day, it's about _MY_ ears.  And tubes make my ears happy.

    As an audiophile I have a _preference_ for tubes.  But as a guitarist, I am militant.  You will never find a solid state guitar amp in my house.  a 30 watt Marshall combo, a plexi clone, a 5150 combo, even a little Fender Greta... but not one solid state amp.  Yet to find one I like, or a digital modeler that get's it 'right'.  So until technology gets there, and I've not doubt it will one day,  in my mind guitars = tube amps.  That's just the way it is for me.

    But I digress.... love my turntable.  Safe to say Technics does not suck at this?
  • technics suck as do shure. may as well use a safety pin. Audio what
  • CorneliusCornelius July 2013

    Currently using a Projekt Debut III Turntable into a Project MK II phono box,

    Arcam A90 amp with B&W DM602 S3 Bookshelf Speakers,

    been using amp&speakers for about 10 yrs now, best system I've ever had.


    Audiophile, Me?, No Way.

  • Entire chain:

    Shure m97x cart
    Technics SL-Q2 (DD frictionless, silent motors amd quartz lock.  Similar to the SL-1200's)
    ART - Tube USB interface.  I use this for recording actually.  But currently have it here for for a little boost from stereo 12ax7's. 
    ART 341 EQ - Studio EQ I have re-tasked here for now-
    Denon - AVR 985 running in stereo (really wish I had a good stereo tube amp)
    Polk SDA-SRS 1.2's - They say a picture is worth a thousand words, not mine, but same model
    For scale, those are 15" passive radiators at the bottom, they stand about 5'6" or so.  My neighbors love me....

  • Krell, fbp 700 amp + pre
    B+W Nautilus
    Linn Sondek lp12
    mission cartridge + stylus
    Nakamichi cd playe
  • voodoo im surprised I cant hear them from her. do you live in a field. haha
  • McIntosh MC 2200 amp

    McIntosh MC 2002 amp

    McIntosh C 26 preamp

    McIntosh MQ104 equalizer

    McIntosh ML2C speakers

    Bose Series VI equalizer

    Bose Series VI 901 speakers

    Technics SL 1300 Turntable

    Sony CDP C235

  • Love the macs, very old school.
    All you need now is a decent conditioned pair of Quad electrostatics.
  • Spartacus, that's why I need a big fat stereo tube amp... then you'll hear it for sure ;)

    And if _THAT_ doesn't do it, I'll grab my Strat, plug in to my 5150 stack and dime the beast.... THAT you will hear for certain... ;)

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