New Tour Date
  • Hano11 July 2013
    I would.please like Roger Waters to come to Salt Lake City, USA because there is lots of floyd fans here we have big stadiums please do the last wall show here
  • Hano11 July 2013
    Hello is any one looking up my.commet
  • Hano11 July 2013
  • Hano11 August 2013
    HI i need your help trying to convince people to do Roger Waters the wall in Salt Lake
  • Hano11 August 2013
    Hello does people ignor me hello
  • NoImSpartacus August 2013
    Its a pointless post, the shows are already booked in Europe and the tour ends in September. He has been to the USA in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011, youve had so many chances to see a show, if you  didnt travel to see any then its your loss. But the tour will not be coming back to the USA and i don't think he will do a show in Utah just because of you! what do you want people to say  and do ?
  • cdburnercdburner August 2013
    well said Nolm.... I want him to do a show in my garden too, It's only a small "wall", so it wouldn't take long !!
  • CorneliusCornelius August 2013

    Tee-Hee.........Good One!

  • Hano11 August 2013
  • Hano11 August 2013
  • Hano11 August 2013
    HaHaHA nowcab we ger serious
  • Hano11 August 2013
    What happend
  • Hano11 September 2013
    Hmm no one reads this commet
  • Gibbin82 September 2013
    Why do you think Roger Waters would want to take all of his band, touring company, sound and lighting crew, equipment etc. to you, when you won't make the effort to travel on your own to see him? If you really are so desperate to see him there are still tickets left for the Paris gig, failing that you may be lucky and the Osmonds might put a show on in Salt Lake City ;)
  • SkyBlueHopeSkyBlueHope September 2013
     "Nolm Spartacus" is Roger's new booking agent now? :)
  • churchmileschurchmiles September 2013
    Hi SKY, iTS Almost goodbye blue sky, but its hi skyblue.
  • Hano11 September 2013
    I did not know till 2012 that he was touring and i cant afford to go to another city i rather pay $64.00 than spending $370.00 on a trip to Vegas to see him
  • PatrickinHoustonPatrickinHouston September 2013
    You're shit out of luck, the tour is over.
  • Hano11 October 2013
    Well he was not going to Bel and guess what now hes putting a date there cause a comment on here

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