The best way to sell extra Amsterdam and London tickets
  • pepperbow July 2013
    Part of our traveling party isnt going to be able to attend and we have extra tickets for these shows. We have hit a brick wall ( pun intended) with trying to sell these tickets from the US on European ticket sites.

    Has anyone ever encountered this problem and how did you successfully sell your tickets?

  • Stubhub, or Ebay.
  • pepperbow July 2013
    Hey Patrick! you getting excited about our Pre Amsterdam show champagne brunch?

    tried those, they wont allow him to do it.... I need to get my friend David to come in here and post the response he got from them...I would try to translate what he told me, but I'll f*ck it up in the translation...hahaha

    It has something to do with us being in the States and the tickets at London are at "will call" ..the AMS tickets were emailed to us right away from ticketmaster
  • Excited? I'm already at the airport waiting for my flight.


    Getting around "will call" is a puzzler. Tell your friend to dispute the credit card charge (just kidding).

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