The Animals Tour at Stadiums around the World
  • It is Time to go on Animals 2 Tour again to ALL the Stadiums around the World with ALL the original Band Members of Pink Floyd once again.
  • Animals/Wish you were here would be great!
  • Animals/wish you were here/meddle would be better.

  • cdburnercdburner July 2013
    They should do Animals at Battersea, before the power station gets demolished (For MORE effin supermarkets) !!!!!!!!!
  • For sure it wont be a LIDL i recon Waitrose/marks tour 2016. 
  • CorneliusCornelius July 2013
    Hi churchmiles, How are you ?
  • I am good Senor Maize. I am eagerly awaiting the Wembley show and my bro,s wedding the weekend after the show. And your bad self.

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